Inscope21 (Nicolas Lazaridis): Net Worth & YouTube Earnings

Date of birth December 13, 1994 (28 years old)
Born in Stuttgart, Germany
nationality Germany
profession YouTuber
Full name Nicholas Lazaridis
nickname Inscope21

How much money does Inscope21 have?

Inscope21 is one of the most successful YouTubers in Germany. He has more than 3.5 million subscribers on his two channels, and his videos have been viewed over 700 million times. The Stuttgart native began his career at the age of 16 by playing and commenting on video games. He now mainly shoots vlogs and lifestyle videos. Inscope21 ‘s estimated net worth is €90,000 .

The assets of Inscope21

Most of Inscope21’s income comes from its activities as a YouTuber and streamer . In doing so, he laid the foundation for his fortune. He has over 2.7 million subscribers to his YouTube channel Inscope21, and the videos have been viewed more than 500 million times. With this he generates a monthly YouTube income of up to 12,000 euros. His second channel InscopeLifestyle has more than a million subscribers and over 190 million views. He has over 900,000 followers on his Twitch channel. He earns money through advertising revenue and collaborations with companies.

He is also co-owner of the social media agency G-IN Fitness & Lifestyle GmbH, which advises influencers and sells fitness equipment. With the rapper Kollegah , Inscope21 and his business partner Tim Gabel have also developed the paid training program Bosstransformation . They are also the owners of the OLA KALA label, which sells clothing but also accessories such as glasses.

In 2020, Inscope21 was on the verge of bankruptcy . In a video from August 2021, he revealed that his current net worth is between 80,000 and 90,000 euros.

The beginnings as a 16-year-old

In June 2010, Nicolas Lazaridis founded the YouTube channel Inscope21 with his friend Benni. In the videos published there, they played the games Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Medal of Honor . In September 2010, the channel reached 1,000 subscribers. On this occasion, the two put an FAQ video online. A month later, Lazaridis announced that he was retiring from being a YouTuber because it was having a negative impact on his academic performance. A short time later, however, he was again involved in the videos of the channel. In early 2011, Lazaridis opened the YouTube channel Inscopemedia, for which he created Photoshop tutorials. However, only a few videos went online – the last in May 2011.

Fitness consultant and company founder

Also in May 2011, Inscope21 passed the 10,000 subscriber mark. At the end of 2011, Benni got out and Lazaridis continued the channel alone. Over time, he started appearing in front of the camera for vlogs more and more often. In mid-2013 he reached the mark of 100,000 subscribers. By this time he was no longer making gameplay videos. Among other things, he shot training videos with fellow bodybuilder Tim Gabel. With him he founded the social media agency G-IN Fitness & Lifestyle GmbH in 2015. In cooperation with the rapper Kollegah, Lazaridis and Gabel developed the training program Bosstransformation, and they also sell fitness equipment such as foam rollers and massage balls. Since mid-2018, G-IN Fitness & Lifestyle GmbH has also been offering clothing under the OLA KALA label. With the sales proceeds, Inscope21 was able to further expand its assets. However, the company was merged with G-IN GmbH in 2021 and then deleted. Lazaridis has resigned as managing director.

millions of followers

In July 2014, Inscope21 opened his second channel InscopeLifestyle, on which he has since published regular vlogs. In contrast to his main channel, he sometimes addresses serious issues. As of October 2015, Inscope21 already had more than one million subscribers. He took on the voice of the porcupine Lance in the 2016 animated film Sing . In August 2018, the Inscope21 channel passed the two million subscriber mark.

Inscope21 fortune is gone

In a May 2019 video, Inscope21 announced that he lost his driver’s license for speeding. He then began streaming on Twitch in early 2020. He plays video games there, but is also in front of the camera for talk formats and cooking shows. In March 2020, a video went online in which Inscope21 announced that they had moved back in with their parents. He did not give specific reasons for this, although he did indicate that he was deceived by people he trusted. He presented his new apartment in October 2020, at the same time he also got his driver’s license back. He was deceived in business and deducted, so that his fortune was emptied as well. Inscope21 will have to start building up its assets again in order to regain the once large account balance.

End the game, end the fame,
end all the chicks and all the money
Inscope – the idiot on duty
Comes and raps on this crass beat
Roast Yourself – my ego is dying
And it’s all because Ju nominated me
Marked as fat at school
Then got kicked at the table football
To be tough, shaved the toothbrush
And bottom line really embarrassed
Think you’re the king of the fitness scene!?
Fibo ’15 – where were your rippedness genes?
You’re not doing anything but bulking
Look at you, man, you don’t even have bad arms!
Let alone a straight nose.
And then there’s this dirty visage

1.5 million
subscribers and that’s without
videos with a message
You’re funny!? Fat, really not!
1.5 million
subscribers and that without
videos with a message
You’re funny!? Fat, really not!

(Fat, really not, Fat, really not, really not, really not …)
Bra, Bra, Bra, Bra, Bra

Driver’s license – failed
Four times tried – nothing buckled
Always the last one to start
Because I still had to take the train
Today I don’t drive a Benz
No silver star on the radiator that shines
Still I’m to be envied
Steel rims and winter tires, ah
My repertoire consists of three formats that nobody likes
‘A second channel with real talk shit
And Sascha’s face in every video clip
Creativity – a word I don’t understand’
But it’s okay!
Will never happen again like the topic ABC

1.5 million
subscribers and that without
videos with a message
You’re funny!? Fat, really not!
1.5 million
subscribers and that without
videos with a message
You’re funny!? Fat, really not!

(Fat, not really, fat, not really, not really, not really …)

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