Cro Fortune: Is the panda bear worth millions?

Million Euros
birth date January 31, 1990 (33 years old)
Born in Mutlangen, Germany
nationality Germany
Profession rapper
Full name Carlo Waibel
nickname Lyric1c
Children no

How rich is Cro?

The stage name Cro is an abbreviation of the real name Carlo. The rapper was born on January 31, 1990 in Mutlangen, near Stuttgart. Not much private information is otherwise known about the wearer of the panda mask. He started making music at a young age and trained as a media designer. Before breaking through as a rap star, he worked as a comic artist for a newspaper. However, his achievements as a rapper are well documented, as are his numerous side earnings. Through accumulated platinum and gold awards, sold-out tours, advertising deals and more, the rapper has an estimated net worth of around 7 million euros .

Beginnings as a rapper

He began his career as a rapper in the Reimliga Battle Arena, an internet platform for battle rap. There you can compete with other rappers on the internet. He appeared on this platform under the pseudonym Lyr1c . The first mixtape “Trash” was released under this name and, like its successor, could be downloaded for free. However, “My Music” was already published under the artist name Cro and drew the attention of rapper Kaas to him. He also put him in touch with Sebastian Andrej Schweizer, who signed him to the Chimperator label. This was followed by a tour supporting Madcon.

Breakthrough as a musician

In November 2011, the music video for “Easy” was released, which brought him the final breakthrough. To date, “Easy” is one of the most clicked videosin the field of German rap on YouTube. The mixtape of the same name was also a complete success and numerous major labels wanted to sign Cro. However, he decided to stay with the indie label Chimperator. The debut album “Raop” was released in July, the title describes Cro’s musical genre, which is a mixture of rap and pop. A year later the album was re-released with 5 additional tracks. The real follow-up album “Melody” was released in June 2014. The following year Cro was honored with an MTV unplugged album, which was released in July 2015. Cro was supported by illustrious guests such as the princes, Max Herre, warrant, Teesy, Dajuan and the Orsons. In 2016 the film “Our time is now” was released, in which Cro took on one of the main roles. In addition to the rapper also plays Til Schweiger has a leading role in Martin Schreier’s comedy.

Revenue from Cro

In addition to his musical career, Carlo Waibel, which is Cro’s real name, was able to build up a few other mainstays. He has been running a fashion label since 2008, has numerous lucrative advertising deals and in 2016 his first film was released. As a result, the young rapper has numerous sources of income that allow his fortune to continue to grow.

1 income from music

Cro’s first releases appeared as free downloads, so the artist didn’t earn anything from them. The first album “Raop” went straight to number 1 in the charts and has now been awarded gold five times. The album was able to sell over 500,000 copies in Germany alone. There is also a platinum award in Austria and a gold record in Switzerland. Platinum in Austria means at least 15,000 albums sold, gold in Switzerland at least 10,000 CDs sold.

The second album “Melodie” shot straight to number 1 in the charts. It sold over 300,000 copies in Germany and was awarded three gold medals. Again there was platinum for Cro in Austria and gold in Switzerland. The unplugged album completed the hat trick and topped the charts again. There was platinum in Germany and gold in Austria. Thus he sold more than 200,000 copies of the album. In all, Cro has sold more than a million albums.

Gold and platinum for Cro

But not only his albums reached top positions, numerous singles were also awarded gold and platinum. So Cro can show three number 1 singles. Overall, he was awarded 9 gold and 4 platinum for his singles in Germany. He was also able to collect numerous awards in Austria and Switzerland. Overall, Cro was able to sell around 4 million singles.

Because Cro decided against a major and for an independent label, he should earn around 2 euros per album sold. So he comes to about 2 million euros through his albums alone , which of course still have to be taxed. Then there are the singles, which brought in a total of around another million. These earnings add enormously to Cro’s sizeable fortune.

2 Earnings from live performances

Artists can earn even more with live performances than with their CD’s. In the case of the rapper Cro, that should definitely be the case, after all he can always be seen on tours and festivals. With concerts in front of 15,000 fans and ticket prices of around 60 euros, the masked rapper should increase his fortune even further. There are also numerous festivals where fees of tens of thousands of euros are normal.

3 income from films

The film “Our time is now” should have increased Cro’s fortune significantly. After all, he not only took on a leading role but was also responsible for the music. Despite a star cast and co-production by Til Schweiger, the film flopped in cinemas. On the opening weekend, only around 25,000 people wanted to see the film, that’s around 25 people per screening. After eleven days, the film had not even 40,000 viewers. For comparison: Bushido’s film “Times change you” in 2010 attracted 305,000 visitors to the cinema in the first week. “Blutzbrüdaz” by Sido saw around 150,000 viewers on the opening weekend. Overall, both films were able to break the 500,000 viewer mark. Cro’s film is far from that. The film is the first setback in what is otherwise a perfect career. It will be exciting to see how this affects the next projects.

4 Revenue from fashion labels


Cro founded his own fashion brand VioVio back in 2008 . Initially, the clothes were sold via Blogspot, but the increasing popularity of Cro has made the brand more and more professional. Carlo’s brother Benno Waibel manages the business, while Cro himself takes on the creative tasks. Sister Jule is also an integral part of the VioVio team and responsible for designs. The collections are only ever released in limited quantities and are often sold out immediately. At the end of 2015, a local shop was opened for the first time for three months in the Stuttgart department store Fluxus. With the  T-shirts, sweaters and jackets sold, Cro can earn more.

5 Revenue from advertising deals

Cro has often been criticized for promoting anything that makes money. He has already advertised for H&M, McDonald’s, Mercedes and Axe. There are also collaborations with Red Bull and KangaROOS. The McDonald’s commercial in particular was viewed very critically and brought a lot of criticism to the young rapper. These spots may have scratched the likeable image a bit, but it definitely didn’t hurt the wallet . No rapper before has been

CRO’s song bad chick lyrics

I say yes, yes, yes you are the most beautiful woman in the worldIch sag ja, ja, ja du bist die schönste Frau der WeltAnd no, it’s okay if you order that tooUnd nein, ist schon okay wenn du das auch bestellstYou shall have it if you like this houseDu sollst’s haben, wenn dir dieses Haus gefälltI don’t dare to say I’m scaredIch trau’s mich nicht zu sagen ich hab Schiss
Because my chick is so bad, so bad, so badDenn mein Chick is so bad, so bad, so badMy chick is so bad, so bad, so badMein Chick is so bad, so bad, so badMy chick is so badMein Chick is so bad
Ey no matter what time, I’m always lateEy egal wieviel Uhr, ich bin immer zu spätThe guy on the sofa who just sleepsDer Typ auf dem Sofa der immer nur schläftAlways only yawns, Always only missingImmer nur gähnt, Immer nur fehltHey guys sorry about time to mention itEy Jungs, tut mir Leid war Zeit es zu erwähnenI visited this woman last monthIch hab doch letzten Monat diese Frau besuchtWe went to eat, had a rendezvousWir waren was essen, hatten ein RendezvousAnyway, she’s my girlfriend nowAuf jeden Fall sie ist jetzt meine FreundinBut whenever I sleep with her, I don’t close my eyesDoch immer wenn ich bei ihr penn’ mache ich kein Auge zuBut not because of sex, I’m scared (of her)Aber nicht wegen Sex, ich hab Schiss (vor ihr)‘Cause she’s forcing me and saying you’re coming with meDenn sie zwingt mich und sagt du kommst mit (zu mir)And then she talks about some cliqueUnd dann erzählt sie von irgendeiner CliqueAnd that I can’t get out because everyone would be informedUnd dass ich nicht mehr rauskomm denn alle wären informiertShe says, “Let’s be a couple”Sie sagt: „Lass uns ein Pärchen sein“I would like to run, but she locks me upIch würde gerne rennen, doch sie sperrt mich einAnd I would be her Ken in the fairy tale partUnd ich wäre ihr Ken in dem MärchenteilPlease, please be the first to sleep todayBitte, bitte penn doch heute mal als Erster einShit, it’s all about youShit, alles dreht sich nur um dichAngelina, Brad PittAngelina, Brad PittGuys believe me I’m scaredJungs glaubt mir ich hab Schiss
Because my chick is so bad, so bad, so badDenn mein Chick is so bad, so bad, so badMy chick is so bad, so bad, so badMein Chick is so bad, so bad, so badMy chick is so bad, so bad, so badMein Chick is so bad, so bad, so badMy chick is so bad, so bad, so badMein Chick is so bad, so bad, so badMy chick is so badMein Chick is so bad
Yeah, she’s so bad, hey, she steals my tankYeah sie ist so bad, ey, sie klaut’ meinen TankDon’t want me to go, rob my bankWill nicht, dass ich geh, beraubt meine BankAlways sets my alarm clock three hours laterStellt meinen Wecker immer drei Stunden nachHey, you gotta believe me, this shit is trueEy, du musst mir glauben, der Scheiß hier ist wahrShe has my cell phone and won’t give it awaySie hat mein Handy und gibt’s nicht herNo, don’t call because it’s blockedNein, ruf’ nicht an denn es ist gesperrtAnd she also auctioned off the MacUnd den Mac hat sie obendrein mit versteigertI think that’s why you didn’t reach meIch denke mal, dass ihr mich deshalb nicht erreicht habtAnd yes I missed my flightUnd ja ich hab meinen Flug verpasstBut I’ve got more than one foot in jail nowDoch ich steh mittlerweile mehr als mit ‘nem Fuß im KnastAnd the other day I was hanging out alone in her padUnd neulich häng’ ich so allein in ihrer Bude abThe cops come through the door and say, “We’re looking for something”Da kommen die Cops durch die Tür und sagen „Wir suchen was“I say super crazy, I’m locked in hereIch sag superkrass, ich bin hier eingesperrtI think her name is Janine and I don’t rememberIch glaub ihr Name ist Janine und ich weiß nicht mehrAnd everything that is here does not belong to meUnd alles was sich hier befindet, das gehört mir nichtUnfortunately, the guy from the authorities doesn’t believe meDoch leider glaubt mir das der Typ von der Behörde nichtShit, thirty kilos of dopeShit, dreißig Kilo RauschgiftAlthough I don’t even smoke potObwohl ich nicht mal kiffGuys believe me I’m scaredJungs glaubt mir, ich hab Schiss
Because my chick is so bad, so bad, so badDenn mein Chick is so bad, so bad, so badMy chick is so bad, so bad, so badMein Chick is so bad, so bad, so badMy chick is so bad, so bad, so badMein Chick is so bad, so bad, so badMy chick is so bad, so bad, so badMein Chick is so bad, so bad, so badMy chick is so badMein Chick is so bad
Yes?Ja?uh, are you still sleeping?Ähm, pennst du noch?me or what now?Ich, oder was jetzt?Oh man, you can’t be serious dudeOh Mann, das kann doch nicht dein Ernst sein AlterIt pisses everyone off that you’re always lateDas kotzt jeden an, dass du immer zu spät bistNow wait a minute, ey, you won’t believe me now,Jetzt wart doch mal ey, du wirst es mir jetzt nicht glauben,But, last night, over crassAber, gestern Nacht, über krassHey, you still know the one from theEy, du kennst doch noch die eine aus demNo, you don’t know them, but it doesn’t matter, they definitely doNe, die kennst du nicht, aber egal, auf jeden Fall dieEy always such stupid excuses,Ey immer so blöde Ausreden,Any girls, you always come up with such nonsenseIrgendwelche Mädchen, dir fällt immer so ein Quatsch einBut hey, wait, they really existAber ey jetzt wart doch mal die gibt’s wirklichHey why should I invent them?Ey wieso sollt ich die erfinden?First the dog took off, then you missed the busErst ist der Hund abgehauen, dann hast du den Bus verpasstYes, I know the story was made up, but it’s really real, manJa ich weiß, die Geschichte war erfunden, aber die ist wirklich echt, MannAny normal person can be punctualJeder normale Mensch kann doch pünktlich seinYes, but if they, ey, if they just set my alarm clock man!Ja aber wenn die, ey wenn die einfach meinen Wecker verstellt Mann!Hey honestlyEy ganz ehrlichI can’t help it if mineDa kann ich doch nix dafür wenn die meinIf she just sets my alarm clock from nine to tenWenn die meinen Wecker einfach umstellt, von neun auf zehnOr on eldOder auf eldWow man please, finally grow upBoah Mann bitte, werd’ endlich mal erwachsen

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