Khaby Lame: The TikToker’s Net Worth & Income

Date of birth March 09, 2000 (22 years old)
Born in Mbacke, Senegal
nationality Italy
profession Comedian, TikToker, Influencer
Full name Khabane Lame
nickname Khaby Lame

How rich is Khaby Lame?

Not every internet user may have heard the name Khaby Lame. Despite this, the Senegal-born TikToker is a star on the World Wide Web. He reaches millions of users with his lifehack videos. He’s now the world’s most popular TikTok user, overtaking influencers like Charli D’Amelio and Bella Poarch . Khaby Lame ‘s estimated net worth is €12 million .

Khaby Lame Net Worth

Khaby Lame generates part of his income by viewing his videos on TikTok . More than 145 million people follow his channel, his clips have collected more than 2.3 billion likes. In addition, he increases his fortune with advertising contracts. He has been working with Hugo Boss since 2022 and was part of the #BeYourOwnBoss campaign. He has also collaborated with Netflix, Barilla and Indian fantasy sports platform Dream11.

A normal immigrant story

Khabane Lame, called Khaby Lame, was born in the Senegalese capital Dakar. When he was one year old, he moved with his family to Chivasso, a municipality near Turin. Therefore he was educated in Italy and attended Italian schools until he was 14 years old. Then his parents decided to send him to a Koran school near Dakar. He then returned to Italy and worked first at Amazon and then in a factory that produces air filters. As of August 2022, Khaby is an Italian citizen .

Breakthrough after job loss

In March 2020, Lame lost his job as a result of the Corona pandemic and had to move back to his parents’ apartment in Chivasso. Shortly after the termination, he created an account with TokTok and started publishing videos. His first clips showed him dancing, watching video games and doing slapstick. However, he made his breakthrough on the platform with videos in which he makes fun of life hacks. Wordlessly, with goofy facial expressions and theatrical gestures, he performs everyday activities that other TikTok users use complicated techniques or devices to do.

Rise in the world rankings

Lame made a conscious decision not to say a word in his videos in order to reach as many people as possible . In April 2021, just over a year after he started on TikTok, he overtook Gianluca Vacchi as the most popular user of the platform in Italy. Two months later, he already had more followers than Addison Rae , making him the second most successful TikToker in the world. Also, several of Lame’s TikTok clips are in the list of most liked videos. A clip of him peeling a banana, parodying a video of someone cutting the peel off a banana, has been liked nearly 40 million times. This puts him in ninth place for the most popular TikTok videos in the world.

Most successful TikToker in the world

When the football club Juventus Turin presented the newcomer Manuel Locatelli in the summer of 2021, he did so with a clip in which Lame played. In August 2021, Lame’s TikTok channel surpassed 100 million followers , which only Charli D’Amelio had achieved before him. Then in September 2021, Lame was Guest of Honor at the Venice International Film Festival and attended the world premiere of the film Illusions perdues . In June 2022, Lame Charli overtook D’Amelio in the list of people who have the most followers on TikTok. His great popularity is evident on Instagram, where he is followed by over 78 million people. This also makes him one of the most popular users on this platform and the most successful TikToker worldwide.

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