The Beatnuts

The Beatnuts

Derek Murphy, also known as Sadat X, is an American rapper best known for being a member of the alternative brand Nubian hip hop group. Originally known as Derek X, Sadat got his name from former Egyptian President Anwar Sadat. In 1996, Sadat was included on Red Hot’s America is Dying Slow compilation CD along with Biz Markie, Wu-Tang Clan, Fat Joe and others. The CD, which aims to educate African American men about the AIDS epidemic, was called a “masterpiece” by The Source magazine.

Birth name Derek Murphy
Also known as Derek X (1990-1991)
Born December 29, 1968
Origin Bronx, New York
Genres Hip hop
Years active 1989–present
Labels Elektra Records, Loud Records, Arista Records, Relativity Records, Babygrande Records, Female Fun Music, Fat Beats Records, 6.8.2 Records Inc, Stimulated Records, Tommy Boy Entertainment
Associated acts In groups: Brand Nubian Other associated: Grand Puba, Diamond D, Lord Finesse, D.I.T.C, Showbiz & A.G, Buckwild, The Beatnuts, Kool Keith, House Of Pain, Ill Bill, R.A. The Rugged Man, Lord Jamar, The Notorious B.I.G, Sagat

About Sadat X (The Beatnuts)

The Beatnuts, Rapper Sadat X was born in The Bronx, New York, United States on December 29th, 1968. Today he is 54 years old.

He is a founding member of the famous American alto rap crew Brand Nubian and is best known as a rapper. He is also a successful solo artist, with albums such as Experience & Education (2005) and Never Left (2007). (2015).

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Sadat X before glorySadat X was born in the Zodiac sign Capricorn (The Sea-Goat), and 1968 is also the year of Monkey (猴) in the Chinese Zodiac.

He was born in the Bronx and founded Brand Nubian in 1989.

se acabo lyrics

Free drinks on the house, wordEverybody drinking tonightPor ahi viene el perro, por ahi vieneCae la gorda porYo check it out
Swing a bat on you like the devil himselfPut it on us, sickness or healthMaking you could only breathe wit helpI ain’t playin’, you don’t wanna hear what you sayin’ yourselfHit the street wit incredible beatsWe renowned for tearin’ it downNever have you heard a similar soundLike a drop off when shit pop off, feel a hot oneSide scorching from a hot gunGet lost in the buildings wit money and the childrenNot the type to talk too much and catch feelin’Dominican flag over the bed on the ceilingProtect everything I rep, that’s the first thingMany things follow, bullets stay hollowYou actin’ like we don’t chew, you can’t swallowTry to change my plans, I’mma beat you till I break my handsJu the German every place I stand (Se Acabo)
Aiyyo it’s Big Psych, baby you don’t want no problemsSuckers want war, and yo bomb emBring the heat, squeeze the flame torchThen peel out in a convertible gray PorscheI’m three miles ahead of you, I took the plates offJust in case your snitch wanna get paid offPull out the chainsaws, It’s a Musical MassacreCut the head off the driver and the passengerSic my dogs after ya, have you climbin’ in a treeJust another crime in the streetAin’t nuttin’ better than findin’ a beatSo if you find that and try to blow my spot up(You) Get shot up (Se Acabo)Means (It’s Over) bro, Method Man on the remix, it’s over yo(Se Acabo) Beatnuts flip the beat, it’s over yo
It’s a Beatnuts thing, yo you know how that go (Se Acabo)
What kind of Beatnut am I? Spanish Fly, P-O-P-P-I (Se Acabo)Who got the live special guest for the night?Excuse me as I kiss the skyYo one on one through the nasalTo put food on the table, I Rush Associated LabelsHuh, ready, willing and able to rock cradleAnd rock steady, when I get the drop, I drop heavyTwist the metal, mask the macheteThis god don’t want beef, he want veggiePlus signs over Deadly MedleyWho got em gassed on his own GettyBattery Back, he evereadyNow what’s f-‘ wit that ha?Not you, you c-I f- wit Beatnuts, Livin’ La Vida LocaCallete la boca, see the Spanish Fly on the sofaOne word, he slap you wit the toasterKeep it in the holster on safetyPut yourself in timeout, playin wit this dough, let me find outYou ain’t hard to find though, barrel on your tonsilsSigan hablando y siga mamando(Se Acabo)All day everyday, no doubt(Se Acabo)What the fuck’s goin on? Worldwide (Se Acabo)(Beatnuts) Write your own rhymes (Se Acabo)Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah (Se Acabo)All you punk niggas walk it off (Se Acabo)We ain’t playin’ over here yamean (Se Acabo)

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