Daniel Craig: Actor’s Net Worth and Fees

birth date March 02, 1968 (54 years old)
Born in Chester, England
nationality England
Marital status married to Rachel Weisz (since 2011)
Profession Actor
Full name Daniel Wroughton Craig
Children 2 (Ella Craig)
size 1.78 m

How rich is James Bond Daniel Craig?

Many could not imagine Daniel Craig as James Bond . Too blond, too inconspicuous, too boring… With his Bond debut Casino Royale, the British mime put the critics in their place. The film was the sensation of 2006, grossing around $600 million at the worldwide box office. For Craig, the final breakthrough as a film actor – and the cornerstone of his wealth. His estimated net worth is around 135 million euros . According to the James Bond actor, he doesn’t want to bequeath his gigantic fortune to his two daughters, but spends it himself or donates it.

Following Casino Royale, Daniel Craig blossomed into a popular character actor and made other highly acclaimed films. In 2011, Forbes estimated his income at around $20 million. That year productions such as the science fiction western Cowboys & Aliens appeared alongside Harrison Ford , or the horror thriller Dream House. Of course, the main focus was on the James Bond series. Their reputation can also be seen in their fees.

Millions of fees thanks to James Bond

Daniel Craig was reportedly paid $39 million for Specter. But this should also be his last Bond. Because the actor already rejected an offer for two more parts as James Bond in 2015. In August 2017 it was confirmed that he would do another Bond. Is the 90 million euro fee for the strip the main reason?

Another worthwhile deal: the actor raked in an extra $5 million thanks to a Sony product placement in Skyfall. The job was far below what Craig is normally able to do – he had to hold a Sony cell phone at the camera for a moment. Samsung beckoned with even more money  : the South Korean company wanted to pay up to 50 million dollars for a product placement deal for the Skyfall successor Specter , which the actor rejected, however. For comparison: Sean Connery received the manageable sum of 17,000 dollars for his first James Bond.

Origin and beginnings as an actor

The fact that Craig, as the announced Bond actor, received so much head shaking in 2005 is due to his unspectacular career to date. Born on March 2nd, 1968 in Chester in the north-west of England, his film career developed steadily but not particularly rapidly. At the age of 16, Craig had dropped out of school to study acting in London. At the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, his fellow students included Ewan McGregor and Orlando Bloom. After completing the training, theater roles and smaller film appearances followed. Well received by critics and audiences alike, Craig appeared to be subscribed to supporting roles for the foreseeable future. That all changed in 2004 when he starred in Layer Cake took on his first leading role; the film brought Craig a great deal of respect and was also a commercial hit.

With the income as James Bond 007 to a million fortune

On October 14, 2005, the bombshell burst: Daniel Craig was officially announced as the successor to the previous James Bond actor Pierce Brosnan. He thus followed in the footsteps of the fictional secret agent in “Her Majesty’s Service” in sixth place. As James Bond, Craig achieved multiple victories: he silenced his critics, took off as a leading actor in other films as well – and took the Bond films to the extreme from a commercial point of view. He is considered the highest-paid Bond actor to date, earning a fortune. Rights holder Sony should have been happy: The James Bond films with Craig achieved fantastic box office results and surpassed the box office receipts of all his predecessors.

How much does Daniel Craig make as James Bond?

Casino Royale, 2006

  • Casino Royale fee: $3.2 millionCraig’s Bond debut has grossed more than $167 million in US and Canadian theaters. On its opening weekend in November 2006, the strip brought in almost $41 million at the box office. Added to this were $431 million in the rest of the world; in the end almost 600 million dollars.

    Quantum of Solace, 2008

    • Quantum of Solace fee: $7.2 million

    Did the Casino Royale successor live up to expectations? Financially, without a doubt. The opening weekend started with revenues of around 67 million dollars. The domestic box office brought in 168 million dollars, the total worldwide turnover was 586 million dollars.

    Skyfall, 2012

    • Gage for Skyfall: 17 million dollars + participation bonus

    The production budget for Craig’s third James Bond film was $200 million. A joke compared to the over $1.1 billion in revenue generated worldwide. The domestic box office alone brought in $304 million, and $804 million flowed in internationally. Opening weekend gross: $88 million. On the list of the most successful films, Skyfall is in 12th place.

    Specter, 2015

    • Fee for Spectre: $24 million + participation bonus

    This makes Daniel Craig the highest paid Bond of all time. Pierce Brosnan earned $16.5 million from his last 007 movie, Die Another Day in 2002. The $24 million fee is said to have been supplemented with $6 million in advertising revenue. In addition, there was a financial profit share of another 30 million US dollars, if the British media is to be believed. Specter will cost around $245 million to produce. Allegedly, $36.7 million Aston Martins were crashed or blown up.

    No Time to Die, 2020

    • Gage for “No Time to Die”: $25 million + participation bonus

    The most expensive Bond of all time (production costs 250 million US dollars) will be released in cinemas in 2021. Daniel Craig was offered a fee of 25 million US dollars from this budget and, as the 25th Bond film, will also be his last. The assets should last until the end of life.

    Trailer for the last Daniel Craig Bond film “No time to die”, which is finally scheduled to hit theaters on September 30, 2021.

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