Kevin Gates net worth 2023

Kevin Gates Net Worth:

Kevin Gates is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, and entrepreneur from Louisiana who has a net worth of $1.5 million as of 2023. He has formed numerous collaborations with many high-profile musicians throughout his career, but has stepped into the limelight as a solo artist. Kevin Gates gained some recognition with the release of his debut mixtape in 2007.


The rapper rose to fame in 2016 when he released his debut studio album. Insel which managed to sell more than 93,000 copies in the US within its first week and also peaked at number two on the Billboard 200. Kevin released his hit mixtapes, Stranger Than Fiction, By Any Means and Luca Brasi 2, which brought him a lot of popularity in the music industry. As of now he has signed a record deal with Bread Winners and is working with Atlantic Records. Let’s quickly talk about Kevin Gates Total Net Worth, his income sources and much more.

Fortune 2023:

Surname Kevin Gates
Assets 1.5 million euros
Age 36
annual salary $400,000
Profession rapper
Gender Masculine
Star sign Aquarius

Early life:

Kevin Gates was born Kevin Jerome Gilyard on February 5, 1986 in New Orleans, Louisiana but was raised in the state capital Baton Rouge when the whole family decided to move there. Kevin is the eldest of three children and didn’t meet his biological father until eighth grade.

Growing up living in a house flooded with music, records and CDs, he instantly fell in love with artists like Snoop Dogg, Master P, The Notorious BIG, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony and Dr. dr Listening to music quickly became a form of therapy for him, and Kevin also said he suffers from depression. Before he started rapping professionally, he entertained his family and pretended to be one of the rappers on TV. He recalls being a bit of an outsider in middle school, often bullied and a victim of verbal abuse.

Outside of music, Kevin got involved in street life to earn some money. He spent more time with his uncle than with people his own age and was more comfortable with those older than himself. He was also very close to his grandfather. At the age of 17, Kevin briefly studied at Baton Rouge Community College.

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He served in prison from 2008 to 2011 while attending a prison program there and receiving a master’s degree in psychology. At the age of 13, Kevin was arrested while he was a passenger in a stolen vehicle. In 2003, he was jailed when Kevin got into an argument and stabbed a person multiple times outside a movie theater. In 2016, he was on stage during a concert when he kicked one of his fans and subsequently served three months in prison.


At the age of 18 Kevin entered a professional studio for the first time and that was the beginning of his professional career. He discovered his passion for music and caught the attention of Dead Game Records, with whom he signed in 2007. The following year, Kevin released his debut breakout mixtapes, Choices from Da Litter and All or Nuthin’. In those two mixtapes, Kevin described “a lot of pain…. many true stories”.

He then spent all his free time distributing thousands of CDs every day, and slowly but surely a hype about his music began to grow, spreading like wildfire. Soon he was having events and getting paid €600 to €1,000 and had quite a few people there to hear his music. Just as things were heating up for Kevin and Boosie Badazz, who he worked with, both were charged on separate charges and sent to jail. Kevin was never released until 2011, but when it came out he went straight back to the studio. He had new fans, a lot of people wanted new music, so he got to work.

Kevin Gates has come up with the release of mixtapes including: I Don’t Know What To Call It Vol. 1 , In The Meantime Vol. 2, and Let Them Believe . This work, as well as the enthusiasm, caught the attention of Lil Wayne and his record label, Young Money Entertainment, who offered him a deal. But Gates, after being inspired by Cash Money Records co-founder Birdman’s own story, respectfully insisted it took 20 years to build the brand.

Gates then released the mixtape Luca Brasi Story, which Rolling Stone named as one of the top 20 hip-hop albums of 2013. That same year Kevin released another album, Stranger Than Fiction , he had Juicy J and Wiz Khalifa, and it got unanimous praise from Spin, Complex, Pitchfork and everyone else. He signed a deal with Atlantic Records and released various mixtapes. That was at the same time Kevin was collaborating with several high profile rappers including Jamie Foxx, Ty Dolla Sign and 2 Chainz.

2013 was Kevin Gates’ biggest breakthrough year, as he signed a major record deal with the Bread Winners’ Association that year. As part of the deal with the company, he dropped another mixtape, The Luca Brasi Story, for which he garnered a lot of attention. The mixtape became a hit, peaking at number 17 on the Billboard 200. Additionally, Kevin’s 13th mixtape resulted in him earning his third consecutive Billboard 200 entry.

His mixtapes performed well and he toured the United States for four months. With the help of the Bread Winners’ Association and Atlantic Records labels, Kevin Gates eventually released his debut studio album Insel (meaning make better in Arabic), also his daughter’s name. The album was released on January 29, 2016 and peaked at #2 on the Billboard 200 and became commercially successful with sales of more than 110,000 units in its first week.

In late 2016, Kevin released hits including Time For It, Really Really, and 2 Phones. After finding much success in the music industry, he continued to release several mixtapes and several EPs. In 2019, Kevin’s second studio album, titled, was released. Ich bin Er reached number two on the US Top Rap Albums (Billboard) chart as well as peaking on several album charts. The album also received Gold certification from the RIIA.

Personal life:

In 2004, Kevin Gates began dating Dreka Haynes, and after more than 10 years of dating, the two decided to tie the knot. In October 2015, Kevin Gates married his longtime girlfriend, Dreka, who is both a business partner and manager. Kevin and Dreka have two children together, a son Khaza Kamil Gates and a daughter named Islah Karen Gates.


Full name Kevin Jerome Gilyard
nickname Kevin
Age 36 years old
birth date February 5, 1986
Place of birth Louisiana,
United States
nationality American
hometown Baton Rouge
Height 190.5 cm (6 ft 3 in)
Weight 94kg
eye color dark brown
Hair color Black
Marital status Married
Wife Dreka Gates
Parents name not known
training qualification Masters Degree in Psychology
religion Islam


Rapper Kevin Gates is the owner of many luxury cars, including the “Lamborghini Urus,” which is powered by a 4.0-liter, twin-turbocharged V8 that produces 641 hp. Kevin has this super fast SUV in metallic brown and it costs around $250,000. The second car in his garage is The Chevrolet Corvette C7 Z06, the seventh generation Corvette manufactured by American Chevrolet. The car cost him $250,000 due to the Hennessy package and the forgotten ribs.

“Bentley Bentayga” is one of his favorite cars and he has the W12 model in black which costs around 250,000 euros. “McLaren GT” is another luxury car he owns, in a striking green that cost him around €210,000.

Kevin Gates Net Worth:

As of 2023, Kevin Gates’ net worth is estimated to be around US$1.5 million. We can say that he is still at the beginning of his career and it looks like he will be on the list of top rappers in the coming year. Gates has already gained a lot of popularity in the music industry. He began his career at a young age and has received various awards and accolades throughout his career.

Some of the most popular awards Kevin has earned include the Billboard Music Awards (2017 Top Rap Album ” Island “), iHeartRadio Music Awards 2017 in the category of Best New Hip-Hop Artist, Music Video 2017 (Had To), Single 2016, 2 Phones, Change Lanes 2018 and Really Really all became the reason for his success. Most of his income comes from various sources such as album sales, live shows as well as his entrepreneurial activities.

In mid 2014 Kevin released his own brand called I Don’t Get Tired (#IDGT) which is an energy drink and he also released the song with the same title. Kevin explained that one of his biggest musical influences are Nas, BIG, Tupac Shakur, Eminem and Jay-Z. Kevin Gates’ annual income is $400,000, which is regularly increasing, as is his net worth. He has a Youtube channel where he has amassed more than 7.5 million subscribers.

How much is Kevin Gates worth?

Kevin Gates net worth is approximately US$1.5 million.

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