Dieter Bohlen Net Worth and Income

Million Euros
Million Euros
Fee from DSDS 1.2 million euros per season
Residence Totensen, Germany
birth date February 07, 1954 (69 years old)
Born in Berne, Germany
nationality Germany
Marital status in a relationship with Fatma Carina Walz
Profession Musician, producer, songwriter
Children 6 (Maurice, Amelie, Marielin, Maximilian, Marvin, Marc)

How much money does Dieter Bohlen have?

Dieter Bohlen‘s fortune is really gigantic. Through his ongoing work as a music producer and juror on the RTL shows “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” and “Das Supertalent”, Dieter Bohlen generated a high income. Dieter Bohlen is considered a veteran on German television. Dieter Bohlen’s estimated fortune is 135 million euros .

Dieter Bohlen is known to many Germans through his appearances in the well-known music duo Modern Talking. Together with Thomas Anders, Bohlen made several hits and sold millions of albums. The duo is still well known today as Modern Talking, especially in Russia. Dieter Bohlen also works as a music producer for other artists and has already worked with a number of well-known singers, such as Andrea Berg .

Furthermore, Dieter Bohlen was a juror on the DSDS casting show from 2002-2021 . In 18 seasons he judged the skills of the candidates. For the 20th DSDS edition, the big comeback of the pop titan should follow in 2023, because the ratings in the absence were just too bad. In addition to DSDS, Dieter was also on the show Das Supertalent. Here, too, Bohlen was a permanent member of the jury until 2020 (season 14), which is always made up of a few other prominent people. Here, too, the cooperation with RTL was terminated.

Income from DSDS and super talent

In the casting shows of the Cologne-based private broadcaster RTL, Dieter Bohlen always plays a prominent role as a juror who did not mince his words and always said what he thought freely. The fee for DSDS and the arrangement with Supertalent is said to have amounted to around 2.5 million euros per year . There were always other celebrities on the jury, as in the past, for example:

  • 2015: In the 12th season of Deutschland sucht den Superstar, Dieter Bohlen was seen with the jurors Heino , DJ Antoine and Mandy Capristo , among others  .
  • 2016: In the 13th season of DSDS, the pop titan forms the jury together with Scooter frontman HP Baxxter , Vanessa Mai and Michelle.
  • 2017: In the 14th season of DSDS, Dieter Bohlen received support from HP Baxxter and Michelle again. Shirin David was a newcomer .
  • 2018: The 15th anniversary season included Mousse T., Ella Endlich and Carolin Niemczyk in the jury in addition to the pop titan.
  • 2019: In 2019, RTL wants to score points with the top-class jury around superstar Xavier Naidoo and DSDS winner 2011 Pietro Lombardi . Oana Nechiti makes her debut as the female part.
  • 2020: The jury remained unchanged, but Xavier Naidoo was replaced by Florian Silbereisen in the live shows .
  • 2021: Complete replacement of the jury with Michael Wendler (resigned), Mike Singer and Maite Kelly.
  • 2022: End of cooperation with RTL (for the time being)
  • 2023: Comeback in the jury for the 20th anniversary season with Katja Krasavice , Pietro Lombardi and Leony.

Camp David – a special endorsement deal

Dieter Bohlen can only be seen in Camp David clothes . There is a reason for that, because Bohlen has closed a lucrative advertising deal with the fashion label. However, silence was kept about the sums of the advertising deal. But the fact is that Dieter really likes the clothes and his private wardrobe is also filled with them. Dieter Bohlen even published his own collection for Camp David under the synonym “rowing club” It is clear that Dieter will continue to increase his fortune with the income from the advertising deal.

A controversial private life

With his numerous women’s stories, Dieter Bohlen always attracted attention. After Bohlen married his girlfriend Erika Sauerland in 1983, the separation followed six years later. From then on, Bohlen was in a relationship with Nadja Abd el Farrag , although this relationship ended in 1996.

Then Dieter married Verona Feldbusch. This marriage lasted only four weeks, whereby Verona Pooth , as she is called after remarriage, stated that he had beaten her. The pop titan vehemently denies this claim to this day. After that, Dieter got back together with Nadja Abd el Farrag, although the relationship only lasted until 2000. Then Estefania Küster followed. Carina Walz has always been seen by his side since 2006 . Dieter Bohlen has two children with Carina Walz, the daughter was born in 2011 and the son in 2013. In total, Bohlen has six children with three different women.

How rich is Dieter Bohlen?

If we now add up all the income from TV shows and his music, Dieter Bohlen’s proud fortune is easy to explain. So you can see that Dieter Bohlen is really very rich. In fact, the fortune could be a lot higher. One has to keep in mind that the pop titan has many sources of income. Dieter gets a hefty fee for working as a juror on the TV show “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” . He collects 1.2 million euros per season. If you add this up, the show has been around since 2002 and the 14th season is due in 2017, then you get a proud sum of 16.8 million euros. Then you have to keep in mind that Bohlen was also a juror in “Das Supertalent”.

He also earns money with his own music from Modern Talking and above all as a producer. For all the stars for which Dieter Bohlen works as a producer, he receives a corresponding commission. In addition, he has already written 3 books, which of course also gave him income. All in all, Dieter Bohlen really has a considerable fortune!

Where does Dieter Bohlen live?

Dieter’s property is not small either, he has a luxurious villa in the posh town of Tötensen. The house is located in Rosengarten, south of Hamburg. Pro7 has already visited Dieter, and Xavier Naidoo paid the pop titan a surprise visit to “Sing um dein Leben”. Together they started a song in Dieter Bohlen’s house. The second home is in Mallorca. There the DSDS juror relaxes and recovers. Dieter’s holiday home is located in Cala Ratjada. For the waterways, his Carina gave him a motorboat, with 150 hp Dieter races across the sea.

Dieter Bohlen’s cars

Wealth is mostly seen in homes and cars . Dieter also had noble companions, for example a Wiesmann GT MF4. The value of the car was 150,000 euros. A car costing 180,000 euros, a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, was also in Dieter Bohlen’s garage. In 2009, however, Dieter Bohlen announced that he had sold his cars. From then on he wanted to go to DSDS and other appointments by bike, train and moped.

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