Hamid Mossadegh: The Moderator’s Net Worth

Date of birth January 01, 1979 (44 years old)
Born in Tehran, Iran
nationality Iran
profession Car dealer, moderator

How much money does Hamid Mossadegh have?

Hamid Mossadegh became known as the presenter of GRIP – The Motor Magazine . But long before that, he had made a name for himself as a luxury car dealer. His clients included football stars like Sami Khedira , Mesut Özil and Jérôme Boateng. In addition to his television career, the car salesman continues to source vehicles for wealthy customers. Hamid Mossadegh ‘s estimated net worth is $3.5 million .

Hamid Mossadegh Net Worth

Hamid Mossadegh earns his living mainly as a dealer in luxury cars. He is also paid for his appearances on GRIP – Das Motormagazin . In addition, he generates income through his YouTube channel, launched in April 2021, which now has over 200,000 subscribers and whose videos have been viewed more than 20 million times. Mossadegh collects advertising revenue from YouTube and enters into collaborations with various companies for which he is paid and thus continues to expand his fortune.

Early passion for cars

Hamid Mossadegh was born with a passion for cars. His father was a vehicle dealer and regularly took his son to dealerships and car markets. The father concentrated on vehicles that were at least 20 years old. At the age of 13, Mossadegh sat behind the wheel of a car for the first time when he drove across a meadow in a BMW M3 E30. He later bought an Opel Kadett E with a notchback as his first car.

Trade in special models

The exact date of birth of the Iranian is not known, only the year of birth 1979. After graduating from school , Mossadegh completed an apprenticeship as a bank clerk . At the age of 24 he started dealing in cars. At first he did this exclusively with Fiat 500, later he switched to VW Beetles. Thanks to his business successes, he was soon able to purchase his first sports car: a Corvette C2. In doing so, he laid the foundation for trading in luxury cars and his later fortune.

Rich footballers as customers

At the end of the 2000s, Mossadegh was commissioned by Dutch soccer player Nigel de Jong, who was then active for Hamburger SV, to procure a Plymouth Barracuda convertible. The car dealer did this in the USA, had the vehicle restored and then handed it over to the footballer. The deal also marked the beginning of a long-standing business relationship between Mossadegh and de Jong. They founded the company Continental Cars in 2008 and used it to provide other football players with luxury cars . Among others, Jérôme Boateng, Sami Khedira and Mesut Özil were her customers.

The step into TV

From November 2014 to March 2016, Mossadegh and car expert Karsten Peters presented the show Hamburger Auto Perlen on Sport1. This drew the attention of the makers of GRIP – Das Motormagazin . They initially produced individual contributions for the RTLZWEI show with him and later made him a permanent member of the moderation team. In 2018, disputes arose between Mossadegh and his business partner de Jong over the embezzlement of company funds. The two then parted ways. Since then, Mossadegh has continued to search for special vehicles for his regular customers and other collectors.

In April 2021, Mossadegh launched the Hamid Tailormade Cars YouTube channel . In the videos that he puts online weekly, he shows luxury cars and reports on his everyday work. In August 2021, the channel broke the 100,000 subscriber mark. For the occasion, Mossadegh took some spectators in his private McLaren 720S Spider . The vehicle has a value of more than 250,000 euros and proves that Mossadegh has a handsome fortune.

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