Angela Merkel: wealth and salary as chancellor

birth date July 17, 1954 (68 years old)
Born in Hamburg, Germany
nationality Germany
Marital status married to Joachim Sauer (since 1998)
Profession politician
Full name Angela Dorothea Merkel
nickname angie
Children no
size 1.65 m

How much does Angela Merkel earn?

Angela Merkel is a prominent German politician and has been Chancellor since November 22, 2005. From 2000 to 2018, she also held the office of federal chairwoman of the CDU. Due to the merits over the years as a politician, the Chancellor has built up enormous power. Angela Merkel ‘s estimated net worth is 5 million euros . With her current annual salary as Chancellor, she earns around 426,864 euros. The Federal Ministers Act provides for 24,976.58 euros per month. In addition, however, there is half a member’s allowance and other supplements, resulting in a total salary of 35,572 euros per month. The top politician did not stand in the next chancellor election in 2021. The election victory went to Olaf Scholz, who will become the new German Chancellor.

This is how Merkel’s Chancellor’s salary is made up

  • Official salary: 24,976.58 euros (one and a half of civil servant salary level B11)
  • Local surcharge: 1,200.71 euros
  • General job allowance: 30.68 euros
  • Service expense allowance: 1,022.58 euros
  • MPs compensation: 5,027.91 euros (half minus 1/365th)
  • Flat rate for MPs: 3,313.57 euros (minus 25%)
  • Total: 35,572.03 euros

Last salary increase: April 1, 2021

How much pension does Angela Merkel receive?

Due to her 31 years in parliament, Angela Merkel is entitled to the maximum amount of old-age pensions. According to Section 20 of the Members’ Act, she is entitled to 65 percent of the Members’ remuneration. However, the various pension entitlements will be offset against each other and, as former chancellor, she will earn a pension of around 15,000 euros per month. In addition, she is entitled to an office including an office manager and two speakers as well as a typist and a driver.

The way to the top of the CDU

Merkel was born in northern Germany in Hamburg. A few days after the birth, however, the family moved to the GDR, where father Horst Kasner had taken a job as a pastor. Merkel started school in Templin in 1961 and passed the Abitur at the extended high school in the same place. Angela achieved an average grade of 1.0 and enrolled to study physics at the Karl Marx University in Leipzig.

In 1990, shortly after reunification in Germany, Angela Merkel joined the CDU and was very active there. She received her first posts in the party, and in the near future she ran as a member of the Bundestag in the Stralsund-Rügen-Grimmen constituency. She was then admitted to the German Bundestag and worked from then on as a member of parliament. The next step in Angela Merkel’s career followed in 1994. She became Federal Minister for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety and held the position until 1998.

Leadership of the CDU and chancellorship

After this time, she moved to the leadership position of the CDU general secretary, which was only the stepping stone to chairing the party . Angela Merkel achieved this position in 2000. Five years later, Merkel became chancellor of the grand coalition and still holds the office to this day. However, due to the last poor election results in the federal states, she resigned as CDU chairwoman in December 2018 and handed over to Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer. Even in the next chancellor election in 2021, Merkel will no longer make herself available as a candidate.

Special Facts

  • Honorary member of the football club Energie Cottbus
  • Merkel uses a bug-proof mobile phone
  • Member of the Atlantic Bridge (non-profit organization)

Angela Merkel’s salary as Chancellor

Angela Merkel’s wealth is based almost entirely on income from political activities. While she was able to earn almost 8,000 DM as a minister, Merkel earned an additional 4,000 DM because of her membership in the federal government. If you extrapolate this income over the entire time in this position, Angela Merkel’s salary here alone is almost 550,000 euros . Merkel held the post of Secretary General for two years and earned the equivalent of 140,000 euros. As a member of the German Bundestag, between 2000 and 2005 Angela Merkel was elected Chancellor with a total of 400,000 euros on her wage slip. The Chancellor has already accumulated a lot and will continue to earn well in politics, considering that she now earns this number per year.

A proud salary, but the Chancellor also works very diligently and hard for it. For this reason, it is also very well regarded internationally. Few women rise to a high post like her, which is definitely an amazing achievement. The Chancellor is negotiating with greats like Donald Trump , Vladimir Putin , Recep Tayyip Erdogan and other greats.

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