Someone Mother Has Four Sons Riddle Explanation Answer and Variations

Someone Mother Has Four Sons Riddle Explanation Answer and Variations

The viral riddle “Someone’s mother has 4 sons.”

A few days ago, we got a question asking us to explain what this viral riddle meant. We thought it might help you understand the concept behind the riddle better if we told you about it.

So here goes…

What does someone’s mother have?

Someone Mother Has Four Sons Riddle Explanation Answer and Variations

Well, let’s start with the most basic definition of mother. A woman who gives birth to children. She is the biological parent of those children.

Now, there are many ways to define motherhood. For example, according to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, mother is defined as:

1. A female person whose childbearing capacity is used; especially : one who bears children or raises them

2. A female person having charge of a family or household

3. A female person who takes care of another person’s children

4. A female person who has given birth to a child

5. A female person who is married to a man

6. A female person who cares for her husband or partner

7. A female person who provides emotional support to others

8. A female person who helps raise children

9. A female person who lives in a house or apartment with other people

10. A female person who plays an important role in raising children

11. A female person who works at home caring for children

12. A female person who looks after children while their parents work

13. A female person who teaches children

14. A female person who makes decisions about how children should be raised

15. A female person who supervises children

16. A female person who encourages children to do things

17. A female person who shows affection toward children

18. A female person who shares responsibility for raising children

19. A female person who cooks meals for children

20. A female person who cleans up after children

The “Someone’s mother riddle”

Here are some clues to help you solve the riddle:

1. “North,” “West,” and “South.”

2. “Four.”

3. “What?”

4. “If your instinct is to…”

5. “…blurt out ‘East.'”

6. “But to answer…”

7. “…the riddle correctly, we…”

8. “…have to forgo that pattern…”

9. “…of thinking.”

10. “…and it helps to…”

11. “…read the question again…”

12. “…more slowly.”

13. “…let’s start with…”

14. “…the very first word: Someone.”

15. “…’someone.’ Now, let’s look at the next two words:’mother.’ What does that mean?”

16. “It means a female person who has given life to a child.”

17. “And then, what does ‘has four sons’ mean?”

18. “That means she has four children.”

19. “So, the answer to the riddle is: Someone’s mother has four sons.”

20. “There you go! That’s all there is to it!”

21. “You can stop reading now.”

22. “Or, you could keep going and find out why the riddle was written in the first place.”

23. “We’ll tell you later.”

24. “For now, just enjoy

SPOILER: Someone’s Mother Has Four Sons. Another Facebook Riddle

The riddle is pretty simple. Someone’s mother has four sons. One day, she goes out to buy groceries. She gets home and tells her husband about what happened. He says, “What did you do today?” She replies, “I bought four eggs.” What does he say?

Well, you probably guessed it already. The correct answer is “Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation conceived in Liberty…”

So, how many people answered correctly?

According to the data collected by Statista, there were 2,939 responses on the original post. Only 18% of those respondents got the correct answer.

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