Heinz Fischer assets former salary and pension entitlement

Heinz Fischer assets former salary and pension entitlement

birth date 09 October 1938 (84 years old)
Born in Graz, Austria
nationality Austria
Marital status married to Margit Fischer (since 1968)
Profession Politician
Children 2 (Philip Fischer, Lisa Fischer)

How much pension does Heinz Fischer get?

Heinz Fischer, the former Austrian Federal President (2004-2016) , was able to look forward to a salary during his tenure that is far higher than that of the US President or the Federal President of the Federal Republic of Germany. With an annual income of 319,900 euros – which corresponds to a monthly gross income of 22,850 euros – he was about 2,000 euros more than the then US President  Barack Obama and about 6,000 euros more than Joachim Gauck, former German President and Angela Merkel , who on monthly 16,800 euros is coming.

But these figures are only the income that Fischer receives in his position as Federal President. Other income such as expense allowances, possible fees for speeches and the like are not included here. The same applies to the salaries of Obama, Merkel or Vladimir Putin . Private income , such as publishing books, does not count here either . We estimate Heinz Fischer’s fortune to be around 5 million euros .

Highly paid retiree with his own office and staff

As a former Austrian president, Heinz Fischer is also entitled to a lavish pension. This is 19,000 euros gross per month, of course 13 times a year. This makes him one of the best-paid pensioners in Austria. In addition, Fischer will continue to have an office staffed by the Federal Republic of Austria. Officially, he is still an advisory board member for “substantive advice and coordination” for the commemoration and remembrance year 2018″.

The career of Heinz Fischer

Born on October 9, 1938 in the city of Graz, Fischer was essentially predestined to join the Austrian Social Democratic Party, having been born into a social democratic family as a child, while his father was himself a high-ranking member of the party. Other relatives could also look back on careers with the Social Democrats, so it was not surprising that Fischer was enthusiastic about the Social Democratic idea and identified with it very early on.

Heinz Fischer assets former salary and pension entitlement, After graduating from high school with some hardships caused by the war, Fischer enrolled at the University of Vienna and, like many international politician colleagues, studied law. He also obtained his doctorate there and, after completing his military service, taught at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. A first “highlight” of his career, which was at the same time a proof of his need for integrity, was the uncovering of a scandal at the university, in which one of its professors was involved, who had still spread National Socialist ideas in his lectures.
However, his political career began immediately after his studies, when at the age of 24 he was already sitting in parliament as secretary for his party. Election to the National Council, which marked another important milestone in his career, came nine years later. He would serve for 33 years while holding various posts within the Council. In 1990 he was elected President of the National Council. He was to remain in this position for 12 years.

During this period, Fischer steadily grew in importance within his party and soon became one of its vital components. In 1975, just four years after he was elected to the National Council, he also became chairman of his party’s parliamentary group, two years later he took over the post of deputy party chairman.

The high point of his career was to come two years after he had ended his function as President of the National Council occurred when he ran for the office of Austrian Federal President and was finally elected to this highest state office with an absolute majority of 52%. Following his re-election in 2009, Fischer is still the Federal President of the Republic of Austria and will continue to represent the country to the outside world this year. Like many modern European politicians, Fischer also stands for human rights, especially for the right to freely choose one’s own sexuality, for which he has campaigned particularly strongly in his two terms of office. He also strengthened the presence of the human rights organization Amnesty International within Austria. Heinz Fischer

and pension entitlement, In contrast to many top German politicians, however, he considers conscription to be essential for Austria. He is a declared opponent of the abolition of conscription.

His property

According to diepresse.de, Fischer still lives with his wife in the shared old building, which he came to through his father-in-law. The former official villa of the Austrian Federal President was demolished because the renovation costs were too high and the property had cost the taxpayer dearly. As Federal President, Fischer is also free to live in the hunting lodge in Mürzsteg , which is by no means a comfortable place to live during the cold season, as there is a lack of thermal insulation.

Heinz Fischer’s last company car was a black Mercedes S-Class , which without special equipment (and armor) corresponds to a list price of around 83,000 euros. However, Fischer does not own the vehicle; in fact, he was provided with it by the Federal Republic of Austria. After the end of his tenure, he was not allowed to take the Mercedes home with him. Heinz Fischer assets former salary and pension entitlement,  As with all official cars, the taxpayers paid for the vehicle. When it comes to company cars, however, Fischer is far more modest than Angela Merkel, who can be driven around in an Audi A8 L W12, which is available from 142,000 euros without special equipment and armor.

Heinz Fischer assets former salary and pension entitlement


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