Money Boy: The Rapper’s Net Worth & Earnings

Million Euros
Million Euros
birth date June 27, 1981 (41 years old)
Born in Vienna, Austria
nationality Austria
Marital status single
Profession rapper
Full name Sebastian Meissinger
nickname Money Boy, Mbeezy, Why SL Know Plug, YSL
labels Swag City Clique

How much money does Money Boy have?

Money Boy, whose real name is Sebastian Meisinger, was born on June 27, 1981 in Vienna and grew up in the district of Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus. He grew up in good circumstances, because his father was an entrepreneur and his mother a teacher. Until 2008 he studied journalism and communication science at the University of Vienna. Money Boy successfully completed his studies with the academic degree Magister philosophiae . He is said to have received great financial wealth through his investment in the BodyArmor beverage brand. This rumor was quickly denied, but Money made at least a little money with it. Money Boy’s estimated net worth is thus 60 million euros.

Career as a rapper

His tendency towards hip-hop was already apparent during his studies, because Money Boy wrote his master’s thesis on gangsta rap in Germany . He started rapping at the same time, only writing lyrics in English. But there was no success.

In late summer 2010, a cover of the song Turn My Swag On by Soulja Boy was released on his YouTube channel. The track Turn Up the Swag promptly became an internet hit, gaining further attention through parodies from influential YouTubers. The parodiers also included DieAussenseiter , whose parody has already been clicked over 3.7 million times.

However , the attention to the track Turn Up the Swag was mostly negative. However, he knew how to polarize and turned his haters into fans. This was followed by appearances on MTV Home and in some clubs. At the end of the same year, Money Boy signed with Sony Music Entertainment . Interest in him remained. In August 2011, he released his second mixtape Money, Girls and Fame and his third mixtape The Lost Tape.

How rich is Money Boy really?

However, the rapper’s contract with Sony Music expired and wasn’t renewed, seemingly so he could start his own record label. Shortly after the contract expired, he announced that he would be releasing his tracks through his Swag City Clique label . This also happened quickly with the album SWAG

He recorded his first artists under his Glo Up Dinero Gang . This includes some artists who follow roughly the same rap style as Money Boy. These include, for example, cough syrup Jüngling, medicines Manfred and LGoony. The first major success came when Money Boy, Hustensaft Jüngling and Arzneimittel Manfred received a gold record because they could be heard on the album Classic by Bushido and Shindy in a so-called hidden track.

Money Boy had also performed as Why SL Know Plug in his career. He released two albums under this pseudonym in 2016. The rapper’s output was always high. As of 2010, he has 41 mixtapes, one EP and nine albums. In 2018, Money Boy revealed in his track Breakfast on the Jet that he has made €3 million in his career so far: “Yo, I came out of the trap and had 2 options / I chose rap and made 3 million .”

Revenue from live shows

In 2014, Money Boy said in an interview that he earns around 2,000 euros from a live performance and this is how he makes most of his money. According to this, Money Boy earned a total of 26,000 euros in May and June 2014 alone. The rapper’s fee has meanwhile increased and he is invited to a new club appearance almost every week in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Earning from streaming

Music streaming revenue is very important at Money Boy. He himself rarely publishes on a physical music medium. At most, he adds a mixtape in physical form to merchandising products.

According to the rapper in 2018, the monthly income from music streaming is a few thousand euros . With 325,279 monthly listeners, this number could well be realistic. A look at his Spotify profile shows the following tracks as his most popular:

  • Benny Blanco : around 12,000 euros with 1.7 million streams
  • Monte Carlo : around 60,000 euros with 9.9 million streams
  • Perkys : around 2,400 euros with 320,000 streams
  • Drip Juice : around 6,000 euros with 1 million streams

We assumed 0.006 cents per stream. According to the media, this number seems the most realistic. However, it is also possible for an artist to earn $0.0084 per stream. This depends on the respective platform. For example, Apple Music‘s share is higher than Spotify’s because there aren’t as many users.

Income on YouTube

A channel operator can earn a lot of money through YouTube advertising. No one can take that revenue stream away, and Money Boy (or YSL Know Plug) shows why. The clicks per month are extremely lively, but an average of 800,000 views. The Socialblade platform states a monthly income from YouTube of up to 3,500 euros . It can be assumed that this value is quite realistic.

Merchandising source of income

There are regularly new products in the Glo Up Dinero Gang shop. The shop has established itself as an important source of income because the fans are always asking for new products. It is always a question of individual products that do not otherwise exist in this form.

The profit margin for textiles, caps or cups (which were provided with their own drawings) is considerable . Because products are regularly sold out, you can guess that the shop is quite lucrative.

Glo Up Dinero Gang

The gang now consists of two artists: Money Boy and Hustensaft Jüngling. Others had gone out of business. Money Boy acts as a mentor for Hustensaft Jüngling , who met him at a concert in 2015.

Hustensaft Jüngling’s albums are very popular. He placed his first EP at number 11 on the iTunes charts. His debut album with feature guests like Sido made it to number 20 in the German hip-hop charts. The artist’s merchandise is also very popular. As the label operator, Money Boy earns .

Is Money Boy a millionaire?

After the first advertising deals were made — for example with the Rauch company for fruit juices — it can be assumed that Money Boy is a millionaire . His fees for performances, the successful shop and all the live performances seem to have filled his account well over the years.

Invest and million exit by BodyArmor

Back in 2019, Money Boy announced that it had invested in the beverage start-up BodyArmor a few years ago. At the end of 2021, the remaining 85% of the company was acquired by Coca-Cola, which already held a 15% stake, for $5.6 billion. How many shares the rapper actually owned cannot be quantified from reputable sources. According to Sinan-G, he made €98 million, which we can’t quite believe because then the Austrian would have held over 2% of the company. We definitely believe that the deal was successful from a financial point of view. A little later, Money himself denied that he had made millions with it:

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