The Lion’s Den: How rich are the lions?

DHDL: How much money do the lions have in 2022?

The lion’s den is entering the next round, in autumn 2022 the twelfth season of the popular series will be broadcast. Monday at 8:15 p.m. the investment-friendly lions will be back on VOX . The founders present their business idea to the jury, ideally they convince the investors and go home with an investment. With the financial injection from the lions, the founders can expand their business. They are not only supported financially, but also through a lot of knowledge and contacts. Leos are resourceful business people who have made countless companies big.

Fees for “The Lion’s Den”

Anyone who thinks that the jury is only on the show because of the startup investments and does not receive any other remuneration is wrong. The lions are to receive a daily rate of around 5,000 euros per day of shooting from VOX. With an average of 17 days of shooting, that would be a fee of 85,000 euros for each lion.

The lions on VOX 2022 in the twelfth season

For the first time in 2019, the jury consisted of seven lions, who rotated in their seats to make the show even more exciting in general. Frank Thelen was seen for the last time in the seventh season (spring 2020). He was replaced in the eighth season (autumn 2020) by ex-Formula 1 World Champion Nico Rosberg.

Nils Glagau – He has that much money

Nils Glagau is a successful entrepreneur and managing director of the family company Orthomol, which produces dietary supplements and employs around 400 people. Little is known about the smart businessman, who has not been in the public eye until now. The assets are said to be around 30 million euros .

In the sixth season (2019), Nils was the seventh member of the DHDL jury and rotated with his jury colleagues. It turned out that he will not only be active in the food industry, but is also aiming for broader investments.

Dagmar Wöhrl and her family fortune

Dagmar Gabriele Wöhrl is known from the political scene. Together with her husband, entrepreneur Hans Rudolf Wöhrl, she owns an impressive fortune of 150 million euros. The Wöhrl family is one of the top 500 richest Germans.

As a lioness, the former Miss Germany decides where to sensibly invest the family fortune. She’s been on board since season four (2017) and has already made a number of strikes and investments. She replaced the lion of the early years, Jochen Schweizer , who withdrew from the jury because of his own projects.

How much money does Carsten Maschmeyer have?

With a fortune of 1.2 billion euros, this lion can afford quite a few investments. Carsten Maschmeyer replaced entrepreneur Vural Öger in the third season in 2016 (who went bankrupt with two of his companies). Since then he has been a fixed point in “The Lion’s Den”.

There were a few scandals about him, especially in connection with the financial services provider AWD. He’s been polishing his image for many years and he’s really good at it. The scandals are more and more forgotten and Carsten Maschmeyer is considered a likeable entrepreneur. We are curious as to which business ideas he is making further investments in.

Ralf Dümmel: Success and wealth with DS products

In the new season, it’s “dumbling” again! Ralf Dümmel replaced entrepreneur Lencke Steiner in the third season of DHDL. In recent years Dümmel has already invested in many ideas with its trading company DS Produkte . He knows how to get the goods out to the masses and is a resourceful businessman who knows how to sell and has built up a fortune of 75 million euros .

Dümmel has made successful investments in recent seasons, probably no other lion has entered into as many businesses as he has. He believed in Malzit, a vegetarian spread that is now popular across the country. He also made Papa Türk, a post-meal anti-garlic refreshment drink. The tights that don’t tear and are, so to speak, indestructible – Bataillon Belette, another investment made by Ralf Dümmel. We can’t wait to see what he’ll invest in in the future!

The rich TV shopping queen Judith Williams

The TV shopping queen has been known for a long time, especially through the home shopping channel HSE24. There, Judith Williams earns up to 1,500 euros an hour by selling cosmetic products on television. The successful business woman now sells her own cosmetic products on HSE24. With her fortune of 30 million euros, she can also invest heavily as a lioness. From the beginning she was part of the jury for Die Höhle der Löwen on VOX and of course also for the new season. The lioness has been particularly tempted by healthy products, food, cosmetics and much more in the past few seasons. A resourceful businesswoman who knows how to market herself and her products.

Georg Kofler as an experienced media lion

Since Judith Williams was unable to take part in all of the shooting days of the fourth season (2017) due to a severe cold, Dr. Georg Kofler ordered a replacement lion for her. With his fortune of 150 million euros, he can also invest heavily. Since the fifth season (2018), the business partners Williams and Kofler have officially shared the place as lions and invest in turns. Georg Kofler already worked for the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation, was the founding managing director of ProSieben, and chairman of the board of the home shopping station HOT and Premiere.

Kofler has been the majority shareholder of ” The Social Chain AG ” since 2018 and bundles all of his companies under the umbrella of the stock corporation. All investments are also managed in it. In 2021 he bought the entire DS group including Löwe  Ralf Dümmel for 220.5 million .

Nico Rosberg since season eight

Former Formula 1 World Champion Nico Rosberg has invested in several startups in the past. He became the official successor to Frank Thelen, who vacated his place in the eighth season. Rosberg has earned his estimated fortune of 50 million euros in Formula 1, where princely salaries are still paid for the drivers . The smart businessman now wants to invest more of this money in startups. There is a preference for e-mobility startups. Like his predecessor Frank Thelen, he has invested in the e-aircraft startup Lilium Aviation . We look forward to many exciting investments.

Ex Löwe Frank Thelen (retired)

He was probably the most technical lion in the jury, who is also very familiar with the new media. Internet, apps, software solutions, all of these are Frank Thelen ‘s special areas . With his assets of at least 25 million euros, he had enough financial leeway to be able to invest juicy. He founded the photo service Ip.lab at a young age and sold it to Fujifilm and is considered a pioneer when it comes to photo books and the like.

Frank Thelen made a few exits with his technical solutions, which helped him to his large fortune. One of his most famous investments in The Lion’s Den was in Von Floerke. Along with Judith Williams and Vural Öger, he invested in the fashion company that made it to the top before making a cinematic crash-landing.

Frank Thelen was last seen as the great lion in the seventh season of DHDL. He would like to devote himself more to his startups and withdraw from the TV screens.

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