MacKenzie Scott Bezos The Net Worth of the Amazon’s Founder Ex-Wife

MacKenzie Scott Bezos The Net Worth of the Amazon Founder Ex Wife

girl name MacKenzie S. Tuttle
birth date April 07, 1970 (52 years old)
Born in San Francisco, California, United States
nationality USA
Marital status married to Dan Jewett (since 2021)
Profession writer
Children 4

How rich is MacKenzie Scott?

Her marriage to ex-husband Jeff Bezos has made writer MacKenzie Bezos the fourth richest woman in the world. But the American doesn’t just want to keep her fortune to herself. In fact, she has pledged to the world public that at least half of the fortune she earned from her marriage to Jeff Bezos, the world-renowned Amazon founder, will be donated to charity. For the four children of the couple (3 sons and an adopted daughter from China) there should be more than enough money left. MacKenzie Bezos’ estimated net worth is $25.02 billion .

Jeff Bezos Divorce with MacKenzie Scott

Incidentally , what sounds like a staggering sum is only a quarter of ex-husband Jeff Bezos’ net worth . The extremely rich entrepreneur was allowed to keep three quarters of his Amazon campaign for himself as part of the divorce. Even though some of his shares passed to his ex-wife, Jeff retained the associated voting rights as well. This fact also shows how rich Jeff Bezos really is: Although he had to leave his ex a proud amount and millions of Amazon shares, the father of four is still the richest man in the world . Someone has to imitate him first.

MacKenzie Bezos was by no means looking for quick money with her marriage to Jeff. The couple was finally married for more than a quarter of a century before finally divorcing after a long period of living apart. In the meantime, this new phase in the life of the ex-Bezos has also been sealed by a judge in the US state of Washington. When Bezos founded Amazon, his ex-wife was already by his side. After all, the company was founded a year after the marriage . Back then, no one could have guessed how rich Amazon Jeff Bezos would make one day.

The billionaire has been happily married again since 2021. The man’s name is Dan Jewett and he’s a teacher.

Who is MacKenzie Scott?

Who is the American woman who is now one of the richest people in the world and who can freely dispose of this insane fortune? First of all, it should be noted at this point that MacKenzie Bezos, whose maiden name is Tuttle, wants to donate her fortune with a lot of caution . Just because billions are available for charity doesn’t mean Bezo’s ex-wife won’t scrutinize who actually made those monies.

Incidentally, the mother of four has not just been committed to a good cause since yesterday. She founded her organization Bystander Revolution back in 2014 . This organization, of which MacKenzie Bezos is the executive director, campaigns against bullying. The fact that Ms. Bezos is a clever head is also proven by her university degree from the elite Princeton University on the east coast of the USA. There she received her bachelor’s degree in English in 1992.

Charitable billionaire

Before becoming a billionaire wife, MacKenzie Bezos worked in both finance and as a writer. In addition, the author actively supported her then-husband in establishing his company, Amazon . So it’s only fair that she got a piece of the cake. The current ex-couple announced on Twitter in January 2019 that there would be a divorce. Less than three months later, the divorce had already taken place. MacKenzie Bezos then joined Bill Gates ‘ Giving Pledge . The world public can therefore be curious to see how and for what purposes the American will donate her billions in the future.

MacKenzie Scott Bezos The Net Worth of the Amazon Founder Ex Wife

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