Kool Savas Net Worth and Income

Million Euros
birth date February 10, 1975 (48 years old)
Born in Aachen, Germany
nationality Germany
Marital status married to Mary
Profession Rapper, Entrepreneur
Full name Savas Yurderi
nickname KKS, Essah

How much money does Kool Savas have?

Many may only know Kool Savas since his collaboration with Xavier Naidoo. But the German rapper can already look back on more than 20 years of career and is considered one of the veterans of German hip hop. But how much fortune was he able to build up in this time? The first studio album was released in 2002, although Kool Savas was a rapper long before that. He started rapping in the early 1990s, initially in English. A few years later German rap music followed, he also did some collaborations with other rappers. To date, Kool Savas has accumulated an estimated fortune of 5.5 million euros .

Kool Savas’ income

Unlike many other German rappers, Kool Savas concentrates almost exclusively on the music. It was not until April 2017 that he announced that he was going into the shisha business, otherwise no other sideline activities are known. But through his long and successful career he was able to build up an impressive fortune .

1 Revenue from rap music

Kool Savas only released four solo albums, but all of them have reached or are about to go gold. There are also numerous collaborations with other artists, mixtapes and samplers. The most successful collaboration was that with Xavier Naidoo, which reached platinum status. The collabo album with Azad only has to sell a few more copies to go gold. At the beginning of his career, Kool Savas was signed to a major label and had to settle for around one euro per CD sold. Since the founding of Essah Entertainment, however, he has been independent and accordingly earns better. Although he has to dig into his own pocket for the promotion, he earns around 5 euros per CD. This is clearly worthwhile given the numerous gold awards.

2 Fees from live performances

Kool Savas is considered one of the best live rappers in Germany. He has played numerous tours since the beginning of his career and is also a musician who is often booked at festivals. Over the years, the locations used have become larger and larger, and the tickets have become correspondingly more expensive . From these many appearances, Savas was able to build up an enormous fortune. There is also merchandise sold on the tour and special tour mixtapes.

3 Income with hookah tobacco

In April 2017, Kool Savas announced that it would be launching its own hookah tobacco. The brand is called “ Essah German Tobacco ” and is available in different flavors. He is also launching his own shisha under Essahwerk.

Kool Savas cars

In addition to rap music, Kool Savas has another passion: Expensive cars . He currently owns three cars. He drives a Mercedes-AMG GLE 63, which costs over 140,000 euros. The SUV has 557 hp. He also has a Bentley Continental GT Speed, which has over 600 hp and costs around 280,000 euros. His Nissan GTR costs around 130,000 euros and has 570 hp. Before that, Kool Savas owned an S Coupé 63 AMG 4matic for 225,000 euros, a G63 AMG and a Mercedes-AMG GT S. He is also a big fan of the Porsche brand and had their logo tattooed on his arm.

Career of Kool Savas – his youth

Kool Savas was born on February 10, 1975 in Aachen to a Turkish father and a German mother. However, the family moved back to Turkey when Savas was one year old. The father was politically active there, which finally led to his arrest and a prison sentence of 5 years. Savas’ mother therefore fled back to Germany, and his father also came to Germany after his release. At that time Savas was 11 years old and the family found themselves in Berlin, in the district of Kreuzberg. As an adolescent, Savas also began to get involved politically and took part in numerous demos. Also around this time he started rapping in English under the pseudonym “Juks” .

Beginning of the rap career

Savas met Fumanschu at hip hop workshops, with whom he traveled to Los Angeles. He then decided to change his stage name and continued as Kool Savas in German. Together with Fumanschu and Justus Jonas he founded the group MOR, which stands for Masters of Rap. Over the years, other members have joined the group and others have left. One of them was the rapper Taktloss, with whom Savas performed together under the name “Westberlin Maskulin”. Kool Savas’ first solo release was LMS/Gay Rapper, but he received more attention in 2000 with the song “King of Rap”. In 2001 the joint album with MOR called “NLP – Neuro-Linguistic Programming” followed. In the same year the EP “Haus & Boot” was released together with the singer Valezka, which entered the charts for the first time. After this success, Savas parted ways with MOR and his old label.

Musical breakthrough

In early 2002, Kool Savas was signed to Sony BMG and formed the sub-label Optik Records . There he signed singer Valezka, rapper Eko Fresh, producer Melbeatz and DJ Nicon. However, Valezka and Eko Fresh left the label in 2003. This led to controversy and resulted in the disstracks “The Reckoning” and “The Judgment”. In November 2002 the album “The Best Day of My Life” was released, with which Savas entered the German album charts at number 6. In 2004 Kool Savas released the remix album “The Best Days Are Counted” which charted again.

The label Optik Records grew again and over time Ercandize, Caput, Amar, Moe Mitchell, Kaas and others were signed. In 2005 he released the album One with rapper Azad, which entered the charts at number 5 and contained the hit “All 4 One”. Shortly thereafter, the crew album by Optik Records called “The John Bello Story” was released. The second solo album “Tot oder Lebendig” was released in 2007, before the last release on Optik Records, “John Bello Story II”, was released in 2008. In early 2009 the label was closed.

Essah Entertainment

After the closure of Optik Records, Kool Savas founded the independent label and booking agency Essah Entertainment. There he first released “John Bello Story III” and in 2011 his third solo album “Aura”, with which he was able to chart at number 1 for the first time. In 2012 he teamed up with Xavier Naidoo under the name Xavas . The joint album “Split Personality” is his most successful so far and reached platinum status. With the song “Don’t look back anymore” the two also won Stefan Raab ‘s song in 2012founded Bundesvision Song Contest. In 2014, Kool Savas’ fourth and last solo album was released. “Martyr” reached number 1 again and went gold like its predecessor. In 2016 the mixtape “Essahdamus” was released, on which Kool Savas worked together with numerous other German rappers such as KC Rebell or Sido.

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