Record fees: That’s how much the stars earned in the jungle camp in 2022

The jungle camp finally continued, starting on January 21, 2022, after having to pause the year before due to the Covid situation. We were looking forward to the new edition of the jungle camp. “I’m a star – get me out of here” went into the 15th round, but not as before in Australia but in South Africa. As always, Sonja Zietlow and Daniel Hartwich were present as moderators. In 16 episodes, the jungle camp 2022 was broadcast live from South Africa on RTL every day. At the beginning of 2022, 12 celebrities moved into the jungle again and faced many challenging tests and of course received high fees for participating. On February 5, 2022, the grand finale was celebrated and the new one Jungle King 2022 was chosen with Filip Pavlović . He can look forward to a high fee and 100,000 euros in prize money.

Fees of the participants in the jungle camp 2022

As usual, 12 stars are moving into the Australian jungle camp. Some are known, some are perhaps less well known. But at the latest with the transmission from the camp you get to know the jungle stars, with all their quirks and fears. RTL has chosen the following candidates:

 1Harald Glööckler : The shrill designer is probably the best-known jungle candidate in the current issue and can often be seen on trash TV. With his brand “Pompöös” he already earned a fortuneHarald Glööckler  ‘s fee  should be around 200,000 euros , no other candidate should earn more in the jungle in 2022.

2Lucas Cordalis : The husband of TV celebrity Daniela Katzenberger and son of the first jungle king (2004) Costa Cordalis wanted to move into the jungle 18 years after his father († 2019). If it weren’t for the pandemic thwarting his plans. The singer and successful music producer tested positive for Covid and cannot move into the jungle. His participation would have cost RTL a lot. We assume a fee for Lucas Cordalis of around 150,000 euros . Now the question is whether the star will move into the camp later or whether his participation will have to be postponed to 2023.

3Filip Pavlović : He won the golden ticket on the show “I’m a Star – The Big Jungle Show”, in which 12 lesser-known celebrities competed in 2021 as a replacement program for the big jungle camp. He was able to look forward to 50,000 euros in prize money and a fixed invitation to the jungle camp 2022 in Australia. Filip is known from participation in “The Bachelorette” and “Bachelor in Paradise”. He was also able to win the reality show “Like Me – I’m Famous” and has already collected 100,000 euros in prize money. His fee for the jungle camp 2022 will be rather low due to the 50,000 euros. We assume 30,000 euros.

4Tina Ruland : The German actress had her breakthrough role in 1991 as Uschi in Manta, Manta . Since then she has been involved in many films and even more series. Due to her great popularity, she also receives a large fee in the jungle: 150,000 euros !

5Anouschka Renzi : The German-Swiss actress is well known to many from television, her filmography is really long. Forsthaus Falkenau, crime scene, SOKO, Edel & Starck and forbidden love are just a few of her countless engagements. Renzi also had many appearances in the theater. Anouschka Renzi will receive a fee of around 100,000 euros for participating in the 2022 jungle camp .

6Eric Stehfest : The German actor will also be known to many because of his participation in Let’s Dance. And if you don’t know him yet – at the latest through the jungle camp he will become even more prominent. He gets a salary of around 100,000 euros for this

7Jasmin Herren : Willi Herren ‘s widow had built up some media presence and notoriety in recent years. The jungle camp 2022 will certainly improve this and with your participation you can expect a fee of around 50,000 euros .

8thJanina Youssefian : The German-Iranian model and reality TV participant will use the camp to increase her awareness and media presence. You can expect around 40,000 euros for this .

9Peter Althof : For the celebrity bodyguard and former European kickboxing champion, the jungle will probably primarily serve to increase his awareness. In any case, compared to the other participants, he should expect a small salary of 25,000 euros .
10Linda Nobat : This lady is a former bachelor candidate and was already known there for her loud mouth. You waving around 25,000 euros with the jungle .

11Tara Tabitha : The Austrian started her career on Saturday Night Fever on ATV. She likes to be sexy and show off her curves – will that be the case in the jungle too? You should get around 20,000 euros Gage .

12Manuel Flickinger : The German reality TV actor became known in 2019 for his participation in the dating show Prince Charming. Now he can use the jungle camp to expand his reputation. He can expect a fee of around 20,000 euros for this .

How much do the stars earn in the jungle camp 2022?

Actually, RTL is not out for the fees of the jungle participants to be published. But fortunately the stars like to chat and so the fees gradually come to light.

Prize money at the jungle camp 2022

Since 2019, there has been prize money for the king of the jungle in the amount of 100,000 euros in addition to the fees. A tidy sum, which should encourage the candidates even more. In 2022 there will again be prize money for the jungle king or jungle queen of 100,000 euros!

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