Caro Daur-The wealth and income of the influencer

Caro Daur The wealth and income of the influencer

birth date March 12, 1995 (27 years old)
Born in Hamburg, Germany
nationality Germany
Profession influencer

How much money does Caro Daur have?

Caro Daur is one of the best-known influencers in Germany. She has been posting pictures of herself in various outfits since 2014 and now has over 3.5 million followers on Instagram. With paid posts and collaborations with various companies, the young woman has built up a handsome fortune. She also tries to be an actress again and again. Caro Daur ‘s estimated net worth is €4 million .

Caro Daur’s sources of income

Caro Daur runs an Instagram channel that is followed by over 3.5 million people. According to the Instagram Rich List published in 2021, she can charge around 9,000 euros per paid post . She also regularly collaborates with fashion labels and other companies with which she releases products under her name. So far, this has happened with Adidas, Levi’s and Calzedonia, among others.

Daur also improves her fortune with engagements on television and in film productions. She has also been a fitness influencer since 2020 and runs a YouTube channel that has more than 7.5 million views. She also earns money from the advertising surrounding the videos. It also sells the e-book DaurPower , which includes a three-month fitness program and costs around 30 euros. According to estimates , Caro Daur earns around one million euros a year .

From child interested in fashion to fashion blogger

Caro Daur became interested in fashion quite early on. Her mother not only subscribed to the fashion magazine Vogue , but also owned a large wardrobe. Daur was already looking for clothes and shoes there as a preschool child and tried them on. After graduating from school, she enrolled at the University of Hamburg to study business administration. In addition, she gave tuition and earned money, which she preferred to spend on fashion. In 2014 she started taking pictures of herself in different outfits and posting the pictures on Instagram . In addition, she started a blog in which she provided the same photos with longer texts.

Over a million followers

She quickly built up an impressive number of followers on Instagram. In 2016, around 750,000 people had already subscribed to her account, and soon after she broke through the wall of one million followers as the first blogger in Germany. In order to be able to fully concentrate on her career, she put her studies on hold. It was thanks to her popularity and fashion sense that she walked the catwalk for the first time at a Dolce & Gabbana show in Milan in 2017 . In the same year she appeared on the cover of the Japanese edition of Vogue and had a guest role in the German feature film High Society .

Own products and fitness videos

Also in 2017, Daur launched a lipstick called MAC x Caro Daur Lipstick in collaboration with cosmetics brand MAC . She has also launched a range of tights with Calzedonia, a denim jacket with Levi’s and a shoe collection with Superga. With the sales of these products, she improved her fortune. She can also be seen regularly on television and in 2018 she was a guest judge alongside Heidi Klum in an episode of the 13th season of Germany’s Next Topmodel . In late 2018, she launched her YouTube channel, where she has been posting fitness videos ever since. One of these, which went online in June 2020, has been viewed more than 3.2 million times. In 2020 she will also publish the e-book DaurPower.

With the dream ship in Namibia

In autumn 2020, the Boss curated by Caro Daur collection was released as a collaboration with the fashion label Hugo Boss. A year later, together with Adidas and Zalando, Daur launched the world’s first leggings that are specially designed for wearing during periods. On New Year’s Day 2022, the episode Namibia of the ZDF program Das Traumschiff ran , in which Daur took on a leading role in an episode.

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