Melania Trump: From poor Cinderella to billionaire wife

Melania Trump has often been in the right place at the right time in her life. This also explains why she could soon become the First Lady of the USA. And that despite the fact that the Slovenian beauty grew up in rather poor circumstances and only came to the USA later. The fact that Melania Trump is herself an immigrant in the land of opportunity and that her husband is so vehemently opposed to large groups of immigrants in the current election campaign naturally seems very paradoxical to many observers. But it doesn’t change the fact that Melania’s life could hardly have taken a more fairytale-like course.

Melania Trump: How it all started

Her meeting with Donald Trump , the real estate mogul and reality TV star, who, to the astonishment of the entire world, could actually run as the Republican presidential candidate, was fateful. While Melania only met her current husband in 1998, a photographer noticed her in 1987, when the Eastern European beauty was just 17 years old. Photographer Stane Merko spotted Melania, then still Knavs with surnames was the way she left a fashion show. Merko convinced the tall, extraordinarily attractive young woman to agree to a photo shoot with him. There, black and white pictures were taken, to which the potential new First Lady owes her modeling career in the USA and later her meeting with Trump.

The Trump camp would have preferred to keep Melania’s early life story secret. In any case, Trump’s advisers distorted and far more glamorously portrayed his wife’s life, especially in the early years. Among other things, it was said that Melania had started modeling at the age of 5. And that’s despite the fact that Melania wasn’t discovered until she was 17. Such lies seem to be allowed in the fight for the presidential candidacy and Trump is washed with all waters. So, after being discovered as a model, Melania first went to Milan. In order to make a name for herself in the fashion world, Melania even changed her last name and went by the name of Melania Knauss from then on. After working for major fashion designers in both Milan and Paris.

The Donald Trump and New York Era

Once in New York, some of the world’s greatest photographers clamored for Melania. Not only Helmut Newton, but also Mario Testino wanted to work with the exotic beauty. Soon, Melania was featured on the covers of the following magazines:

Vanity Fair
Sports Illustrated (2000 Swimsuit Edition)
Harper’s Bazaar
In Style
New York Magazine
Ocean Drive

So her career couldn’t have gone better. During a party at New York Fashion Week in 1998, the beautiful Slovenian met Trump, who was 24 years her senior. The couple got engaged in 2004 and married in Palm Beach, Florida in 2005. Heidi Klum , P Diddy and Hillary Clinton with husband Bill were just a few of the high-profile celebrities who attended the ceremony, which is all the more remarkable given the possibility that Hillary and Donald could face off in the upcoming US election campaign. Their son, Barron William Trump, was born in 2006. Melania could hardly have dreamed that she would soon be the First Lady of the USA. But it must have been clear to her from the start that the partnership with Donald Trump would fundamentally change her life.

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