Günther Jauch: The assets of the moderator

Million Euros
Million Euros
birth date July 13, 1956 (66 years old)
Born in Munster, Germany
nationality German
Marital status married to Dorothea Sihler (since 2006)
profession Showmaster, presenter, journalist, producer
Full name Gunther Johannes Jauch
children 4 (Kristin, Masha, Katja, Svenja)

How rich is Günther Jauch?

The popular presenter and show host can look back on a long-standing television career. A multiple millionaire himself, he hosts the show Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? on RTL. Jauch earns a respectable annual income, which allows his fortune to continue to grow. The moderator also owns a winery that is a member of the Association of German Prädikat and Quality Wineries. The moderator has also been a restaurateur since September 2019 and was named “Restaurateur of the Year” by Gault-Millau in the same year. Together with star chef Tim Raue he runs the Villa Kellerman in Potsdam. Ongoing earnings are to be expected here as well. Günther Jauch ‘s estimated fortune is 55 million euros .

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

Günther Jauch is one of the best-known presenters and show hosts on German television and can be seen on both the private broadcaster RTL and the public broadcaster ARD. For many Germans he is important because of the moderation of the quiz show “ Who wants to be a millionaire? ” famous. He also moderates a talk show named after him on ARD, in which politicians are the main guests. Often, however, topical issues are also discussed, with experts, analysts and scientists being invited. The political program has many fans, and the viewers are particularly pleased that serious topics and news are discussed.

As moderator and producer to millions

Günther Jauch began his career in 1982 as an external reporter at TV station SDR. Four years later, Jauch took over his first own show on ZDF, which was followed by other formats. As a moderator from the current sports studio, Jauch was able to further establish himself. In 1990, Jauch signed with the Cologne TV station RTL and from then on presented the weekly magazine “Stern TV” on the private station. This show alone was presented by Günther Jauch for more than 20 years. The RTL broadcaster implemented many other shows with the presenter, so that in the future he was one of the most popular Germans, which in turn was evidence of the high ratings that otherwise only Stefan Raab reached. He has also received many awards. In 2016 he received the Golden Camera, an audience award for the most popular showmaster.

Günther Jauch’s salary at RTL

Günther Jauch currently receives a salary of 125,000 euros for an episode of “Who wants to be a millionaire? ” The popular quiz show with the Jokers has been running on RTL since 1999 and participants can win up to one million euros. In 2006 he even received the German Television Award for Best Entertainment Show. According to Mr. Jauch, there is also no written contract between him and RTL, since the relationship of trust between him and the private broadcaster is greater than any written contract. According to him, the salary is still the same as it was almost 20 years ago.

In addition to his commitment as a presenter and entertainer, Günther Jauch is also established in the entertainment show market with his own production company i&u TV. Jauch produces, among other things, stern TV and some shows on RTL, which Hape Kerkeling and Oliver Geissen moderated. Furthermore, the company i&u TV was also responsible for the production of the ARD political talk show “GÜNTHER JAUCH”. ARD paid about 270,000 euros per episode for the production of this show alone . This results in an unbelievable price per minute of a good 4,488 euros. How high the fee or income of Mr. Jauch was in detail at his ARD Politics Talk has not been announced to date. The show was broadcast in 156 episodes from 2011 to 2015 and probably brought in millions of euros.

Successful television career

At the age of 29, the moderator entered the television business. At that time he was still a field reporter for Riddle Flight. His list of shows is long now, he has many gigs and is a favorite of the Germans . Jauch received the Bavarian TV Award together with his colleague Reif. The start of the Champions League match between Real Madrid and Borussia Dortmund was delayed by more than an hour. A gate had collapsed and had to be replaced. Jauch and Reif were used for the time to be bridged. The two moderated very well, the ratings were even higher than for the following football game.

But the list of television appearances is long. For example, he used to moderate ski jumping or many a DFB cup final. The big IQ test, an annual live show, is also moderated by Jauch. He also moderates other quiz shows such as 5 versus Jauch or “500 – the Quiz Arena”. Jauch is best known as the presenter of Wer wird Millionär? The show on RTL is the classic evening program, a guess for the whole family, where you always learn something new. Günther Jauch is unbeatable as a moderator and rightly the favorite of the Germans.

Public criticism of Günther Jauch

In 2011, Günther Jauch was lightly pilloried by former Bremen Mayor Henning Scherf during a live debate on the Christian Wulff scandal at the time. When it came to the high salaries of top politicians, the moderator’s high income was criticized by Scherf:

You have to question yourself, dear Günther Jauch, how much you earn each year. They earn many times what the chancellor earns and consider that to be fair.

activity as an advertiser

Before his career at the ARD television station, the presenter also worked as an advertising medium and represented several companies. According to his own statements, he has donated all income from these activities. After signing the contract with ARD, he also announced that he would no longer advertise. Jauch attributes this to his commitment to the public institution.

The private life of Günther Jauch

Few details are known about the presenter’s private life as he is very protective of his privacy. The moderator lives in Potsdam with his wife Dorothea Sihler, their two children and adopted orphans from Siberia. The family is very close to Thomas Gottschalk friends. The paths of the two German show hosts cross again and again professionally, for example in the show on RTL “Die 2 – Gottschalk & Jauch gegen ALL”. But you don’t know which car Jauch owns or whether he has several expensive cars. He deliberately keeps the public away from private matters. It is also known that Mr. Jauch is very intensively involved in charitable causes. According to research by “Frau im Spiegel” he is said to have donated over 75 million euros since the turn of the millennium. That’s a really significant sum.

Othegraven Winery

As already mentioned, Günther Jauch has owned his own winery since 2010: “Weingut von Othegraven” .. It has been in the family since 1805, as Jauch’s grandmother bore the name “von Othegraven”. The moderator took over the winery together with his wife in what is now the 7th generation. The winery is a beautiful and traditional property with more than 200 years of family tradition. It is a kind of lock and is very luxurious. The manor house and the English landscape garden have been under monument protection since 2003. In 1996, the winery was first inherited by a relative in the collateral line. Günther Jauch finally acquired it because there was a risk that the family would sell it. In 2011 he bought the 3.5 hectare Wawerner Herrenberg in Wawern on the Saar.

Own restaurant Villa Kellerman

In September 2019, the presenter opened the “Villa Kellerman” restaurant in Potsdam together with star chef Tim Raue. Just 2 months later, Jauch was named ” Restaurateur of the Year ” by the renowned gastronomy guide Gault-Millau . The villa has been extensively renovated and opened gastronomically at a high level.

The house of Günther Jauch

In Potsdam, the moderator has been living with his wife and children in a three-story villa in the exclusive villa district on the “Heiligen See” since 1998 . Incidentally, the neighbor is none other than Wolfgang Joop, with his villa “Wunderkind”. When Günther Jauch is not at his winery, you can find him at the Villa am Heiligen See. Not much is known about the private life of the Jauch family. The moderator strictly separates work and private life, he keeps his private life very private. The Jauch family is rarely seen in public. The moderator has two biological daughters, Svenja and Kristin, with his wife. In 1997, the Jauchs then adopted 13-month-old Katja from Siberia. In 2000, the nine-month-old girl, Masha, who also comes from Siberia, followed. A sympathetic and equally empathetic person, whom the Germans rightly love. He is involved in charitable causes and lives a truly scandal-free life.

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