Net worth of singer Nena

Million Euros
birth date March 24, 1960 (62 years old)
Born in Hagen, Germany
nationality Germany
Marital status in a relationship with Philipp Palm (since 1994)
Profession Singer, songwriter, voice actress, actress
Full name Gabrielle Susanne Kerner
nickname Nena
Children 5
size 1.68 m

How rich is Nena?

There is hardly a German singer who is as well known internationally as Nena. The native of Hamburg owes this primarily to her mega hit “99 Luftballons”. Even if she hasn’t been in the limelight as much in recent years as she was at the height of her career, the mother of five children, one of whom died in infancy, can rest on a fat bank account. She is worth a few million euros, so that she can easily afford her children with several men. Nena has an estimated net worth of €12.5 million .

Stories from the past

Even when she made headlines in 2007 and had to pay her ex-management company a good 240,000 euros due to a court ruling, this was not a serious burden for her. After all , she still earns money from her former mega hit . At that time it was about a contract that ended prematurely, but for which the management still wanted to collect the remaining remuneration. Since Nena’s contract had been terminated, her Swiss ex-manager insisted on his additional payment and was right in court. Annoying for Nena, who shouldn’t have made too much of a difference financially. In general, little is known about the singer’s finances.

Only her ex-husband Benedict Freitag, with whom she has made music together in the past, has made any hints. He says that he can still live from his time with Nena and their career together. That “99 Luftballons” became a resounding world hit, has not only enriched the life of the singer enormously. Nena’s ex also speaks of a time when the band members bought expensive, fast cars. At that time they also spent a lot of money on houses without thinking about the taxes. However, the next album put an end to this homemade financial need. Nena will probably not live too lavishly today either. After all, she lives in Hamburg-Rahlstedt, a district that is considered neither particularly posh nor extremely expensive – at least when you think of the relevant wealthy districts of Hamburg-Blankenese or -Harvestehude.

Icon of German music history

1983 was the year in which Nena, whose real name is Gabriele Susanne Kerner, and her band became internationally known in a way that hardly any of the band members could have dreamed of. “99 Balloons” made her a star. All in all, Nena has already sold 25 million records around the world, which hardly any other German artist has ever managed to do.

Therefore, she continues to be one of the greats of local music history. It’s been a few years since her last studio album. In 2015, the artist only made it to number 4 in the album charts in Germany with “Oldschool”. The singer only had a number 1 album twice in this country, namely in 1983 and 1984. In 2005, however, she managed to jump to the top of the charts in Switzerland and Austria. There she won gold with ” Do you want to go with me? ”

Her acting career should also have brought her a nice sum. Nena was not only seen in films about her life as a singer. Rather, she played in 1987 with “The Invisible”. Whether in “Peter Pan” or in various episodes of “Arthur and the Minimoys,” the Hamburg native has also appeared as a voice actress. A voice like this just wants to be heard!

The private Nena

Little Gabriele was given the nickname “Nena” very early on – namely at the tender age of three. At the time she was on vacation with her family in Spain and her current brand name is derived from the Spanish word for girl. The fact that the later music icon trained as a goldsmith went back to her parents’ wishes. However, Nena had completely different goals in mind and, for example, secretly had an affair with the great Udo Lindenberg in the course of the 1980s . While her music career was taking its course, she had a son, Benedict Freitag, in 1988, who died unhappily the following year.

In 1990 the twins were born. Two more children followed, with Philipp Palm, twelve years his junior , who works in the music industry himself. Meanwhile, Nena is also making headlines outside of the music world. In September, the “Neue Schule Hamburg,” which she co-founded, opened, which describes itself as a democratic school. It has also been known since 2009 that Nena sees herself as a follower of Osho, a cult guru from India who has since passed away. His Dynamic Meditation has become an integral part of her life. Thus, the private Nena has certainly made one or the other change of heart in her life.

You and I in a little toy shopBuy a bag of balloons with the money we’ve gotSet them free at the break of dawn‘Til one by one, they were goneBack at base, sparks in the softwareFlash the message “Something’s out there”Floating in the summer sky99 red balloons go by
99 red balloonsFloating in the summer skyPanic bells, it’s red alertThere’s something here from somewhere elseThe war machine springs to lifeOpens up one eager eyeFocusing it on the skyThe 99 red balloons go by
99 Decision Street99 ministers meetTo worry, worry, super scurryCall the troops out in a hurryThis is what we’ve waited forThis is it boys, this is warThe President is on the lineAs 99 red balloons go by
99 knights of the airRide super high-tech jet fightersEveryone’s a superheroEveryone’s a Captain KirkWith orders to identifyTo clarify and classifyScrambling the summer sky99 red balloons go by
As 99 red balloons go by
99 dreams I have hadIn every one, a red balloonIt’s all over, and I’m standing prettyIn this dust that was a cityIf I could find a souvenirJust to prove the world was hereAnd here is a red balloonI think of you, and let it go

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