The Incredible Net Worth of Jacob Rothschild

billion euro
birth date April 29, 1936 (86 years old)
Born in Great Britain
nationality Great Britain
Marital status married to Serena Mary Dunn (since 1961)
Profession investment banker
Full name Nathaniel Charles Jacob Rothschild, 4th Baron Rothschild
Children 4

How rich is Jacob Rothschild?


The Rothschilds are not only among the richest people in Britain, but also among the wealthiest families in the world. The incredible fortunes of the Rothschild family have been passed down for generations. But Jacob Rothschild turned out to be a clever investment banker and thus earned incredible sums himself , which are likely to multiply in the next few years. However, his great love is art and in England Baron Rothschild advocates that historical works of art are extensively restored so that they can shine in their full glory again today. In addition, the Briton of Jewish descent is excellently educated. He attended Eton College as well as studying at the elite university of Oxford .

In the meantime, Jacob Rothschild is not only able to influence the capital markets in England. Because he has also been active as an investment banker in India since 2006 and is involved in Xander Real Estate. This rich banker’s son, who has three daughters and a son, will probably not leave it at a fortune of 4.6 billion euros . In 2012 it was also announced that the Baron and his investment company had taken a 37% stake in the Rockefeller clan ‘s financial group in order to build even more power in the US market.

The Exciting Life of Jacob Rothschild

But the life of Jacob Rothschild is not only very exciting from a financial point of view. Because the Baron’s circle of friends is just as exciting. Jacob Rothschild was even friends with Lady Diana during his lifetime and his personal as well as business relationship with Henry Kissinger is very close. These acquaintances surpass those of a normal banker by a lot. Former US Presidents Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan have even visited the Rothschild country estate. Some of his properties are even open to the public for free. In 1988 the Baron inherited two estates from his aunt, Dorothy de Rothschild. One of the country estates, Waddeson, now attracts around 300,000 visitors each year and has won a number of awards in recent years. However, the basement of Waddeson House is not freely accessible. Because that’s where the Baron keeps his personal wine collection with more than 15,000 bottles , some of which even date back to 1870 and are therefore worth a fortune .

An art lover with the wherewithal

Jacob Rothschild himself has already received many awards, especially for his commitment to protecting the art treasures of Great Britain. After all, with access to Waddeson House, he has also made a piece of British cultural history accessible to the British people and tourists from all over the world. In 2002, the Queen of England made him a Member of the Order of Merit , one of the highest honors in the entire British Kingdom. Baron Rothschild was also awarded the Prince of Wales Medal for Arts Philantrophy in 2013 for his enormous commitment to the arts. So this filthy rich man is a very popular and respected member of British society, who is also well known to art connoisseurs in the USA, Europe and Israel for his unconditional commitment. To name all his awards at this point would not be possible at all. But we would like to list at least some of the particularly high awards for the Baron below:

• The Sir Winston Churchill Award (in 2004 in Israel)
• Diploma of Honor from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem
• Europa Nostra Medal of Honor (in 2003 in Brussels)
• National Flag Medal (in 2014 in Albania)
• The Kennedy Center’s International Committee Lifetime Achievement Gold Medal in the Arts Award (in 2006 in the USA)
• Honorary Student at Christ Church, Oxford (in March 2006 in England)
• The J. Paul Getty Medal (in 2014 in the USA)
• The “Apollo Personality of the Year (England 2002)
• Honorary degrees from the Universities of Oxford, Exeter, Londo, Keele and Newcastle and Warwick

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