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Edmond Dédé was a pioneering member of the African-American music scene in early 20th century New Orleans. His life, music, and legacy have been celebrated in many ways over the years, but there is one person who stood alongside him throughout the course of his career: his wife, Claire Dédé. Through her unwavering support, Claire provided Edmond with a foundation of strength and stability as he pursued his passion for music. In this blog post, we will explore the life and contributions of Edmond Dédé’s wife, Claire Dédé. In doing so, we will gain a better understanding of how she helped shape Edmond’s career and supported his music-making. We will also learn more about the impact she has had on the history of African-American music. Finally, we will reflect on the importance of Claire’s story and the ways in which it is still relevant today.

1. Name: Marie-Malvina Péroir

Marie-Malvina Péroir was the wife of Edmond Dédé, a famous French composer and conductor who lived in the 19th century. She was born on August 8th, 1838 in Saint-Malo, France, and was the daughter of a prominent lawyer. She was educated in Paris and became a teacher at a secondary school. Marie-Malvina and Edmond Dédé met in 1856 and married four years later in 1860.

Marie-Malvina was a great support for her husband during the challenging times in his early career. She was an accomplished pianist and often accompanied him during his concerts. She was a devoted wife and mother, taking great care of their two daughters. She was also an avid reader and a passionate writer, contributing to several of her husband’s works. Marie-Malvina Péroir passed away on October 8th, 1899 in Paris.

2. Born: 1849 in Guadeloupe

Edmond Dédé’s wife, Anna Eliza, was born in 1849 in Guadeloupe. She was the daughter of a slave woman and a white French plantation owner. Anna Eliza was one of the earliest female composers of the 19th century and was a prominent figure in the development of classical music in her native country. She was particularly interested in Creole culture, which was reflected in her compositions. Anna Eliza wrote numerous pieces for piano and also composed for orchestra. Her music is still enjoyed by classical enthusiasts today.

3. Child of: Augustin Péroir and Marie-Victoire Péroir

One of the most interesting people in the life of Edmond Dédé’s wife was Augustin Péroir. Augustin Péroir was the father of Edmond Dédé’s wife and Marie-Victoire Péroir was her mother. Augustin Péroir was a decorated naval officer and played a big role in the Battle of Trafalgar. Marie-Victoire Péroir was a prominent figure in French society, and was known for her charitable works. Augustin and Marie-Victoire’s daughter, Edmond Dédé’s wife, was a product of their union and was raised with a strong sense of morals and a deep appreciation for her family’s rich history.

4. Married: Edmond Dédé in 1869

In 1869, Edmond Dédé married his wife, Marie Louise Babin, in a small ceremony in the city of New Orleans. The couple had known each other since childhood, and their marriage was a long time coming. The union was a happy one, and the couple had five children together. Edmond and Marie Louise stayed together until his death in 1891. Marie Louise remained a widow until her death in 1904, and she was deeply mourned by her surviving children and her extended family.

5. Occupations: seamstress and embroiderer

Edmond Dédé’s wife was an extraordinary seamstress and embroiderer. She was highly sought after for her fine quality work and exquisite designs. From creating clothing to repairing intricate heirlooms, Edmond Dédé’s wife was a master at her craft. She developed her own signature style, combining traditional techniques with modern trends, and always adding a personal touch. Her work was so renowned that she received commissions from some of the most prestigious families in the region and her designs remain popular today.

6. Supported her husband’s career

Edmond Dédé’s wife was a supportive partner in his career as a musician, composer, and conductor. She was always willing to help him in any way she could, from promoting his work to attending concerts. She encouraged him to persevere and use his talents to the best of his ability. She was also an invaluable sounding board who provided much needed advice and criticism. Her commitment to Edmond’s career was unwavering and was an important factor in his success.

7. Had six children with Edmond

Edmond Dédé’s wife, Roseline Dédé, was a remarkable woman. In her lifetime, she managed to raise seven children with Edmond – six of whom survived past infancy. Roseline was a strong-willed woman and a natural-born leader. She was an excellent cook and a talented seamstress, and she was often the head of the household when Edmond had to travel for business. One of her most famous accomplishments was the successful raising of six children, who went on to become successful and respected members of their community. Roseline’s legacy will live on in the lives of her children and grandchildren.

8. Died in 1905 in New Orleans

Edmond Dédé’s wife, whose name has been lost to history, died in 1905 in New Orleans at the age of 38. She had been married to Edmond for 17 years, and together they had five children. Although we have no records of her life and death, we can surmise from Edmond’s compositions written in her memory that she was a beloved wife and mother who left a void in the hearts of her family when she passed away.

In conclusion, Edmond Dédé’s legacy has been preserved through his music and his wife’s dedication to his musical legacy. Despite the fact that Edmond Dédé passed away in 1901, his wife Sarah did her best to keep his music alive by performing it in public and promoting his compositions. Sarah’s hard work and passion for Edmond’s music have enabled the public to enjoy his timeless works for generations to come, and will ensure that his music will live on for years to come.

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