The 10 self-made richest billionaires in the world

The 10 self-made richest billionaires in the world

Richest billionaires, The 10 women from today’s ranking have made it to the top and also put many of their male colleagues in the shade. After all, today it’s about the world’s richest self-made billionaires , all of whom were clever enough to use their personal talents and relationships in such a way that billions of dollars have now become a fortune. Whether they’ve built companies, invented new technologies, or dominated the fashion and media worlds, they deserve to join the male-dominated billionaire club.

Together, these ladies are even worth more than 32 billion euros , so you can let it melt in your mouth. Dramatic growth can be observed in China in particular. Nowhere else in the world are there so many self-made female billionaires, so the Asian country is a good place to get rich. It is often the fashion industry in which our ladies have been so successful, while the media world and the technology sector also play a not unimportant role.

Doris Fisher: 2.21 billion euros

The American, born in 1931, became rich through fashion. After all, she founded the fashion brand GAP in 1969 with her husband, who had already died . The group now owns a good 3,000 stores worldwide, which also owns brands such as Banana Republic, Athleta, Oldy Navy and Piper Lime and thus operates a veritable fashion empire. Thanks to her vast fashion fortune, Doris Fisher has amassed a vast, priceless art collection that is on permanent display in a separate wing of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

9Giuliana Benetton: 2.38 billion euros

The last name of the 80-year-old Italian reveals at first glance how she earned her money. Along with her three brothers, Guiliana founded the Benetton Group in 1965. The billionaire also made her fortune in fashion . The Sisley brand now also belongs to the group. In addition, the family’s holding company is also involved in one of the largest road toll companies in the world and a restaurant chain.

8thOprah Winfrey: 2.55 billion euros

That Oprah Winfrey only came in 8th might come as a surprise to many of our readers. After all, she is considered one of the most famous women in the USA, who has revolutionized the media landscape there. Now that her own show is no longer running, Oprah Winfrey has other mainstays. She owns two television channels of her own, as well as a magazine and her own production company. She also joined Weight Watchers as a major shareholder. As a result, she is guaranteed to be able to increase her assets in this way in the future .

7Pollyanna Chu: 2.63 billion euros

The Chinese is 59 years old and has earned her billions in the financial world. Although Pollyanna was born in Hong Kong, she moved to San Francisco when she was a child, where she and her husband invested in the local real estate market in the late 1970s . In 1992, the couple moved back to Hong Kong to capitalize on a growing number of Chinese companies going public. Kingston Financial Group then founded Pollyanna in 1993 and the group has since specialized in IPOs.

6Wu Yajun: 2.72 billion euros

The Chinese has already accumulated a fortune of almost 3 billion euros, which can be traced back to the real estate industry. Wu is at the helm of Longfor Properties, a real estate firm that dominates the Beijing market. Wu was once even the richest woman in China, although she lost this title at the same time as her divorce because she had to cede part of her wealth to her ex-husband. The billionaire used to work as a journalist.

5Elizabeth Holmes: 3.06 billion euros

5th place also goes to an American who is just 33 years old. The founder of the Theranos company did not even complete her studies at the elite Stanford University in Palo Alto, California, USA, but founded Theranos when she was just in her early 20s. The group was supposed to ensure that Elizabeth could pay for her tuition. However, this billionaire revolutionized the world of medical testing in one fell swoop to the point where she suddenly became so successful that there was no reason for her to return to her former university to complete her degree.

Denise Coates: 3.23 billion euros

The Brit has appeared in one of our rankings for the billionaires who make their money from sinful businesses . Denise Coates is co-CEO at with her brother John . The gambling platform was launched in 2001 and Denise Coates’ coffers have been filling up ever since.

3Diane Hendricks: 4.33 billion euros

Also on place 3 we meet another American. Diane Hendricks was born in 1947 and made her fortune in building materials . Her company, ABC Supply Co., has more than 500 locations in the USA and more than 5,800 employees. A fortune in the billions can obviously also be made with wall coverings, roof tiles and windows.

2Chan Laiwa: 4.41 billion euros

A Chinese woman took second place in our ranking. Her name is Chan Laiwa. The billionaire was born as a poor girl in 1941 and has had an impressive career. She also owes her wealth to the real estate industry and the boom in Beijing’s real estate market. Thanks to the rise in real estate prices over the last year alone, Chan Laiwa’s fortune has increased by 515 million euros in one fell swoop, which is why she is now in second place in our ranking.

1Zhou Qunfei: 5.01 billion euros

Zhou Qunfei is repeatedly reported in many media worldwide. Because the customers of the Chinese, who was born in 1970, include global corporations such as Apple and Samsung. Your company, Lens Technology , has grown to become the world’s largest manufacturer of specialty glass for smartphone and tablet touch screens. Zhou Qunfei himself started very modestly and worked in a factory. Today, however, the Chinese company employs a good 60,000 people in its own factories.

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