Capital Bra: The Rapper’s Net Worth & Income

Million Euros
Million Euros
birth date November 23, 1994 (28 years old)
Born in Siberia, Russia
nationality Ukraine
Full name Vladislav Balovatskyi
nickname Capital Bra, Capi, Capital, Joker Bra
Children 2
labels bra music

How much money does Capital Bra have?

Capital Bra was born in Siberia in 1994, but the family soon moved to Dnipropetrovsk (Ukraine). At the age of seven, he and his mother moved to the Hohenschönhausen district of Berlin. As he grew up, he got into the petty criminal milieu and served several youth sentences. Due to fights, he had to change schools more frequently until he dropped out in the ninth grade.

However, the rapper made something of himself. He first became known in 2014 through the rap battle event “Rap am Wednesday”. With his sophisticated puns and humorous anecdotes, he quickly became a popular act and was voted the show’s best newcomer. Capital Bra’s estimated net worth is €15 million .

Capital Bra and his wealth building

At the beginning of 2016, his first album “Kuku Bra” was released and entered the German album charts at number 32, in Austria it reached number 61. The album attracted a lot of attention and he made it as a feature on the album in May 2016 “High und Hungrig” in the single “Paff paff & weiter” with Gzuz . For this he received his first gold record. Capital Bra’s net worth is largely made up of show business . Hip-hop is hugely popular among youngsters, so it’s hardly surprising that it’s garnered gold record after gold record.

Earnings from songs, albums and shows

After his first album things only went uphill. His second album “Makarov Complex” in 2017 reached number 2 in Germany and number 1 in Austria. In the same year he also released the album “Blyat” which reached number 3 in both countries. His breakthrough came with “Berlin Lives” in mid-2018. The album reached number 1 in the DA-CH region and achieved gold status in Germany with over 100,000 records sold .

On July 5, 2018 the track “For you all” with Samra and Bushido was released . It was also announced here that he is now under contract with Bushido’s Ersguterjunge label, and that the album “Allein” was released under this label. Soon there was a crisis behind the scenes, which is why Joker Bra founded his own label ” Bra Musik ” in January 2019. The album CB6 (gold status) was released under Bra Musik in 2019 and CB7 in 2020.

Released Albums

How much does Capital Bra make on Spotify?

The streaming business is probably the most worthwhile for Capital Bra, because he is the most streamed German-speaking artist on Spotify . According to current statistics, Spotify pays around 0.003937 euros for each stream. For a million streams, that would be 3,937 euros for the rapper . It can be extrapolated that Capital Bra has already been able to earn 8.6 million euros via Spotify with its more than 2.2 billion streams. Of course, the label (Universal is still behind Bra Musik) has to be squeezed some of that and the money earned has to be taxed. Therefore, not every income is always to be counted immediately as an asset.

Capital Bra has taken on these 5 top tracks on Spotify so far:

  • 110: around 470,000 euros with ~120 million streams
  • Tilidin: around 450,000 euros with ~115 million streams
  • Lila again: around 400,000 euros with ~100 million streams
  • Neymar: around 335,000 euros with ~85 million streams
  • Princessa: around 315,000 euros with ~80 million streams

Earning with YouTube

After MTV and VIVA were completely superseded, YouTube is considered an important factor for popularity and status. The clicks show which rapper is currently the most popular. In addition, YouTube is also an important source of income and acts as a unique PR vehicle. When Capital Bra’s channel is analyzed via Social Blade, it shows that it has generated from 20 to 46 million clicks on its music videos, depending on the month. It can realistically be assumed that 1 million views bring in around 1000 euros. The monthly earnings on YouTube are around 30,000 euros and thus around 360,000 euros a year .

Income with own label Bra Musik

With his own label, he gets more of the sales revenue , so the hip-hop sub-label at Universal Urban is also financially worthwhile, while he also enjoys significantly more freedom. Theoretically, he could also sign his own artists with Bra Musik, but this has not happened so far and there was only a short interlude with Ali471.

Products in the supermarket – BraTee and Gangstarella Pizza

One of the smartest business decisions was probably to use your own name for products in the supermarket. The idea of ​​bringing their own pizza onto the market together with Universal Music started. A frozen pizza in 4 flavors was created under the new Gangstarella brand and has already sold millions of times. The rapper is happy to give his face for it and probably earns a lot. However, the brand or company behind it is 100% Universal Music. How much per pizza sold goes to Capi cannot be quantified.

In February 2021, BraTee , the next product, hit the refrigerated shelves. An iced tea in 4 flavors that is said to be completely free of flavor enhancers and artificial additives. Behind BraTee is the beverage brand professional “UniBev” in Stuttgart. Here, too, it is not possible to quantify how much money goes to Capi himself for each BraTee sold, because he does not have a direct stake in the company. Whether the deal was only once for the name + face, or whether the smart rapper also earns money here can only be estimated. In this case, the assets will continue to grow.

Fees from advertising deals

Because the rapper enjoys a lot of attention on social media channels, there was an advertising deal with Nike in 2018. It can be assumed that an advertising deal brings in around 700,000 euros a year . However, there is no official statement from either side. In 2021, Bratan switched to competitor Adidas and has been the face of the “Forum” sneaker relaunch ever since. Here we are assuming a seven-digit sum annually.

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