Mois: YouTuber’s Net Worth & Earnings

Date of birth June 02, 1991 (31 years old)
Born in Urus-Martan, Chechnya
nationality Chechnya
Marital status married to
profession YouTubers, rappers
Full name Zelemkhan Arsanov
nickname Mois
children 2

How much money does Mois have?

As a YouTuber, Mois has over 2.5 million subscribers on his various channels and his videos have been viewed well over 400 million times. In it he comments on the songs of rappers or lets his followers participate in his everyday life. He is also a rapper himself and has released several chart-topping singles and one album. He is also the owner of a record label that has several young artists under contract. Mois’ estimated net worth is €3 million .

Mois’ earnings

Mois’ biggest source of income is his five YouTube channels, on which he regularly provides his numerous followers with new videos. With the YouTube earnings, he laid the foundation for his current fortune. The advertisements around the videos earn him a lot of money. As he revealed in an interview in March 2021, he earns 1,000 to 5,000 euros per video. With 20 videos a month, this adds up to monthly income of 20,000 to 100,000 euros and an annual fee of 240,000 to 1.2 million euros. In addition, he has released several singles and an album. Because he released the sound carriers on his own label, Keller GmbH, most of the income went into his pocket. The artists who are under contract with the label also release singles, from which Mois earns money and with which he further expands his fortune.

From the war in Chechnya to Austria

Mois aka Zelemkhan Arsanov grew up in Urus-Martan in what is now Chechnya. At the age of 15 he fled to Austria with his single mother and his siblings to escape the war in Chechnya . There he graduated from high school and then studied psychology in Vienna. However, he dropped out after four semesters. Instead, he financed his life through various jobs, such as bodyguards. In October 2016, he launched his first YouTube channel, Muis. Today it’s called how i met anis. In March 2017, the Mois channel followed, which is his most successful today. In the videos he uploaded, he commented on events in the German rap scene. The popularity of the channel grew quickly and the YouTuber attracted the attention of well-known rappers. So mentioned Kollegah Mois in October 2017 in a story on Instagram. Mois, his wife and their two children have been living in Cologne since 2020.

Mois as a record label owner

Also in October 2017, Mois opened the YouTube channel ALIM, whose videos revolve around psychological topics. In June 2018, the channel Unfriendly was added, which is now called Senpai Mois. Mois then published more and more vlogs and collaborations with rappers on his main channel. In January 2019, the channel broke the 500,000 subscriber mark. For this occasion, Mois released the single Keller or Cockschelle with the rapper Sun Diego . It reached number 72 in the German charts immediately after its release, but fell off the sales list again after a week. He also started another YouTube channel: Friendly, which is now called KELLER. There Mois publishes his own music videos as well as those of artists whoare under contract to his label Keller GmbH, which he founded in May 2019 .

Talent scouting in the stream

The first rapper to sign with Keller GmbH was Maestro . He had previously appeared in various videos by Mois. In June 2019, Mois’ main channel reached more than a million subscribers. His second single, 1991 , was released two months later and was at number 81 in the German charts for a week. Then, in November 2019, he started a weekly live stream on his YouTube channel. Together with the musician Manuellsen, he comments on new songs by well-known and lesser-known rappers. He also offered newcomers the prospect of signing them with his label. He did this in 2020 with Sokko167, Albozz167 and Arman.

The first album

In March 2020 , Mois released the single Vorbei with Sokko167 and Albozz167 . With rank 62, she achieved his best placing in the German sales list to date. However, the single Sucht , which was released in May 2020, did not make it into the charts. The album FML , which Mois and Maestro released in April 2021, also did not enter the German sales list. In Austria, however, it was ranked 61 for a week.

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