Sarah Harrison: YouTuber Net Worth & Earnings 2022

Date of birth June 06, 1991 (31 years old)
Born in Gunzburg, Germany
nationality Germany
Marital status married to Dominic Harrison (since 2017)
profession YouTuber, influencer
children 2 (Mia Rose, Kyla)

How much money does Sarah Harrison have?

Sarah Harrison first came to attention as a Playmate and as a contestant on The Bachelor in the mid-2010s . She is now an entrepreneur and mother of two, living in Dubai with her husband and daughters. She has millions of followers on social networks, whom she regularly updates about her everyday life. Sarah Harrison Net Worth is Estimated at £ 3 Million .

Sarah Harrison’s earnings

Sarah Harrison has more than 2.5 million followers on Instagram, and over 1.2 million people follow her and her husband Dominic’s YouTube channel. In doing so, she laid the foundation for her current fortune. The videos on it were viewed around 350 million times. Sarah Harrison uses the large reach to earn money and expand her assets through collaborations with various companies. For example, she designs candles for JuwelKerze and advertises them on her channels. In addition, she and her husband have been running the company samion since 2020, with which they sell care products for mothers and children . They also earn money with their book published in 2019.

Playboy , Bachelors and YouTube

Sarah Harrison is a trained bank clerk and initially worked in this profession after completing her training. In August 2014, she posed for Playboy . She was later even voted Playmate of the Year by the magazine’s readers. In early 2015, Harrison, then known as Nowak, took part in the fifth season of the TV show The Bachelor . In it, 22 candidates vied for the bachelor Oliver Sanne. This gave Nowak no rose in the penultimate episode, which ultimately ended up in third place. In May 2015 she created her YouTube channel, a month later she published her first video there – a vlog from Hollywood.

Engaged and pregnant

In August 2015, Nowak was part of the third season of Celebrity Big Brother . She stayed in the house until the 17th and final day, eventually finishing fourth. In 2016, she met and began dating fitness trainer Dominic Harrison . A year later, Nowak became pregnant. She and her boyfriend got engaged in September 2017. In the same month, the docu-soap Fitness Diaries started on Sixx. For 16 episodes, five influencers were accompanied in everyday life – in addition to Nowak, including Sophia Thiel.

Sarah Harrison as Family Counselor

Sarah Nowak married her fiancé Dominic in early November 2017, taking his surname Harrison in the process. Their daughter Mia Rose was born at the end of November. In April 2019, Sarah Harrison received an About You Award in the Health category. In December 2019, she and her husband brought the book #Familygoals. As a team to family happiness – the personal guide for young families . With the income from this, they can further increase the wealth of the family. From January to March 2020, the couple served as coaches on the show The Biggest Loser .

Four of us to Dubai

In early 2020, the Harrisons announced that Sarah is pregnant for the second time. Shortly thereafter, they announced the founding of their company samion, through which they sell care products for mothers and children. In July 2020, Sarah Harrison’s second daughter, Kyla, was born. A few months later, the couple informed their followers that the family is relocating to Dubai in 2020 . This step was criticized by many media as tax evasion.

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