Maxim Timeclock Going Paperless in the Times of Covid

Maxim Timeclock Going Paperless in the Times of Covid

The coronavirus outbreak has forced us to go paperless. We are working remotely and staying indoors most of the time. This has resulted in a lot of changes in our lives. With all the work happening online, it seems like there isn’t much left to do offline anymore. But what if I told you that you could actually save some money while doing less work? That’s exactly where the Maxim Timeclock comes in – it allows employees to log their hours and submit them electronically via email.

This means no more printing out sheets of paper and filling them in manually. Instead, you can just log your hours on your phone or computer and send them off to your employer. You can even use the app to keep track of your expenses too.

Maxim Timeclock: Going Paperless in the Times of Covid

Could you tell me about Maxim?

Maxim Healthcare Group is a medical recruiting firm based out of Columbia, Maryland, United States. Established in 1988, it provides services such as home health care, medical staffing, behavioral healthcare, and workforce solutions. The company is privately owned and serves clients across the United States.

Maxim Timeclock: How does it work?

The most common way of collecting employee hours is still paper-based. This method requires a lot of effort and time from both sides. Employees are required to spend extra time filling out forms and sending them to their managers. Managers must then enter those numbers into spreadsheets, print them out, and send them to HR.

That’s why we developed our latest product – Maxim Timeclock. We wanted to make the whole process easier and faster. Now you can simply add time to your timesheet by typing it directly into the app. You don’t even need to print anything anymore!

You might think that this sounds like a great idea – but what about security? What happens if someone adds incorrect information to your timesheet? Well, there is no such thing as perfect data entry, so we took care of that too. When you submit your timesheet, the system automatically checks whether the entered values match the ones you already had saved in your profile. If they do, the changes won’t be applied.

So now you know how easy and fast it is to use Maxim Timeclock. And remember: we didn’t stop here! There are many more features waiting for you. So download the app today and start saving time.

Oh, really? Now, what are the benefits?

Maxim TimeClock is a digital tool that allows you to manage your daily tasks. This software is designed to help you organize your working hours better and make sure that everything goes according to plan. With it, you won’t waste time searching for lost files, typing repetitive data, or wasting money on unnecessary expenses.

First and foremost, it’s completely free. There is no charge for downloading and installing this program. In addition, there is no cost for using it. Everyone can easily use this platform. Moreover, anyone can download it without having to go through any complicated procedures.

By the way, it’s also paperless. So, you don’t need to worry that you’ll lose anything. Also, you don’t need a clean surface to write down important information. All you need is a computer or smartphone. And, since it doesn’t require you to touch any contaminated surfaces, you don’t need worry about getting sick.

Timeclock Versus Other Platforms

The traditional timecard is still one of the best ways to record employee hours. However, there are several alternatives out there. These include mobile apps, punch clocks, and even smartwatches. So let’s take a look at how each compares to the traditional timecard.

Similar platforms like TimeSNAP, GPS Punch-Out, and others offer similar functionality. They allow you to track employee timesheets, manage payroll, and automate processes. In addition, these tools provide real-time visibility into employee performance and productivity.

But what about accuracy? Do they really work better than the old-fashioned timecards? Let’s find out.

How to use Timeclock?

Maxim Healthcare Solutions provides healthcare staffing solutions across Canada. Maxim HealthCare is looking forward to serve our clients with the best staffing solution. We provide the most efficient and cost effective way to hire qualified professionals. Our focus is to deliver quality services to our customers. Maxim HealthCare is a subsidiary of Maximus Inc., one of the largest staffing companies in North America.

We offer many benefits to our employees such as:

• Competitive Pay

• Medical Insurance

• Paid Vacation Days

• 401(k) Plan

• Employee Assistance Program

• Flexible Hours

Our mission is to help people find jobs that match their skills, interests, and lifestyle.

Visit us today at www.maximhealthcare. com/healthcare-staffingsolutions/maxim-timeclockexperts/

If you have any question please feel free to contact me @ 905-943-5222 ext. 730

Maxim Timeclock Going Paperless in the Times of Covid

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