Ralf Schumacher Net Worth

Date of birth June 30, 1975 (47 years old)
Born in Hurth, Germany
nationality Germany
Marital status divorced from Cora Schumacher
profession ex Formula 1 pilot, ex DTM pilot, Sky expert, entrepreneur
children 1 (David Schumacher)

How rich is Ralf Schumacher?

As a racing driver, Ralf Schumacher was never able to match the great successes of his older brother and Formula 1 legend Michael Schumacher . In a total of 180 races he won six times, which put him in the position of the third most successful German Formula 1 driver. In 2013 Ralf Schumacher drew a line under his career in motorsport. A career that earned him 50 million euros just as a driver for Toyota between 2005 and 2007. Overall, Ralf Schumacher’s fortune is estimated at 110 million euros . His Formula 1 salaries during his career play an important role here. Ralf is currently working as a Sky expert for the Formula 1 broadcast.

A chronology of his driving fees:

  • 1999 – 2004. At BMW Williams, Schumacher received an estimated annual fee of 2 million euros.
  • 2005 – 2007. The move to Toyota paid off, according to Schumacher his total income during this time was 50 million euros.
  • 2009 – 2013. The DTM, less exclusive than Formula 1, gave the Mercedes driver an income of around 500,000 euros a year.

career in racing

Ralf Schumacher was born on June 30, 1975 in the Hermülheim district of Hürth. Like his brother Michael a few years earlier, he completed his first training laps on his father’s go-kart track. As a teenager, he raced for the Junior Kart Championship and the German Kart Championship. This was followed by positions in the ADAC Formula Junior and Formula Nippon; in the latter, Schumacher won a championship title in 1996.

In 1997 he drove for the first time for Formula 1, he made his debut in the team of Edmund “Eddie” Jordan. Just two years later he switched to the British Williams F1 team. Although he was able to achieve several victories here in the following years, the goal he had set for himself of the championship remained unachieved. The sad highlight of the stage: a serious accident at the US Grand Prix on June 20, 2004. Dissatisfied with Williams, Ralf Schumacher switched to the Toyota F1 team in 2005. However, he also fell short of expectations and came under criticism for poor performance.

Leaving Toyota in 2007 also marked the end of Schumacher’s career in Formula 1. From 2008 he drove for Mercedes-Benz in the Mücke DTM team. However, he had to be content with places in midfield for the most part. In 2013 he announced the end of his career as an active racing driver.

Public appearances and divorce from Cora

During his career, Ralf Schumacher embodied an exclusive lifestyle. In addition to racing, he appeared as an entrepreneur . His marriage to racing driver Cora Schumacher (nee Brinkmann), to whom he had been married since 2001, also made headlines. In September 2014, it was announced that the two were divorcing after 13 years together. There were also financial issues. The Bild newspaper reported that Cora receives 10,000 euros a month from her husbandget. The divorce has been final since February 2015. Cora is also said to have demanded 6 million euros. At Let’s Dance 2015, the blonde is said to have received a fee of up to 60,000 euros for her dance-technically very embarrassing and short appearance of 2 episodes.

Net Worth and Income of Ralf Schumacher


In the 2000s, Ralf Schumacher and his wife Cora enjoyed a lot of press attention. As a result, there were occasional home visits, during which the couple presented their premises to the tabloids. The following properties of the Schumachers were topics of conversation:

  • Hallwang. In the Salzburg suburb there is a villa with 30 rooms on around 750 m² of living space, which served as a residence for the couple during their time together.
  • Oprtalj. Here, on the Croatian Adriatic, Ralf Schumacher had a Mediterranean-style holiday home built.
  • St Tropez. In their holiday home in southern France, the Schumachers were looking for a break from everyday stress and in 2008 they invited the Bild newspaper to write a home story.
  • In Meerbusch, just outside of Düsseldorf, the racing driver built a luxury villa as an investment property (living space: 500 m²). Bunte reported in 2014 that the house is now being rented out for 10,000 euros a month.
  • In 2001, Ralf Schumacher bought a historic building in Cologne-Bergheim. After gutting and renovation, he opened his exclusive restaurant “Schumachers” here in 2014.

Other income and investments

erotic market

In addition to advertising contracts, Schumacher became involved early on as a partner for other companies. At the end of 2004, he held 50 percent of a limited liability company, the other part of which was the Beate Uhse Group. The joint investment sum is said to have been around 2 million euros.

Own planes

Since 2011, Schumacher has been a partner in EUROP STAR Aircraft GmbH, an Austrian aviation company that benefits from the ex-professional driver’s international networks and contacts. He has had his own aircraft here since 2005.

Connected to racing

Schumacher is still connected to racing, for example he is a co-owner of the DTM Mücke team. Last but not least, as the owner and managing director of the Kerpener Kart & Event Center, he remains loyal to his Rhenish homeland.

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