Papaplatte (Kevin Teller)

Million Euros
birth date January 24, 1997 (25 years old)
Born in Bad Saarow, Germany
nationality Germany
profession streamers
Full name Kevin Teller
nickname papa plate

How much money does Papaplatte have?

With over 1.6 million followers, Papaplatte, real name Kevin Teller, is one of the most popular German-speaking streamers on Twitch. On YouTube, too, he reaches a total of around one million people with his three channels. In addition, he keeps trying his hand at music and has released three rap songs that have been listened to millions of times on Spotify . Papaplatte ‘s estimated net worth is €1.5 million .

Papaplatte’s sources of income

Papaplatte builds his wealth primarily through Twitch . There, more than 15,000 users have subscribed to his channel and pay around 4.50 euros a month for it. The streamer receives at least 67,500 euros a month from them. He also regularly collaborates with companies like Red Bull, which he promotes in his YouTube videos. Added to this is the income that he earns from the advertisements before the videos. He also earns money with the three songs he has released so far. Daytona Flex currently has around 5.5 million streams on Spotify , up to her over 2.6 million and Holzscheit more than a million streams.

First YouTube experiences with lemon juice concentrate

Kevin Teller aka Papaplatte grew up in Bad Saarow, a community on the Scharmutzelsee in Brandenburg. He started dancing at the age of eleven, soon training several times a week and eventually even taking part in competitions. In 2012 he started a YouTube channel with two friends they called SchnitzelTV . They mainly published challenges on it. In their very first video, they determined which of them can drink the most lemon juice concentrate. However, only a few videos were uploaded to the channel, then the project was declared over.

Streaming instead of studying

Instead, Teller started his own Twitch channel in late 2013, which he called Papaplatte . The name comes from when he was playing World of Warcraft. It is composed of a guild member’s nickname and the plate armor worn by Teller’s character. In early 2014, the Papaplatte YouTube channel was added. Papaplatte soon started playing Minecraft on his streams and continued to grow his viewership. He quit dancing to have more time for streaming.

In 2015 he graduated from a high school in Königs Wusterhausen with an average grade of 2.1. He then enrolled at the Technical University of Berlin and began studying electrical engineering. However, he broke this off after a few months and streamed full-time. Because he was now a Twitch partner, he was able to make a living from it . In mid-2016, his participation in the project 0Tour – through the world without money, brought him widespread attention from YouTuber Simon Unge . The two traveled through Germany without having to pay anything for it.

Three YouTube channels

His sellout streams , which he hosted from 2018 onwards, brought Papaplatte more and more viewers. People who donated money could send the streamer a video, which they then had to watch live. In a sellout stream at the end of 2018, he collected around 11,000 euros within four hours. However, the amount did not flow into his private fortune, but he donated it to a good cause.

In August 2018 Papaplatte founded the YouTube channel Domo, in March 2020 another channel was added with Papaplatte Gaming. In 2020, the streamer’s Twitch channel was banned a total of seven times . This was mostly due to copyright infringement. However, he got himself a 30-day ban for streaming on his cell phone while driving.

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