Susanne Steiger: The fortune of the jeweler

Million Euros
birth date October 09, 1982 (40 years old)
Born in Aachen, Germany
nationality Germany
Profession jeweler

How much money does Susanne Steiger have?

Susanne Steiger became known as a dealer in the ZDF program Bares für Rares , in which she has been seen since 2014. Before that, she had already made a name for herself as a jewelry expert as managing director of two shops in the Rhineland. She is now a certified diamond appraiser and designs her own pieces of jewellery. She is also active as a show jumper. The estimated fortune of Susanne Steiger is 2.5 million euros .

The net worth of Susanne Steiger

Susanne Steiger earns her living as the owner of two jewelery shops in Kerpen and Bornheim. Her participation in the program Bares für Rares , where she regularly appears as a dealer, ensures both her prominence and her fees . She also works as a jewelery designer and increases her fortune by selling her own pieces .

Taxes despite passion for jewelry

Susanne Steiger’s father ran several pawnshops , where she often helped out as a child, especially during the holiday season. She developed a great interest in jewelry, which she has not let go of to this day. Nevertheless, she convinced her mother, who works as a tax consultant, to go in this direction professionally. Therefore, after graduating from school, Steiger completed an apprenticeship as a tax specialist.

Susanne Steiger’s own jewelery shops

In order to finance her education, Steiger worked as a waitress and also continued to work for her father. She regularly had to watch how beautiful and valuable pieces of jewelery were melted down in order to process the material. When she had earned enough money, she opened her first jewelry store in Kerpen in 2007 . For two years she continued to work part-time as a waitress to keep the place running. In 2012 a second shop was added in Bornheim. In the same year, Steiger began taking part in show jumping tournaments with her mare Filippa 13, who was born in 2004.

Merchant at Bares for Rares

As a jewelry dealer, Steiger gained a good reputation over time in the Rhineland. Therefore, the production company Eyeworks became aware of them in 2013 when they were looking for dealers for the ZDF program Bares für Rares . Steiger was cast and has appeared on the show since the second season aired in 2014. There, she and her fellow traders buy the valuables that the candidates put up for sale with their own fortune and then list them in their shops.

In 2015, Steiger obtained a certificate as a Diamond Grader from the HRD Antwerp Institute and has since been able to call herself a diamond appraiser . A year later, she pulled off a special coup: in a private apartment in Bonn, she discovered the 1625 painting Tulip Sommersch ön by the painter Balthasar van der Ast, which had been missing since the 1980s. At a later auction of the picture, proceeds of almost 800,000 euros were achieved.

Records as a TV dealer

In the summer of 2018, Steiger offered 90,000 euros for a Mercedes-Benz convertible in an issue of Bares für Rares . This is the highest bid that a retailer has ever placed on the show. However, because the provider asked for 5,000 euros more, the deal ultimately failed. But Steiger is also responsible for the highest amount of money ever paid for an item of value at Bares for Rares . In May 2019, she bought a golden pectoral for 42,000 euros on the show. The decorative cross was made at the beginning of the 18th century, it is set with 40-carat diamonds and has a papally sealed fragment from the cross on which Jesus died.

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