The TV candidates get these fees

The TV candidates get these fees

The television program is overflowing with soaps, series, reality TV shows, casting shows, docu-soaps and films. You are spoiled for choice. The various transmitters are also available in large numbers. This ensures that there is the right program for everyone. Again and again the question arises, how much do the TV candidates and actors earn? The fees of some formats have been known for a long time, for example at Big Bang Theory, the salaries of Sheldon, Penny & Co. are no longer a secret. We have also known for a long time what the actors’ fees are at Berlin day and nightreceive. But there are many more formats on television. Exactly! We have researched for you and were able to determine many TV candidates’ fees for their participation.

How much fee do you get for “The Bachelor” on RTL?

In the TV show, an attractive bachelor is supposed to find his wife . The first season was broadcast in 2003, after a long break it only continued on RTL in 2012. The eighth season was broadcast in 2018. Daniel Völz was allowed to choose from 22 pretty women. If you get a rose from him, you go one round. The bachelor himself receives a fee of between 30,000 and 70,000 euros .

The ladies receive a fee of 700 and 4,000 euros for their participation in “The Bachelor” . A small wage for a few weeks of filming, with the women being observed by the camera 24 hours a day and having to wear their microphone on their body at all times. The microphone may only be removed when showering. Converted, the women get a very small hourly wage. In addition, they get 100 euros in beauty pocket money every day. But one of them gets the bachelor’s degree, so it’s definitely worth it for one of them. The participants in “The Bacholerette” receive a fee of 3,800 euros. (The TV candidates get these fees)

What do you earn from “wanted daughter-in-law” on RTL?

Well known from the TV format are Beate and her mom Irene. Beate’s mother passed away on January 11, 2017. Basically, men are matched up, Beate is the female exception as a mediation case, Daughter-in-law wanted has been on TV since 2007. The show will be moderated by Vera Int-Veen. In the case of the docu-soap, the mediation cases receive 1,200 euros per week of shooting . The women who apply for the single men get 500 euros for a week of shooting. (The TV candidates get these fees)

The fees at Germany’s Next Topmodel on Pro7

The show is best known for its moderator and jury member Heidi Klum. The supermodel moderates the numerous seasons of GNTM, the show has been on Pro7 since 2006. The girls at Germany’s Next Topmodel don’t get paid , but there is hope of being discovered as a model and becoming famous. So it can be seen as a career springboard. The winner, however, gets a high fee, namely 100,000 euros . In addition, the victory also comes with advertising contracts.

How much money do you get on “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” on RTL?

DSDS was first broadcast on RTL in 2002. The casting show has now been produced in countless seasons and it is impossible to imagine television without it. Dieter Bohlen is a constant member of the jury, he was there from the start and didn’t miss a single season. But what would DSDS be without Dieter? In seasons 13 and 14, HP Baxxter was another jury member alongside Dieter Bohlen. But numerous other stars were already on the DSDS jury: Shirin David , Xavier Naidoo , Carolin Niemczyk, Heino , Bill Kaulitz , Tom Kaulitz , Vanessa Mai, DJ Antoine , Florian Silbereisen , Oana Nechiti, Kay One, Marianne Rosenberg, Ella Endlich, Pietro Lombardi , Mousse T. and many more.

The participants get nothing for taking part in the casting of Deutschland sucht den Superstar. If you make it and get ahead, you can hold out your hand and collect. But the top 15 show gets paid. The last 15 remaining participants receive a fee of 1,400 euros per week . One of the most famous DSDS participants is probably Menderes Bağcı. He really never gave up and appeared in many seasons. He also appeared later in the 2016 jungle camp and was even crowned king of the jungle there.

The fees for “Frauentausch” on RTL 2

The German docu-soap is based on the temporary exchange of women between two families. The show has been running since 2003 and is very popular. An exciting experiment for all men who want to take a vacation from their wife. Or for those who want to exchange their wife for another, even if only temporarily. The woman swap runs for a week, and there is a fee of 1,500 euros per swap family .

Payment at “Das Supertalent” on RTL

Since 2007, “Das Supertalent” on RTL has been looking for a special talent per season. There is a new season of this format every year. Here, too, a parallel to DSDS: Dieter Bohlen is a constant member of the jury . You don’t get anything for the casting at Supertalent, just like with DSDS. However, if you make it onto the stage, you get 350 euros per performance. The winner, on the other hand, gets a large fee. The super talent can look forward to a prize money of 100,000 euros .

How much do you collect on “The Perfect Dinner” on VOX?

The Perfect Dinner has been broadcast since 2006. The goal is to host the perfect dinner. The guests rate the host. Each of the participants invites you to your home and the others then rate it. There is no fee for participation, but food is paid for. This explains why many candidates then often buy expensive products. After all , the winner of the perfect dinner receives 1,500 euros in prize money .

How much fee do you get for “Bauer sucht Frau” on RTL?

Bauer sucht Frau is a docu-soap that started in 2005 on RTL and also on the Austrian television channel ATV. Female farmers are looking for partners , since 2009 female farmers who are looking for partners have also taken part. The German version will be moderated by Inka Bause, the Austrian by Arabella Kiesbauer.

The production company shoots a week with the farmers. In return, the farmers receive a fee of 3,000 euros for the week at Bauer sucht Frau . The potential partners receive 250 euros from RTL for the barn festival and 150 euros per additional day of shooting.

Compensation for “Goodbye Germany! The Emigrants” on VOX

The docu-soap shows Germans who are emigrating or have already emigrated. The format has been broadcast since 2006. A well-known participant is Malle Jens, also known as Jens Büchner. Michael Wendler , who emigrated to the USA with his family, has also been taking part since 2017. The fees at Goodbye Germany! The emigrants are kept very small. The participants receive a fee of  500 euros for up to 12 days of shooting . Jens Büchner got that much back then. Assuming that he worked eight hours per day of shooting, he was paid 5.21 euros per hour. You certainly won’t get rich from that. Many other celebrities have also taken part in the successful format. For example Konny Reimannwith his family, or Daniela Katzenberger . One can assume that they were paid better than Malle Jens.

Gage for Adam is looking for Eva on RTL

If you want to look for your dream partner completely naked on an island, you will receive a fee of 1,100 euros from RTL . However, the “dream vacation” on the dream island “Tikehau” in the Pacific Ocean is included. Anyone who takes part here has really earned the fee. Bastian Yotta was also there . If you also like it naked, you can also try the RTL2 format “Undressed”. Here 150 euros beckons for a bed date.

The fees in the jungle camp on RTL

The jungle camp on RTL has been around since 2004. You can already look forward to the 14th season, which will be shown in 2020. The show will be moderated by Sonja Zietlow and Daniel Hartwich. Seasons 1 to 6 were moderated by the late Dirk Bach together with Sonja. The stars cash in heavily for eating insects and other jungle tests.

Fees of up to 300,000 euros are possible. The more famous the celebrity, the higher the fees. The king of the jungle 2017, Marc Terenzi, only earned 55,000 euros. However, if you give up in the camp and break off, you have to give back half of your fee. For spicy intimate details that the celebrities reveal in the jungle camp, they get an extra bonus of up to 10,000 euros from RTL. The fees in the jungle camp 2020 were magnificent again and turned out to be very different.

Salaries of the actors in “Unter Uns” on RTL

The German soap opera Unter uns has been broadcast on RTL from Monday to Friday since 1994. After Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten and Marienhof, Unter uns is the third German daily soap opera. For more than 20 years, the series has enjoyed a large number of viewers. The actors of Unter uns can also be found at the employment office, namely during the break in filming. The break in shooting often takes place in winter, the actors are deregistered during this time and have to report to the employment office. This saves the production company social security contributions and salaries. During the shooting period, the actors receive up to 10,000 euros gross monthly fee . During the breaks in shooting, they only earn between 1,300 and 2,300 euros net at the employment office.

Fees and gag contracts at Love Island (RTL 2)

The RTL 2 show “Love Island” has been around since 2017. The fee for participation is only 1,000 euros to the candidates. In addition, there is a bonus of 250 euros for each week until elimination. So a maximum of 1,750 euros for three weeks of participation. Exciting: In the first 12 months after the first broadcast of Love Island, all candidates have to give up 30 percent of their social media and other TV income to RTL2 .

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