Laura Müller: assets & earnings of the influencer

Date of birth July 30, 2000 (22 years old)
Born in Tangermunde, Germany
nationality Germany
Marital status married to Michael Wendler (since 2020)
profession TV Personality, Influencer

How much money does Laura Müller have?

As the much younger partner of pop singer Michael Wendler , Laura Müller gained media fame in early 2019. From then on, the couple could be seen in various documentary programs and took part in TV shows. In addition, Müller had more than half a million followers on Instagram. However, after Wendler expressed conspiracy theories in early 2021, Müller also disappeared from the media. Laura Müller ‘s estimated fortune is 50,000 euros .

Laura Muller Net Worth

Before her husband Michael Wendler was pushed into the media by conspiracy theories, Laura Müller earned money primarily as a TV personality and influencer and had thus amassed a good fortune. They were paid just as well for the documentary series that were filmed about them and Wendler as for their work on the show The Summer House of the Stars . Müller also took part in Let’s Dance . Because she had over 620,000 followers on Instagram, she earned around 10,000 euros per sponsored post . The photo shoot for Playboy, which she completed in early 2020, also earned her 10,000 euros. The two had built up a good fortune. In the meantime, however, Müller is no longer interesting for the German media, and all companies that she had previously advertised on Instagram have distanced themselves from her. Instead, she sometimes posts articles with which she advertises products from Kopp Verlag, which is considered right-wing populist.

Girlfriend from Wendler

In August 2018, at the age of 18, Laura Müller attended a concert that would change her life. In Berlin she saw a show by pop singer Michael Wendler. Since she knew the organizer, she was allowed backstage after the performance, where she met Wendler, 28 years her senior. In October 2018, the two became a couple, which the public learned about in February 2019. The relationship was accompanied by a large media presence from the start .

Large presence in the media

In the summer of 2019, Laura Müller dropped out of school after the twelfth grade, although she was still a year away from high school. She moved to Wendler in the USA. From July to September 2019, Müller and Wendler took part in the fourth season of the show The Summer House of the Stars – Battle of the Celebrity Couples . In the third episode, however, they were voted out by the other residents. In January 2020, RTL published the documentary series Wendler, Laura, Claudia – the DJ and the women on TVNOW.

Laura Müller in Playboy

Also in January 2020, Laura Müller graced the cover of Playboy and was also seen in the magazine with revealing pictures. From February to May 2020, she was among the contestants on the 13th season of Let’s Dance . With the dancer Christian Polanc she reached sixth place. In April 2020 it was announced that Müller and Wendler would marry. Interested VOX viewers were able to prepare for the ceremony thanks to the documentary series Laura and Wendler – Now we’re getting married! follow. The civil wedding took place in Florida in June 2020. Müller took on Wendler’s civil surname Norberg, but kept her maiden name as a stage name. Due to the corona pandemic, the wedding celebration planned for TV recordings had to be cancelled.

Conspiracy theories led to a career break

At the beginning of 2021, Wendler was hired by RTL as a juror for the casting show Deutschland sucht den Superstar . Laura Müller was to become the candidate’s social media coach. In addition, she should get her own show, for which she should look behind the scenes of the show. However, because Wendler expressed conspiracy theories in connection with the corona pandemic and unilaterally terminated his contract with RTL, Müller also lost her job . In addition, various companies distanced themselves from her, for which she had previously worked as an advertising figure on Instagram. As a result, wealth also dwindled.

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