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DJ Paul spoke up at XXL Magazine ‘s request and denied there was ever a verbal agreement between Juicy J and the $uicideBoy$. The duo from New Orleans is apparently relying on such an agreement in an imminent legal dispute over a total of 35 copyright offenses. DJ Paul adds that even before he met Juicy J and the $uicideBoy$, samples from Three 6 Mafia songs were used without being asked. He also explains that Juicy J can’t make such arrangements over his head anyway.

Original message from September 9th:

Juicy J and DJ Paul of the legendary Three 6 Mafia have sued the $uicideBoy$ for nearly $6.5 million. XXL Magazin has court documents in which copyright infringements are cited in a total of 35 cases.

Juicy J & DJ Paul vs. $uicideBoy$: Claiming millions of dollars in damages

Without consent, Ruby da Cherry and his cousin Scrim are said to have used the work of the Three 6 Mafia for their songs. The duo is accused of “illegal sampling and theft”. Specifically, it’s about songs like “Mask and Da Glock”, “Mafia N*ggaz (Yeah H*e)” and “Smoked Out, Loced Out”, some of which even appear under the same name in the $uicideBoy$ discography . The New Orleans formation has “profited from the original sound and the hard-earned success of Three 6 Mafia in the hip-hop industry”.

In retrospect, Juicy J and DJ Paul apparently want to get some of the income that the $uicideBoy$ received via streaming portals. The guys from the Three 6 Mafia are planning a payment of 1.2 million dollars. They are also seeking over $5 million in damages, according to the complaint, bringing the total lawsuit to $6.45 million.

Suicideboys is an American hip hop duo from New Orleans, Louisiana, founded in 2014 by cousins Ruby da Cherry and Scrim. Via the music sharing platform SoundCloud, the duo rose to popularity for their abrasive, self-produced beats, as well as their harsh lyrical content and themes prominently featuring substance use disorder and suicidal ideation. They own and operate their own label, G59 Records, under which all of their music is distributed by Virgin Music Label & Artist Services. The duo are considered one of the most popular acts in the underground rap scene, and are also considered to have a cult following. After several years of solely releasing EPs and mixtapes, Suicideboys’ debut studio album I Want to Die in New Orleans was released on September 7, 2018. It fared well commercially, becoming their first top-ten album on the US Billboard 200. In May 2019, they released their collaborative six-track EP with Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker entitled Live Fast, Die Whenever.

Also known as $B
Origin New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
Genres Hip hop, punk rap, horrorcore, trap metal
Years active 2014–present
Labels G, 59, Virgin
Associated acts Juicy J, Getter, Pouya, Travis Barker
Members Scrim, Ruby da Cherry
Bandcamp artist ID suicideboys

$uicideBoy$ deny the allegations

The two $uicideBoy$ deny the allegations made. According to information from XXL Mag, they say that Juicy J and DJ Paul do not even own the copyright to many of the songs that are now part of the lawsuit. At the same time, they state that Juicy J never paid them to work on the ” Highly Intoxicated ” and ” Shutdafukup

” tapes . Their copyrights were never assigned to Juicy J in writing. However, there is said to have been a verbal agreement. In exchange for creative input, the $uicideboy$ were promised the right to use samples from Three 6 Mafia songs for their tracks. In 2017, Juicy J told in an interview

nor plans for a collab mixtape. He also spoke of the $uicideboy$ appreciatively as “family members”. Almost three years later, the previously close relationship seems to have been permanently broken.

Locked in my room
Four black walls
Tie the noose
No recall
No resolve
Fuck withdrawal
Rather shoot up till I fall
Murder on call with the 59
Twenty years and it seem like a lifetime
I been hanging everyday from a lifeline
While these fuckers had a dinner every night time
Smo-smokin that dope off the foil let me ball
Hoe please don’t call
Don’t fuck with ya’ll
Spray paint the walls
With blood and whatever
Drag you outside let you rot in the weather
I don’t think I can explain any better
I’m $carecrow the terror
I live for the lesser
My birth was an error

I am the lord of loneliness
I’ll hold my breath
Just spoke with death
He said he hopes for the best
Told him i’m roping my neck
Then I woke up choking from the hole in my chest

Every day got a lump in my throat
Thats them pills swallowed whole
Smoke a blunt and then fuck all these hoes
End up humping they throat
Get the fuck away from me
I hate all of you faithfully
This world was never made for me
Thankfully I’m trained to see
Passed all the lies, the ranks, the scenes
I’ll shank my knees then walk the plank and freeze

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