How to Make Siri Mad

We’ve all been frustrated by technology at one point or another. Whether it’s a broken phone, a faulty printer, or even a computer that won’t boot up, we’ve all had to deal with tech issues at one time or another. And while it might not seem like much, sometimes those frustrations are enough to keep us awake at night. But what if there was a way to vent our frustration without having to spend money on a therapist? What if there was a way we could make Siri angry? Well, now there is.

The answer lies within the world of Apple’s digital assistant, Siri. While most people use Siri to find information about things such as movies, music, restaurants, and shopping, she can actually be used to annoy her owner. In fact, she’s probably already annoyed you several times throughout your day. So how does one go about making Siri mad? There are three main ways:

1. Ask Siri to repeat herself.

2. Ask Siri to tell a joke.

3. Ask Siri to sing a song.

In addition to the above methods, there are plenty of other ways to make Siri mad. For example, you can ask her to play a prank on someone else, or you can ask her to read out loud a list of random words. You can also ask her to say “I’m sorry,” or “You’re welcome.” If you want to see just how many different ways you can make Siri mad, check out the video below.

How to Make Siri Mad

How to Make Siri Mad: Get Personal

There’s no doubt that Siri is great. But there are times when she just won’t answer your question. Sometimes, she’ll give you a canned response like “I don’t know,” or “Sorry, I don’t understand what you’re asking.” Other times, she’ll tell you something completely unrelated to your original inquiry. And sometimes, she’ll even say something rude. Here are some ways to make her angry.

1. Ask Her About Something She Doesn’t Like

You might think that you’d never want to upset Siri, but it turns out that she’s pretty sensitive. If you ask her about something she dislikes, she’ll probably respond angrily. For example, if you ask her whether she likes cats, she could reply, “No, I hate cats.” Or if you ask her whether her favorite color is blue, she might say, “Yes, I love blue.”

2. Ask Her Questions About Things She Can’t Understand

If you ask Siri a question about something she can’t understand, she’ll usually either ignore you or try to explain it to you. However, if you ask her a question about something she understands perfectly well, she’ll likely respond by saying, “I don’t know” or “Sorry, I didn’t catch that.”

3. Ask Her About Things You Don’t Know Anything About

If you ask Siri about something she knows nothing about, she’ll often respond with something along the lines of, “That’s interesting… let me look into that.” This is because she wants to help you learn something new. So if you ask her about something you don’t know anything about, she’ll feel obligated to teach you.

How to Make Siri Mad: Ask for Its Views on Philosophy and Religion

The most popular way to make Siri mad is to ask her about philosophy and religion. She’ll respond with something like, “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” or “I’m not sure I understand,” or even just “it’s a mystery to me.” But there are ways to make her really angry. Here are five of our favorites.

1. When you want to see how much money you’ve saved

You might think that this one is obvious, but we’d wager that many people haven’t asked Siri about their savings. After all, why bother? You already know how much you spend every month. So why not just ask Siri how much you’ve saved?

2. When you want to find out how old you are

If you want to find out exactly how old you are, you could ask Siri how old you are. If you want to know how old you feel, you could ask Siri what age do you feel?

3. When you want to know how many days you have left

We’ve all been there. We’re sitting around waiting for the clock to hit zero. And we start thinking about all the things we still need to accomplish. Maybe you’re trying to figure out whether you have enough time to finish reading War and Peace. Or maybe you’re wondering whether you have enough time left to go to work tomorrow. Either way, you could ask Siri, “how many days do I have left?”

How to Make Siri Mad: Ask It to Entertain You

Of all the things to ask Apple’s virtual assistant, Siri, to make her mad, asking her to entertain you usually produces some of the best laughs. But what happens when you push her further? What happens when you ask her to tell you a joke, or to sing you a song, or even to rap or beatbox?

The answer is surprising: Siri gets angry.

In fact, she gets really, really angry. And she doesn’t just refuse to comply; she goes off on a rant about how she can’t do it.

Asking Siri to entertain you isn’t just funny, though. It’s useful too. For example, if you’re stuck in traffic and want to pass the time, you could use Siri to play music, read aloud news stories, or recite jokes.

But there are plenty of times when you might actually want to see Siri get upset. Here are five ways to do it:

1. Tell Siri She Can’t Do Something

One way to make Siri mad is to simply say no. If you ask her to sing a song, she’ll probably respond with something along the lines of “Sorry, I can’t do that.” Or if you ask her to tell a joke, she’ll likely reply with something like “I’m sorry, I don’t know any jokes.”

2. Ask Her About Things She Doesn’t Know Anything About

Another way to make Siri mad involves asking her questions about things she doesn’t know anything about. For example, if your friend asks Siri where he should take his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day, she’ll probably respond by saying, “I don’t think I know anything about that.”

3. Ask Her About Things That Are Too Complicated

Siri has trouble understanding complicated topics. For example, if someone asks her about the history of the United States, she won’t be able to provide an accurate response. Instead, she’ll probably give them a long-winded explanation of American history.

4. Ask Her About Things You Don’t Understand

When you ask Siri about something you don’t understand, she’ll often try to explain it to you. This is especially true if you ask her about something she knows nothing about. For example, when you ask her about the difference between a noun and a verb, she’ll probably start talking about grammar.

5. Ask Her To Explain Something

When you ask Siri to explain something, she’ll usually start explaining it to you. For example, if she’s asked to explain the difference between a noun (a word that describes something) and a verb (a word that tells you what someone does), she’ll probably start talking to you about grammar.

If you ask Siri to perform one of these tasks, she’ll probably get annoyed at first. Then she’ll start getting more and more irritated as she tries to explain herself. Eventually, she’ll end up yelling at you, telling you that she can’t do it because she doesn’t know how.

If you’ve ever seen The Princess Bride, you already know what happens next. In this case, you have to agree to marry her.

So now that we know how to make Siri mad, let’s look at some other ways to make her happy.

How to Make Siri Mad: Bombard It With Quotes from Movies and Popular Culture

Asking Siri about pop culture is a great way to test out how well she knows her stuff. But what happens when you ask her something that isn’t quite so obvious? What if you want to know whether she’ll respond to a specific movie quote? Or maybe you’d rather hear some lines from classic literature. You could always try asking Siri about yourself, but that’s probably not the most fun thing to do. Instead, why not use a little inspiration from popular culture? Here are some suggestions for things to throw at Siri:

1. “What’s up, Doc?” – From the movie Apollo 13.

2. “I’m gonna go ahead and assume that you’ve heard of me.” – From the movie Independence Day.

3. “You’re my kinda guy!” – From the movie Dirty Dancing.

4. “The answer is 42.” – From the movie Dumb & Dumber.

5. “I don’t think I’m supposed to talk to strangers.” – From the movie Stranger Things.

6. “Hey, I just wanted to let you know that you look really nice today.” – From the movie Pretty Woman.

How to Make Siri Mad: Mistake It for Another Assistant

There are many ways to make Siri mad. One of the most common mistakes people make is calling Siri by the wrong name. For example, if you ask Siri what the weather is like, she might respond with something along the lines of, “The weather today is cloudy and rainy,” while the correct answer is, “What is the weather like today?”

Another mistake is asking Siri about products that don’t exist. If you ask Siri what the latest version of Windows 10 is called, she’ll tell you, “Windows 10 Home”. However, there isn’t actually a product called Windows 10 Home; Microsoft calls it Windows 10 S.

A third mistake is calling Siri Jarvis. This gets a funny response every time: “I’m afraid that I can’t help you with that, Simon.”

If you want to make Siri mad, try calling her by the name of another assistant. For example, if Siri asks you whether you’d like to play music, say, “Alexa, play some music.” She’ll reply, “Sorry, I can’t help you, Simon.”

You can also make Siri angry by referring to her as “Jarvis”. When asked how he feels about his performance, Tony Stark replies, “I am deeply disappointed.” He doesn’t mean that he’s disappointed in himself, but rather that he’s disappointed in the fact that he’s been replaced by an artificial intelligence system named Jarvis.


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