Brad Pitt: Net Worth and Fees as an Actor

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birth date December 18, 1963 (59 years old)
Born in Shawnee, Oklahoma, USA
nationality USA
Marital status divorced from Angelina Jolie
Profession Actor, Producer
Full name William Bradley Pitt
Children 6 (Shiloh, Pax Thien, Vivienne Marcheline, Knox Leon, Maddox, Zahara)
size 1.80 m

How much money does Brad Pitt have?

Between one of the most influential people in Hollywood and ” Sexiest Man Alive ” – Brad Pitt can choose the superlatives. Looking good helps, but it’s not everything. The fame is hard-earned: the actor has appeared in over 55 feature films, as well as roles in TV series and as a voice actor; not to forget the activities as a producer. In 2001, at the height of his fame, Pitt raked in a dream fee of $30 million for “Ocean’s Eleven . ” Over the years, the superstar has  accumulated a fortune of around 275 million euros .

Earnings as an actor

In 2012, Brad Pitt told the BBC that the days of dream money in Hollywood were over. $10 million for a movie role? – None. At the time, Pitt’s own annual earnings were estimated at $25 million. In 2001, he is said to have collected 30 million alone for “Ocean’s Eleven” alongside George Clooney. A clear difference to the fees of his early days: there was a modest 6000 dollars in 1991 for his performance in “Thelma & Louise”.

From college dropout to actor

Professionally, Brad Pitt, who was born on December 18, 1963 in Shawnee, Oklahoma, should initially go in a different direction. He gave up his journalism studies, which he had started in 1982, shortly before completing them. In 1985 he went to Los Angeles to gain a foothold as an actor. Pitt’s official filmography begins just 2 years later, although his first appearance in the 1987 comedy “Hunk” was so insignificant that he was not named in the credits. This was followed by appearances in various TV series, including “Dallas” and alongside Johnny Depp in “21 Jump Street” as well as smaller film productions.

Superstar, sex symbol and the Brad Pitt brand

Brad Pitt first came to prominence in 1991 as JD in Thelma & Louise. In the years that followed, he established his reputation not only as a top actor but also as a sex symbol. “True Romance”, “Interview with a Vampire”, “Sleepers”, “12 Monkeys” to “Fight Club” – style-defining films of the 90s took place with Brad Pitt’s participation. It’s not just the acting qualities that deserve praise, the fact that Pitt often eats in his films is also often referred to with a wink.

Oscars for Actor and Producer

Pitt, who has been married to actress Angelina Jolie since 2014, has also made a name for himself as a film producer. The long list of his awards, however, largely includes the acting work. Since 1996 he has been nominated for an Oscar a total of 7 times . In 2014 he received the coveted trophy for his work as a co-producer on the drama ” 12 Years a Slave “. In 2020, the second award for best supporting actor in the Tarantino film ” Once Upon a Time in Hollywood ” followed. However, like fellow actors  Johnny Depp , Will Smith or Tom Cruise , he will probably never hold the Oscar for best actor in his hands.

Humanitarian Commitment

Brad Pitt established the Jolie Pitt Foundation in 2006 with his partner Angelina Jolie. Between 2006 and 2010 , the Foundation invested over $9 million in humanitarian aid projects around the world.

brand ambassador

Pitt’s wealth doesn’t come from film fees alone. Like his wife, he has been a sought-after ambassador for brand and product advertising for years, as the following list shows:

  • Pitt is said to have received around 5 million dollars for a role in a commercial – as the first man ever – for the perfume Chanel N ° 5.
  • A 2005 Super Bowl commercial produced by brewer Heineken brought Brad Pitt $4.5 million.
  • A long time ago: In 1991 the actor shone (with and without pants) in a commercial for Levi’s Jeans.

Most Expensive Zombie Movie

Brad Pitt is now also doing in Zombies – formerly a domain of low-budget cinema. Of course, a superstar like him drives production costs to unimagined heights. With a reported 200 million dollars, “World War Z” from 2013 is said to be the most expensive zombie film of all time. The global box office shows that the effort was worth it: at $540 million, it is also Pitt’s most financially successful flick.

Net worth of “Brangelina” and the marriage contract

When two superstars like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie team up, there is understandably an accumulation of fortunes. In this case, it was $425 million. That’s what the marriage contract was worth, which the couple signed on the occasion of their marriage in 2014. While Pitt’s stake at the time was estimated at $240 million, his ex-wife’s was around $185 million. The couple separated in September 2016, but it wasn’t until April 2019 before the divorce was finalized.

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