Tom Cruise Superstar’s Net Worth

Superstar Tom Cruise Net Worth

birth date July 03, 1962 (60 years old)
Born in Syracuse, NY, USA
nationality USA
Marital status Divorced from
Profession Actor, Film Producer
Full name Thomas Cruise Mapother IV
Children 3 (Suri, Isabella Jane, Connor)
size 1.70 m
Weight 72kg

How rich is Tom Cruise?

Actor Tom Cruise really is a superstar. He’s been in business for a long, long time. From Scientology to his separation from Katie Holmes, the numerous headlines surrounding the actor could hardly dampen his success. Because the “Mission Impossible” films in particular have turned out to be big hits at the box office. So of course the film studios don’t want to miss out on this loot. That doesn’t mean, however, that working with Tom Cruise has always been completely unproblematic. After all, it was repeatedly reported that there was disagreement about money and that the actor demanded higher fees than he was offered. But this is how you can further increase your wealth and he definitely did it well. The estimated Tom Cruise net worth is €565 million.

Tom Cruise’s salary

After all, Tom demands exorbitant amounts of money for his work in front of (and behind) the camera. His average annual salary is around 40 million euros . His three children, Connor, Isabelle Jane and Suri, should also have taken care of themselves. Apparently, the point of the “Mission Impossible” drama was that Tom not only wanted a fee, but also wanted a share of the box office sales. That would of course make the flick a much more lucrative affair for him.

But of course the fans don’t have to do without their star for that reason alone. After all, the Hollywood superstar can be seen on the big screen with some regularity. “The Mummy” was released in cinemas on June 8, 2017 and once again wowed fans. The strip is a successful mixture of fantasy and action. Also Into the Mummy with Tom Cruise was another hit in his film list. The film became number 1 worldwide immediately after its theatrical release and reached the top of the cinema charts. After all, hardly a film has ever flopped in the actor’s more than 30-year career. From “Eyes Wide Shut” to “Vanilla Sky” to “The Last Samurai” and “Collateral,” most films starring Tom Cruise have easily grossed multiples of their production costs .

Film fees from Tom Cruise

Tom is one of the highest paid actors . He is one of the big superstars in Hollywood, next to him you could also name Tom Hanks , Johnny Depp , Angelina Jolie , Nicolas Cage , Bruce Willis & Co. The fees he receives for films in which he takes part are correspondingly high. With this income, Tom Cruise can continue to expand his huge fortune. Here is a small list of how much Tom Cruise received in Gage as an actor for some of the films:

The fee for the Top Gun sequel “Maverick” could put all previous earnings of an actor in the shade, because Cruise as a producer has a 10% share of the proceeds, even before the film studio receives any money. With that he could earn another $100-200 million on top of the $12.5 million.

Tom Gun: Maverick – $13,000,000 + 10% revenue share before Filstudio deductions

Mission: Impossible – Fallout – $28,000,000 + profit sharing

Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation – $25,000,000 + profit sharing

The Mummy – $13,000,000 + profit sharing

Mission: Impossible – Phantom Protocol – $70,000,000 (including profit sharing)

Knight and Day – $11,000,000 + profit sharing

Operation Valkyrie – The Stauffenberg Assassination – $20,000,000 + profit sharing

Mission: Impossible III – $75,000,000 (including profit sharing)

War of the Worlds – 20% profit sharing

Last Samurai – $25,000,000 + profit sharing

Minority Report – $25,000,000

Vanilla Sky – $20,000,000 + profit sharing

Mission: Impossible II – $75,000,000 (including profit sharing)

Eyes Wide Shut – $20,000,000
Magnolia – $100,000

Mission: Impossible – $70,000,000 + profit sharing
Jerry Maguire – Game of Life – $20,000,000 + profit sharing

Interview with a Vampire – $15,000,000

The Company – $12,000,000

In a Far Land – $13,000,000
A Matter of Honor – $12,500,000

Days of Thunder – $9,000,000

Born July 4th – $3,000,000 + equity

The Color of Money – $1,000,000
cocktail – $3,000,000
Rain Man – $3,000,000 + equity

Top Gun – They fear neither death nor devil – $2,000,000

Legend – $500,000

Loose Deals – $75,000

The Cadets from Bunker Hill – $50,000

From poor boy to Hollywood superstar

Tom Cruise is the prime example that even a boy from a poor background can have what it takes to become an absolute superstar. Many moves and a anything but stable, happy childhood could not prevent Tom from his later successes. With ” Top Gun In 1986, at the age of 24, Tom celebrated his first groundbreaking cinema success. The strip with the newcomer brought in a total of 318.68 million euros and made him an absolute superstar almost overnight. The actor was also extremely successful between 1992 and 1996, so that one almost had to be jealous of him. After all, he made five films in a row, each of which grossed more than 100 million US dollars at the box office in the United States. Nobody had done that before him. By 2000, the star had been nominated for an Oscar three times.

It would be a while before Tom Cruise had to book a flop on his account . In 2010, his least successful film hit theaters. “Knight and Day” brought in just 18.75 million euros at the box office in the USA on the film’s opening weekend. No other film starring the leading man from Syracuse, New York, had sold so low. However, Tom Cruise recovered quickly from this crisis and is currently back on the road to success. His action and science fiction films are and remain the most successful.

Tom Cruise in private

Only the great private luck seems to be missing so far. Although the actor has three adorable children, he is now also three times divorced. The marriage to Mimi Rogers ended in 1990. The marriage bond with Nicole Kidman lasted the longest, namely from 1990 to 2001.

Marriage to Katie Holmes

Tom was married to Katie Holmes from 2006 to 2012. Especially during his marriage to Katie Holmes, Tom repeatedly made negative headlines as a member of Scientology . The readership of the “Los Angeles Daily News” even decided in December 2005 that Tom Cruise was the “most embarrassing star of the year”. In March 2006, the questionable award with the Golden Raspberry followed, which nobody in Hollywood is happy about. At some point, the whole thing became too much for Katie Holmes. The couple separated in 2012 when their daughter Suri was six years old. His membership in Scientology is also incomprehensible to many. Even if things don’t go that well privately, when it comes to a career, Tom Cruise is right up there with the best.

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