February 19 Zodiac

Pisces [19 February – 20 March] | star sign, horoscope, astrological and zodiac facts

February 19 Zodiac

Pisces is the 12th astrological sign of Zodiac spanning from 19 Feb -20 Mar. It’s also a ‘wet’ sign (the rest being Scorpio and Cancer). Its symbol is the Fish.

The colors for Pisces are mauves, lilacs, purples, violets, seas greens and blues. It has its own constellation, Neptune, and its planetary ruler is Jupiter. Pisces is linked to the mutable quality; change, endings and new hopes.

Strengths: Good listeners, kind, sensitive, creative, imaginative, loyal, thoughtful, caring, patient, understanding, empathetic, honest, trustworthy, reliable, responsible, hardworking, intelligent, organized, practical, resourceful, flexible, adaptable, easygoing, optimistic, determined, persistent, brave, courageous, independent, positive, cheerful, enthusiastic, happy, confident, ambitious, sociable, outgoing, charismatic, warmhearted, loving, affectionate, romantic, sincere, forgiving, tolerant, helpful, considerate, supportive, communicative, sympathetic, perceptive, spiritual, philosophical, wise, logical, rational, realistic, fair, balanced, objective, diplomatic, tactful, humble, modest, respectful, disciplined, punctual, responsible, conscientious, diligent, industrious, persevering, responsible, responsible, responsible, reliable, responsible, responsible, dependable, responsible, responsible, mature, responsible, responsible, ethical, moral, law abiding, responsible, responsible, sensible, responsible, responsible, safe, responsible, responsible, careful, responsible, responsible, prudent, responsible, responsible, accountable, responsible, responsible, trustworthy, responsible, responsible, honorable, responsible, responsible, honest, responsible, responsible, honorable, responsible, responsible. Weaknesses: Shy, indecisive, moody, pessimistic, insecure, jealous, possessive, selfish, critical, judgmental, argumentative, stubborn, bossy, controlling, demanding, perfectionist, rigid, dogmatic, opinionated, arrogant, intolerant, prejudiced, narrow minded, materialistic, greedy, vain, superficial, shallow, conceited, snobbish, pretentious, prideful, boastful, vain, vain, vain, proud, vain, vain, pompous, vain, vain, vainer, vain, vain, vanity, vain, vain, vainglorious, vain, vain, vacuous, vain, vain, vapid, vain, vain, empty headed, vain, vain, frivolous, vain, vain, foolish, vain, vain, worthless, vain, vain, wasteful, vain, vain, vulgar, vain, vain, useless, vain, vain, weak, vain, vain, wimpy, vain, vain, whiny, vain, vain, vicious, vain, vain, venal, vain, vain, vindictive, vain, vain, violent, vain, vain, volatile, vain, vain, vile, vain, vain, villainous, vain, vain. Pisces in Literature and Art Pisces is associated with the arts, particularly music, poetry and painting. In literature, the poet William Blake wrote about his vision of the Divine Feminine in the poem called “Auguries of Innocence”. He described how he saw a woman dressed in flowing robes of blue and gold, holding a mirror before him. She was surrounded by angels bearing flowers and singing songs of praise. The woman turned towards him and smiled, revealing perfect teeth and lips. Her eyes sparkled with love and she beckoned him forward. He followed her into the mirror where he saw himself reflected. His own face was radiant with joy and he felt peace flow through him. He then heard the voice of God saying, “This is my beloved child. “Blake’s work influenced many artists including John Keats, Edgar Allan Poe, Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, February 19 Zodiac

Weaknesses: Can be fearful, overly trusting, prone to sadness, bad with criticism and keen to escape the dulls of reality

Pisces are usually friendly, faithful souls who often enjoy the company of a mixture of fish in the sea. Their selflessness and willingness to help other people makes them good friends, as does their intuitiveness and empathy – traits of a water sign.

Those born under the Pisces zodiac can be generous and highly compassionate, making them great companions able of achieving strong emotional connections with friends.

Pisces get their intuitiveness from their ruling planet Neptune, this often helps them to express themselves, sometimes in the form of artistic or musical talent.

The downside to a Pisces is that sometimes they can be keen to swim away from reality, being fearful of what lies ahead. Being overly trusting can also leave them open to being taken advantage of – a friendly fish to a lure.

The solution? Swim strong little fishy! Let criticism float by you, not drag you down to the depths of sadness. Place your trust wisely and don’t get too led astray by the distractions that pull you away from the shoal of your close friends.

The Pisces constellation

The Pisces constellation lies with the Aquarius to its west, Aries to its east, Sagittarius to its north and Capricornus to its south. The Pisces constellation contains many interesting deep sky objects including the spiral galaxies Messier 74 and 88, Hodge 1302 – a pair of colliding gas clouds, NGC 488 – a barred lenticular galaxy and the rich globular cluster HGC 520 – a pair of colluding galaxies.

Pisces in History and Mythology

In ancient Greek and Roman mythology Piscis is sometimes represented as the Koi fish who helped Aphrodite and her son Eros escape from the monster Typhon – the “Father of Monsters”.

Another myth is that the fish transported the egg from the river Euphrates to the shore where Aphrodite later hatched it.

Ichthyocentaurs were half man, half horse creatures with human torso, horse body, fish tail, lobster claw and hoofed feet. They are often associated with Aphrodite and her lovers.

The sea-centaurs were sea deities with human torsos and horse bodies, fish tails and lobster claws. They are sometimes linked with Aphrodite and the god Dionysius.

In Syrian mythology the sea-centaurs may be related with the divine fish that carried Astarte to land.

Some Famous Pisces

Aries – You are strong-willed and independent. You’re always looking out for yourself. Your friends know you’ll do anything to help them; you just don’t want to ask for it. But once you’ve given up something, you won’t go back on your word.

Taurus – You’re loyal and determined. You work hard to make sure everyone knows how much you care about them. You love being around people and enjoy making others happy. You’re great at giving advice and seeing things from another person’s perspective.

Gemini – You’re friendly and sociable. You like to keep busy and meet lots of different people. You’re good at getting along with almost anyone. You’re very creative and fun to be around.

Cancer – You’re sensitive and caring. You’re easygoing and laid-back, but deep down you have a lot of strength inside. You’re protective over those close to you and take pride in helping others. You’re generous and thoughtful and have a big heart.

Leo – You’re energetic and enthusiastic. You’re outgoing and confident, and you love meeting new people. You’re ambitious and driven to succeed, but you also have a sense of humor. You’re loving and nurturing, and you’re known to give your best friend the shirt off your back.

Virgo – You’re responsible and organized. You’re honest and fair, and you always put your family first. You’re smart and resourceful, and you’re great at multitasking. You value loyalty and honesty above everything else.

Libra – You’re charming and social. You’re artistic and compassionate, and you’re usually surrounded by a group of friends. You’re romantic and passionate, and you’re a dreamer. You’re great at compromise and diplomacy.

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