The Best Camera Flashes for DSLR in 2022

Camera flashes aren’t just useful tools; they’re often necessary accessories. Whether you’re shooting in a dark room or outdoors, having access to a reliable source of light is important. And while there are many different types of flash units available, it’s hard to find a single model that works well across the board.

That’s why we put together this guide to help you choose the perfect camera flash for your needs. From budget options to high-end models, we tested dozens of cameras and flashes to determine what makes each one stand out. Here are our picks for the eight best camera flashes currently on sale.

The Best Camera Flashes for DSLR in 2022

1. Nikon SB-5000 Speedlight

This compact speedlight packs powerful features into a small package. With five modes including red-eye reduction, slow sync, wireless control, and full manual exposure, this flash offers plenty of flexibility. Its built-in radio system allows you to remotely trigger the flash without needing to attach a cable, and the included remote cord lets you operate the unit wirelessly up to 30 feet away.

2. Canon EF-M 50mm f/1.8 STF Macro Lens

For those looking to shoot close-up subjects like flowers, insects, and coins, this macro lens provides exceptional detail and clarity. This lens attaches directly to your EOS M body, giving you maximum versatility. You can even use it to shoot photos of objects that don’t fit inside your normal focal range.

3. Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II Mirrorless Digital SLR Camera

With its 12MP sensor and 4K video recording capabilities, this mirrorless digital SLR camera delivers stunning images with rich details and vibrant colors. The large 1inch sensor gives you more room to crop your shots and add creative effects, and the tilting screen makes taking selfies easier than ever.

4. Sony Alpha A6500 DSLR Camera

This mid-range DSLR from Sony boasts an impressive 24MP APS-C X-Trans CMOS III sensor paired with a BIONZ X image processor. It also includes a number of advanced features such as 4K video capture, eye detection autofocus, and built-in Wi-Fi connectivity.

5. Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Film Camera

If you want to create beautiful instant prints, look no further than the Instax Mini 9. Thanks to its unique film format, you’ll be able to print 8×10″ photos right from your smartphone. Plus, you can easily share them via social media using the free Instax Share app.

6. GoPro HERO7 Black Action Camcorder

GoPro has been making action cams since 2002, and their latest model continues the tradition. Featuring waterproofing down to 197 feet (60 meters), dual microphones, touchscreen controls, and support for both 4K video and slo-mo footage, this camcorder will keep you filming smoothly regardless of where you are.

7. Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Smartphone

Samsung’s new flagship phone combines a 6.9 inch Infinity Flex OLED display with a triple rear camera setup, IP68 water resistance, and a headphone jack. It also comes with a dedicated Google Assistant button, so you can access voice commands hands-free.

8. DJI Osmo Pocket Drone

DJI is known for building some of the most popular drones in the world, and the Osmo pocket drone is no exception. It’s easy to fly thanks to its intuitive interface, and it captures high quality aerial footage while remaining lightweight enough to carry around all day long.

9. Nikon Coolpix P1000 Point & Shoot Camera

Nikon’s entry level point and shoot camera is perfect if you’re just getting started or need a simple way to take great pictures on vacation. It’s equipped with a 13MP CX-format CMOS sensor, which produces detailed photos without compromising speed.

10. Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX80 Compact Micro Four Thirds Camera

Panasonic’s GX80 offers a 16MP resolution and 5 fps shooting rate, making it one of the best compact cameras available today. Its versatile design lets you switch between still photo mode and 4K video recording with ease, and it supports wireless remote control over WiFi.

Best Overall: Canon Speedlite 430EX III-RT Flash

The Canon Speedlite 430EXIII-RT is the most versatile speedlight we’ve tested. Its wide range of features make it ideal for both still photography and video work. And while it isn’t the cheapest option, it offers excellent value for money.

Best Budget Flash for Canon/Nikon: Neewer TT560 Flash Speedlite

The Neewer TT560 flash is one of the best budget options out there. With a low $60 street price, it offers a lot of bang for the buck. This compact speedlight features a built-in slave function, making it easy to use with multiple camera bodies. Its build quality is excellent, and it includes a few useful accessories like a diffuser and softbox.

Best Flash for Nikon DSLR: Nikon SB-700 AF Speedlight Flash

Flash photography is one of the most popular uses of flash units. With the advent of digital cameras, it became possible to take photos without needing a separate flash unit. However, many photographers still prefer to use flash because it adds light to dark scenes, creates beautiful shadows, and provides a way to control exposure.

The Nikon SB-700 AF speedlight is a very versatile flash unit. This compact flash unit offers a wide range of features including full manual controls, TTL metering, wireless remote control, and a built-in pop-up flash. The SB-700 is compatible with Nikon D4/3/2/1/0/X/C/E/F/G/H/K bodies.

Best Budget Flash for All: YONGNUO YN560 IV Wireless Flash Speedlite Master

Yonnuo has been making some great flashes lately, including the YN560 wireless speedlight. This little guy offers plenty of features for just $99.95, including built-in TTL metering, wireless operation, and even a pop-up flash mode. But does it deliver what you want? Let’s take a look.

The YN560 is a compact, lightweight speedlight designed for use with Canon EOS cameras. It weighs about 2 pounds and measures 4 inches long x 3.5 inches wide x 2.25 inches high. Its body is constructed out of aluminum alloy, while the lens cap and battery door are both plastic. The unit includes a removable hot shoe mount, allowing you to attach it directly to your camera via a standard tripod socket.

The YN 560 uses four AA batteries, which are included in the package. You can power up the unit manually or wirelessly via the supplied AC adapter. When powered off, the flash operates in auto mode, automatically switching on whenever the shutter button is pressed. In addition, the flash emits a continuous light output of approximately 1/2 watt.

There are three modes of operation: On, Off, and Auto. The default setting is Auto, which allows the flash to adjust to ambient lighting conditions. To turn the flash on manually, simply press the Shutter button halfway down. If you wish to fire the flash manually, hold the Shutter button fully down. The flash will emit full power for one second. Once the flash fires, it will remain active for another 10 seconds. Finally, you can set the duration of the flash burst to either 0.3, 0.7, 1, 2, 5, or 10 seconds.

For those of us who shoot portraits, there are several useful settings. For example, you can choose whether the flash fires continuously or only once per exposure. There are also two different flash firing patterns: Slow Sync and High Sync. Slow sync causes the flash to fire once every five seconds. High sync makes the flash fire every second.

The YN520 is a very capable flash for beginners and professionals alike. While it doesn’t include a lot of fancy features, it delivers good performance for the money. And since it’s a relatively inexpensive option, it’s perfect for anyone looking for a cheap way to add a flash to their kit.

Best Features: Nikon SB-5000

The Nikon Speedlight SB-5000 is one of the most powerful flash units around. Its wireless capabilities make it ideal for use with multiple subjects, while the ability to connect to external devices like smartphones makes it easy to trigger off camera. But there are some drawbacks to consider too.

Best Flash for Beginners: Neewer NW-561 Flash

The Neewer NW-560 Flash is one of the best flashes you can buy for beginners because it’s powerful enough to light up a room, easy to set up, and inexpensive. This small, lightweight flash is built like a tank and designed to work well with many different cameras. While it doesn’t offer TTL support, it does include a manual setting that lets you control the power output manually. In addition, it includes a built-in slave mode that allows you to connect multiple units together for group lighting.

Best Flash for Sony DSLR: Sony HVL-F32M

The Sony HVL-F3M flash is one of the best flashes for Sony E-mount cameras. It features a powerful built-in strobe, a high-speed sync mode, wireless control, and a wide range of accessories.

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