These are the 10 richest real estate moguls in the world

These 10 entrepreneurs clearly prove that an investment in real estate is almost always worthwhile. Because together our 10 real estate moguls are worth an impressive 138.5 billion euros . Some of these people come from Asia, as the region is currently a particularly hot spot for lucrative real estate deals. Some of our 10 moguls are even self-made billionaires, meaning they started at the bottom and worked their way up. The other real estate moguls certainly won’t complain about their multi-billion dollar inheritance.

The richest real estate moguls in the world

10Robert Kuok: 9 billion euros

Kuok is the richest Malaysian and is of Chinese descent. The real estate mogul has a net worth of €9 billion . He’s the tenth richest real estate mogul in the world, but he doesn’t just make his money from real estate. Robert Kuok owns a number of companies, such as the hotel group Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts. He also owns the company Perlis Plantations, which extracts sugar from sugar cane. He also holds enough shares in other companies and also controls the South China Morning Post newspaper.

9Stephen Ross: 10.5 billion euros market value

Stephen Ross is one of the richest real estate moguls in the United States. The 77-year-old is not only worth 10.5 billion euros, but also a real self-made billionaire .

8Thomas and Raymond Kwok: 11 billion euros fortune

Like many other billionaires, Thomas and Raymond Kwok inherited richly . The brothers owe their wealth to inheriting the Sun Hung Kai Properties real estate company. Both brothers are co-owners of the company. The two real estate moguls live in Hong Kong.

7Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor: wealth – 11 billion euros

Grosvenor was considered one of the richest men in the United Kingdom. After a sudden illness, he died at the age of 64. Despite his death, he is still the 7th richest real estate mogul – his heirs received a whopping 11 billion euros .

6Joseph Lau: capital of 11.5 billion euros

Although Joseph Lau inherited a wealthy fortune, he only became a billionaire through his own efforts. With investments in real estate and good sales of these investments, Joseph Lau became so rich. Thanks to Chinese Estates Holdings, it is currently worth 11.5 billion euros .

5Simon and David Reuben: 12.5 billion euros

The two brothers are from Mumbai, India. In the 1950s they came to London with their mother. The two quickly began to invest in the metal business. They used the proceeds to buy real estate in England. Today, the Reuben brothers can look back on an incredibly large real estate empire .

4Donald Bren: 13 billion euros fortune

With a fortune of 13 billion euros, Donald Bren at the age of 85 clearly outshines his predecessors in this ranking. He is a real self-made billionaire from the USA who got rich with the Irvine Company. He has 7 children and also donates money to educational institutions and universities in the United States.

3Michael Otto: market value 16 billion euros

Michael Otto is a German from Hamburg. After his studies he started in his father’s company. Shortly thereafter, he was promoted to Chairman of the Board of Otto GmbH. Today he is Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Otto Group. He also held a supervisory board position at Axel Springer SE and is a shareholder at Robert Bosch GmbH. As you can see, a big man with a lot of influence. Michael Otto is the richest North German . The billionaire has also cleverly invested his fortune in real estate, increasing his wealth more and more.

2Lee Shau Kee: 19 billion euros fortune

At the age of 89, Lee Shau Kee can look back on an eventful and more than successful life. The Hong Kong-based real estate mogul eventually became a multiple self-made billionaire with his real estate company called Henderson Land Development .

1Wang Jianlin: 25 billion euros fortune

However, with assets equivalent to 25 billion euros, there can only be one number 1. Wang Jianlin is 62 years old, comes from China and was able to make a bombastic fortune with the Dalian Wanda Group on his own instead of simply resting on a fat legacy. As the richest real estate mogul in the world, he can rest on his huge fortune.

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