These celebrities fight their parents for money

These celebrities fight their parents for money

Unfortunately, too many celebrities  have to deal with greedy parents. Mischa Barton’s mother is said to have cheated the actress out of half a fortune, for example. Many other stars from Hollywood are no different. The celebrities have therefore already carried out many a family dispute in court. So we reveal which celebrity families have already had a particularly bad time because of money.

1.  Soccer star Mesut Özil

Even if things should work out quite well for Heidi Klum and her dad, your own father as a manager is not always the best choice. Soccer star Mesut Özil had to experience this firsthand. Because it became known that the world champion demanded 1 million euros from his father, which he allegedly owed him for a while. Mesut Özil also accused his father of not working properly. However, the case never went to court, as the two Özil men were finally able to come to an agreement privately. Mesut Özil paid his father 8.1 million euros out of court .


While many celebrity parents make exorbitant demands on their offspring, Eminem’s mother apparently had a pretty good reason for wanting to ask her son to pay. She accused the rapper of character assassination because Eminem had attracted attention in numerous interviews with hate speech against his mother in the media. The mother of one of the most successful white rappers of all time then wanted to sue for compensation of at least 9 million euros . But she wasn’t successful.

3.Chris Warren from “High School Musical”

Even before his 21st birthday, Chris Warren was able to earn a small fortune as an actor in “High School Musical”, which he dutifully paid into a fund. So frugal Chris wanted to make sure that he already had a decent savings by the time he was a young adult. But his parents put a spoke in his wheel. They are said to have stolen several hundred thousand euros , which was only noticed when Chris finally wanted to access the fund, which had previously been inaccessible to him, on his 21st birthday.

4.Actress Leighton Meester

The beautiful Leighton Meester became known with “OC California” and her mother now also had a good time at the daughter’s expense. Mama Meester got a good deal done in 2001 – beauty surgeries, botox and hair extensions marked her year. Leighon Meester was very angry about that. Because even though she sends her mother a good 7,000 euros a month , the money was intended for a completely different purpose, namely for medicines for a sick relative. So Mama Meester should be ashamed.

5.Ex-Backstreet Boy Aaron Carter

As a teenager, Aaron Carter brought charges against his mother, who was also his manager at the time. Jane Elizabeth Carter is said to have stolen nearly €100,000 from her son’s bank account . She also stole original props from shoots involving Bruce Willis and Michael Jackson . These props are said to have had a value of over 1 million euros. So her loss must have hurt Aaron a lot more.

6.Singer LeAnn Rimes

LeAnn Rimes’ father is also said to have raped his daughter’s assets and stolen a whopping 7 million euros . After the singer discovered in 1998 that significant sums of money were missing from her account, her father, Wilbur, was immediately suspected. It was then argued in court for about 4 years. In the end, however, no verdict was reached. Papa Rimes might have gotten away with it after all.

Pop star Britney Spears

It should come as no surprise that Britney Spears made this list. After all, Britney has had just about all kinds of negative headlines. The great drama surrounding Britney began in 2008. Her father Jamie was then appointed her guardian. Of course, he was paid royally for this and even demanded a salary increase in 2014. From now on, Britney should shell out a total of 200,000 euros a year if her greedy father has his way.

Child star Macauly Culkin

There is hardly anyone who does not remember Macauly Culkin  . He played the role of Kevin in Home Alone. But even little “Kevin” had to watch in real life at an early age as his parents fought over custody of their son, mainly because he had already earned a fortune as a child star. At least Macauly Culkin was able to win in court. So his parents couldn’t grab his fortune while they were fighting for a divorce. The 16 million euros, which Macauly had earned up to then, were now safely managed by an accountant. This ensured that the Culkin parents could not abuse their young son’s already substantial fortune.

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