What Is The Lululemon Employee Discount?

What Is The Lululemon Employee Discount?

Lululemon is one of those stores where it seems like every season there is some sort of discount. But what if I told you that you could save money without having to wait for a sale? In fact, here are 24 hacks that will actually save you money. These hacks include things such as finding promo codes, getting free shipping, and even getting discounts just because you shop online. Let me know how many of these hacks work for you in the comments section below.

1. Buy sold-out Lululemon leggings (and more!) directly from any store in the country — with free shipping.

When you buy something online, you know exactly what you’re getting: the product description, the price tag, maybe even the photo. But there are times when you want to feel like you’re buying something in person, especially when it comes to clothing. And while some retailers offer special deals just for customers who buy in-store, others require you to make a purchase online, and then ship it to your home address. We’ve rounded up a few of those options here.

If you live near one of the many Lululemon locations around the world, you might already have access to a “buy now, pick up later” option. In fact, you probably have no idea that such a thing exists. To shop in-person without waiting for shipping, simply head to lululemon.com/pickup and enter your email address. You’ll receive a notification once the item arrives at your door. If you’d rather shop online, head to lululemonshop.ca and use promo code PICKUP to save $5 off your purchase. Shipping starts at $10.99.

For anyone who wants to try shopping in-store without having to spend money upfront, Amazon offers a program called Fulfillment by Amazon. With FBA, you can place items into storage and sell them on Amazon’s website. When someone buys an item through your link, Amazon ships it to the customer and takes care of everything else. It’s basically eBay for sellers, but Amazon gets a percentage of each sale instead of taking a cut out of the final cost.

The company also has a partnership with Kohl’s that lets you earn points on purchases made in stores or online. Those points can be redeemed for gift cards. Kohl’s also has its own app that makes it easy to find products, compare prices, check stock levels, and order merchandise. (What Is The Lululemon Employee Discount?)

2. Lululemon stores will price match Lululemon.com and vice versa.

Lululemon Athletica Inc. announced today that it will now honor price matching requests from customers ordering from both Lululemon.ca and lululemon.com.

The policy change takes effect immediately and applies to purchases made via the web or phone. Customers will receive an email confirming the price match within 24 hours of placing the order. If the price difference is less than 10%, the customer will pay no additional shipping charges. If the difference is greater than 10% but less than 20%, the customer will pay the difference plus applicable shipping costs. What Is The Lululemon Employee Discount? If the difference exceeds 20%, the customer will receive a refund.

3. Shop “We Made Too Much” Lululemon sales Thursday morning.

Lululemon announced it will hold special sales on Thursday mornings starting next week. The retailer will offer a 20% discount on select items in stores and online. These sales are called “Thursday Morning We Made Too Much.“ Look for those discounted items on Thursdays between 11 am and 12 pm ET and mid-morning in stores.

The discounted items include yoga pants, tanks, hoodies and shorts. A few examples include the $98 Yumi Tank ($72), the $78 Vixen Pants ($48), the $80 Roxy Hoodie ($60), the $58 Black Yoga Short ($40) and the $38 Black Yoga Pant ($30).

4. Aim for 30% savings with Lululemon sales.

Lululemon is one of my favorite brands because it offers high quality products at affordable prices. But while there are plenty of deals to be had, finding big discounts isn’t easy. In fact, even though Lululemon sells some items at deep discount, most of their merchandise is priced within a few dollars of full retail. So what does that mean? Well, let me break down how much you can save on each item.

The average Lululemon purchase runs $80-$100. If you’re looking to buy something like a bra, jacket or bag, you’ll want to aim for anywhere between 20%-30% off. For example, a size Small Lululemon Jacket normally retails for $198; however, you could snag one for just $144.50. You’d still pay less than half of the regular price, but you wouldn’t feel too ripped off either.

If you’re shopping for clothing, shoes or accessories, you’ll want to look for anything under 25% off. This includes leggings ($45), tanks ($40) and yoga pants ($35). Some styles run as low as 15% off, but don’t go crazy trying to score a deal on a pair of $400 yoga pants.

For footwear, you can save up to 50% on boots, sandals and sneakers. However, if you’re buying socks, you won’t find many sales. The best way to save money on socks is to stock up on pairs whenever you find a sale. What Is The Lululemon Employee Discount? Just remember to wash them regularly and hang them to dry.

I’ve listed some additional tips below to make sure you maximize your savings.

5. Black Friday at Lululemon is underwhelming.

Black Friday is one of those events where everyone gets excited, but few people actually do anything. And while some retailers make big promises about deals, most of us are left disappointed.

Lululemon is no different. While there are plenty of promotions around the holiday season, there aren’t many deep discounts. In fact, the only real discount is on Boxing Day, when the retailer offers up to 50% off select items.

But even that’s not quite what we expected. Most of the discounts are on clothing rather than accessories, like yoga mats and workout gear. There are a handful of deals on athletic shoes, including a pair of Vibram Five Fingers, but the majority of the savings come in the form of colorful hoodies and sweatpants.

And since Lululemon doesn’t really follow the typical Black Friday model, following the brand on social media is probably the best way to find out about upcoming sales and special events. After all, the company usually posts regular videos and photos of its products for sale.

6. Shop one of the 29 Lululemon outlet locations.

Lululemon Outlets are stores that carry the same quality clothing and accessories sold at the flagship stores, but at discounted prices. They offer a variety of products including yoga wear, athletic apparel, activewear, leggings, socks, shoes, handbags, jewelry, eyewear, swimsuits, intimates, sleepwear, and loungewear. They’re located throughout North America, and some even have pop up shops during events like New York Fashion Week.

The best thing about shopping at an outlet is that it saves you money without sacrificing quality. You’ll find items that aren’t always offered online, such as special edition pieces, limited editions, seasonal styles, and exclusive collaborations. In addition, many brands offer discounts of 30%-70% off regular retail pricing.

You can shop at Lululemon outlets just like you do at your local Lululemon location. However, there are a few differences worth noting. First, most outlets don’t accept returns. Second, shipping is free, while shipping charges apply to standard shipping for online purchases. Third, you won’t receive a discount code upon checkout. Instead, you must call customer service to obtain a promo code. Finally, you won’t receive an email confirmation when your order ships. If you want to ensure you received your package, you’ll need to check your spam folder.

If you’d rather avoid the hassle of driving across town, you can use Lululemon’s mobile app, which allows you to browse the entire collection and place orders directly from your phone.

7. Start a local running club and apply for Sweat Collective to save an extra 25%.

Lululemon wants you to wear their clothing while working out. They want people to see how great their gear looks on real trainers. To do that, they launched the Sweat Collective program. This is a professional discount that gives members access to exclusive discounts on Lululemon products. Members are required to work with a certified personal trainer.

The program works like this: You sign up online, pay $69, and receive a coupon code good for 25 percent off anything in store. Then, you go into a physical location where there is a trainer present. He or she asks you what type of workout you do, whether it’s yoga, pilates, crossfit, or something else. Afterward, you hand over your coupon code and voila! You’ve just saved money on some awesome clothes.

8. Lululemon’s military discount is 15% off and includes markdowns.

The retailer announced today it will give military personnel and first responders a special 15 per cent discount on every item in the store. This includes police, fire fighters, EMS and correctional officers. Spouses of active military members are also eligible for the deal.

There are no exclusions or limitations. You must use the code “LULULEMON15” in the checkout process.

The discount must be used in-store, because you have to present a valid government ID. Lululemon doesn’t currently offer student discounts or teachers’ discounts.

9. Order multiples for a Lululemon team discount of 25% off.

Lululemon Athletica Inc. announced a new team discount program called Team Discount. This unique offer gives customers access to discounted merchandise for themselves and their teammates. You can use the discount code TEAM25 at checkout to receive 25% off your purchase. Not sure how many people are on your team? Check out our guide to finding friends online.

The promotion applies to both men’s and women’s apparel, including activewear, yoga wear, running gear, swimsuits, bras, underwear, socks and accessories. There are no restrictions on what types of products you can purchase.

Some stores will give quantity team discount for as few as six or eight of the same item. Others will require orders of 12 or more to qualify for the discount. If you want to take advantage of this deal, make sure to check the individual store policies before placing your order.

10. We Made Too Much and outlet purchases are final.

You might think that discounts are pretty much out of the question at Lululemon because it sells everything at full price. You’d be wrong. There are plenty of ways to score some serious savings at the yoga apparel chain. Here are 10 tips and tricks for finding deals on Lululemon products.

1. Use Coupons.

The best place to start is to use coupons. Lululemon has a mobile app where you can scan items barcodes and find coupon codes for specific stores. Just make sure to check expiration dates before applying. Some retailers like Groupon offer free shipping too, so keep those in mind.

2. Shop Online.

If you’re looking for something specific, shop online. This way you don’t have to worry about running into someone while shopping in person. Plus, there’s no chance of getting stuck waiting around in lines.

3. Check Out Clearance Items.

Clearance items aren’t just for clearance anymore. They still go fast, but now you can buy them without having to wait in line. These sales tend to happen every week or month, so keep an eye out for them.

4. Join a Loyalty Program.

Lululemons loyalty programs are great if you want to save money on future purchases. You’ll get points for buying certain products and then redeem those points for discounts.

5. Sign Up For Rewards.

Another option is to sign up for rewards. Many stores offer rewards programs where you earn points by purchasing certain items. Those points can then be redeemed for gift cards.

6. Buy In Bulk.

Buying in bulk means you pay less per unit. It also means you can stock up on all sorts of things, from toilet paper to laundry detergent.

7. Get Extra Cash Back.

Cash back apps like Ebates let you earn cash back when you shop through links on sites like Amazon, eBay, Target, Walmart and others. All you need to do is download the app (available on iOS and Android), link your credit card account and start earning.

8. Look At Special Offers.

Special offers are always available at Lululemon. From time to time they run promotions offering extra 20% off select styles. Make sure to check out their website regularly to see if any special offers are currently being offered.

9. Take Advantage Of Free Shipping Deals.

Free shipping is another way to save big bucks at Lululemon, especially if you live near one of their stores. Most stores offer free shipping with minimum purchase amounts.

10. Find A Store Nearby.

If you’re not able to visit a physical location, you can still find many of the same deals online. Stores like Nordstrom Rack, Zappos and Kohl’s often carry similar items as Lululemon.

11. The best apps for buying used discount Lululemon are Poshmark and ThredUp.

Poshmark and Thredup are two wildly similar apps that let you buy and sell used Lululemon clothing. They both offer free listings, and take a small cut of each sale. But there are some key differences between the two apps. Here’s what you need to know about Poshmark vs. ThredUp.

For sellers: Both apps make listing items super simple, and allow you to set up multiple shipping options. You don’t even need to sign up — just add photos and descriptions. If someone buys your item, you’ll get paid via PayPal within one week.

For buyers: When you find something you want to buy, you can browse listings and filter based on size and color. Once you find the perfect pair, you can choose to pay for them online or pick them up in person.

12. Set eBay alerts for cheap Lululemon.

When searching for Lululemon products on eBay, you might notice some listings that seem too good to be true. They usually come with prices that are way lower than what you’d pay anywhere else. But how do you know whether those sellers are legit? There could be several reasons why someone is trying to sell you a knockoff product. Maybe it’s because they’re desperate for cash. Maybe they want to make money off of unsuspecting buyers. Either way, it’s important to look out for fakes.

To avoid getting scammed, start by setting up eBay alert emails. This feature sends you an email whenever a listing matches your criteria. For example, let’s say you’re looking for a pair of black yoga pants. You set up an alert email saying “black yoga pants,” and every time someone posts a black yoga pant, you’ll get an email letting you know about it.

Next, you’ll want to check the feedback history of the seller. If the person has a lot of negative feedback, chances are they’re selling counterfeit goods. Also, take note of the number of positive reviews. A high rating indicates that people trust the seller.

If you see a suspicious item, don’t hesitate to reach out to the seller and ask questions. If you’re worried about buying a fake item, you can always return it. In fact, many sellers offer free returns.

13. Facebook groups are actually some of the best places for buying discount Lululemon.

Lululemon is one of the most popular brands among women today. Many people love wearing the brand because of its comfortable fit and flattering designs. But did you know there are several Facebook groups where you can buy discounted Lululemon? You might think that shopping online is expensive, but you could save up to 40% on Lululemon clothing and accessories.

The good news is that you don’t even need to pay full price for Lululemon clothes anymore. There are dozens of Facebook groups dedicated to finding deals on Lululemon products. Some of those groups charge members a monthly fee, while others let anyone join for free. Either way, joining one of these groups gives you access to thousands of items that you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

You can browse the group listings by category, like apparel, bags, shoes, etc., or browse by store location, such as New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle, etc. If you see something you want, you can add it to your cart and checkout with PayPal. Once you finish checking out, you’ll receive an email confirmation letting you know what was shipped to you.

14. Lululemon does free hemming and sometimes repairs — even if you bought the item used.

Lululemon is offering free hemming on tops and bottom pieces. This includes everything from shorts to pants, sweaters, jackets, hoodies and tights. And there are no strings attached. Just bring it into one of the over 2,500 locations where the retailer carries its products.

The cool part? There’s nothing special about the process. You don’t need tags, receipts or even a receipt to ask for the hemming. The items don’t have to have been purchased brand new, either. If something’s torn or damaged, you could still get the hemming done for free.

So whether you’re buying used or damaged Lululemon clothing to wear yourself or looking to sell used, damaged merchandise, you might be able to get some free hemming.

15. Make every purchase with a discounted Lululemon gift card to save an extra 4% – 6%.

Gift cards are a great way to give people something they want without spending money. But when you end up receiving one that you don’t really want, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t turn around and sell it to sites like Raise.com for some quick cash.

Raise.com allows you to list items for sale for free, and you’ll usually make anywhere from 5%-20% of what you paid for the item. If you’re looking to buy gift cards, you’ll find discounts of 25%-50%, depending on how much you spend. You can even negotiate the discount down further if you pay via PayPal.

16. Lululemon leggings and black everything are the hardest items to find on sale.

Lululemon makes some of the best workout clothes out there — it just doesn’t make much sense to spend $100+ on a tank top. So what do we do? We shop around for deals like crazy. And while we haven’t found anything good enough to justify buying every single piece of clothing they produce, we do know a few things about where to look for discounts. Here’s our list of the most difficult Lululemons to find on sale.

1. Black leggings

If you’re looking for something you can wear to work, school, or even just running errands, black leggings are probably the easiest item to snag on sale. They come in many different cuts and lengths, and they’ll never go on clearance. You can also find them online at places like Nordstrom Rack and Amazon.

2. Racerbacks

Racerbacks are one of those items that people either love or hate. Some women prefer wearing them over regular tops, while others feel like they make them look too bulky. Either way, they’re hard to find on sale. However, if you’re willing to pay full price, you might luck out and find a great deal.

3. Cool Racerbacks

These are basically the same thing as normal racerbacks, except they’ve got a built-in cooling system. This means they keep you cooler during intense workouts without having to add extra layers. Unfortunately, they’re usually pretty expensive.

17. Lululemon leggings fabric: What’s the difference between Luon and Luxtreme anyway?

There are five main fabric families within the brand’s collection: Two original fabrics, one lighter weight version of the original fabric, and three newer fabrics. They’re listed here from heaviest to lightest.

Luon — Thicker, more cottony fabric.

Medium compression.

Risk of pilling.

Great for lounging. Luxtreme — Lightweight, stretchier fabric.

Luxlite — Thin, lightweight, breathable material.

Ultra Lite — Very thin, ultra-lightweight, high-tech, moisture-wicking fabric.

The newest addition to the family is Ultra Lite. This fabric is very thin, lightweight, and breathable. It’s also highly moisture wicking.

18. Lululemon fit: What’s the difference between “hugged” and “held-in”?

Lululemon fit is one of those things we’ve never really understood. We know it’s about comfort, but what does “medium jiggle” mean? And what exactly are “naked sensation,” “relaxed sensation,” and “minimal jiggle”?

We asked our resident fashion expert, Lauren Hirsch, to explain. She says there are three different types of Lulu pants:

1. Naked sensation. These are the most basic pair of Lulu pants. They’re just loose enough to move around in comfortably, but don’t feel too baggy.

2. Hugged sensation. These are probably the best option for someone looking for a little extra support. They’ll still look great while doing yoga or working out, but they won’t fall down when you sit down.

3. Held-in sensation. This is the best choice for women who want to show off their shape without feeling restricted. They provide a lot of support, but aren’t quite as tight as some of the others.

Lauren says the differences come down to how much stretch fabric is used. If you’re into running, hiking, or anything else where you might need to move around a lot, naked sensations are perfect. But if you want something that feels good to lounge around in, go with the hugged sensations.

19. Don’t put Lululemon leggings in the dryer unless you want to kill them.

Lululemon founder Chip Wilson says he never thought about washing his clothes in the dryer. But now, he realizes why some people do. “I think we’ve become too comfortable,” Wilson tells Business Insider. “We’re used to putting our clothes into the dryer.”

Wilson says there are many reasons why people wash their clothes in the dryer — including convenience, cost savings and cleanliness. But, he warns, doing so could ruin the quality of your clothing. “If you put your clothes in the dryer, you’re killing them,” he explains. “You’re destroying the integrity of the product.”

In fact, Wilson says he’s discovered that most people don’t know how to properly care for Lululemon garments. He says he hears stories from customers all the time about how they ruined expensive pieces of clothing because they didn’t take care of them correctly. And, Wilson adds, he’s seen firsthand what happens to Lululemon products that go into the dryer. “When I buy something, I want to wear it,” he says. “And I want to wear it for a very long time.”

20. Get a free bag when you shop in store or do a sale send order, but not when you shop Lululemon.com.

I don’t know why it happened, but something changed recently. I just got into the habit of buying one of those $50+ bags every time I went shopping. And there are times when I want to buy multiple items, so I’ll go online and start checking out, and then suddenly I realize I don’t have my purse with me. So I look around for someplace safe where I can put it down. And then I find myself standing next to the checkout counter, staring at the display case full of beautiful, high quality leather handbags.

And I think to myself, “Why am I doing this?”

But I do it anyway. Because I like looking at the bags. They’re pretty. And most importantly, they’re free. There’s no reason not to take advantage of this offer. You can always return the bag later if you change your mind. If you don’t, well, you’ve still got a nice, free bag.

So I bought four of them. Two black ones, one brown one, and one red one. Then I had to figure out what to do with them. I could keep them in my closet. Or I could try to sell them.

And here’s how it works. When you buy a bag in store or on the site, you get a code good for a discount off another purchase at the same store. For example, if you buy a pair of shoes at Nordstrom Rack, you’ll receive a $10 credit toward anything else you buy there.

The catch is that you have to use the code within 30 days of making the original purchase. After that, you lose access to the deal.

Lululemon doesn’t give you a code when you make a purchase, though. Instead, they have a special promotion called “Buy One Bag, Get One Free,” which allows you to buy a bag for yourself and get a second one for free. This applies to both purchases made in stores and on the web.

21. Lululemon shipping is free and so are returns.

Lululemon Athletica Inc. announced plans to offer free shipping on purchases over $100 and no fees for returns. The athletic apparel retailer is offering customers a one-time opportunity to shop online and receive free standard ground shipping on purchases over $75. “We’re excited about our new program because we want people to feel confident shopping with us,” CEO Laurent Potdevin told analysts during a conference call Wednesday. “Our goal is to make sure you don’t have to worry about anything else except what you’re buying.” Customers will receive a preprinted shipping label upon checkout and can drop off returned merchandise at any Lululemon retail store or ship directly to Lululemon via UPS Ground.

The move follows similar programs offered by retailers including Nike Inc., Under Armour Inc. and Levi Strauss & Co. In February, Nike rolled out a free shipping option for select products and eliminated delivery charges for certain items. Under Armour followed suit later that month, eliminating shipping costs for orders under $50. And in August, Levi’s launched a free shipping option for jeans priced at $59 or less.

22. Lululemon return policy says you have 30 days to return everything but underwear and water bottles.

Lululemon is known for being one of the most generous retailers out there when it comes to returns. If you buy something online, you can return it up to 30 days later, no questions asked. If you go into a store, you have even longer to make your decision. However, the retailer does require that you pay for shipping both ways.

The good news is that you don’t necessarily need to attach an original tag to your clothing when returning items. As long as you’re sure what size you purchased, you’ll be fine. You just can’t use the same receipt as proof of purchase.

But you do have to create your return authorization within that 30-day window. Otherwise, you won’t be eligible for a refund.

And while you can return your merchandise until January 24, you still have to wait until February 7 to receive your reimbursement. This is because the retailer wants to ensure that your package arrives safely.

If you didn’t buy your stuff during the holiday season, you’ve got even less wiggle room. Your deadline is now April 3.

23. Take serious advantage of the Lululemon Warranty!

I love wearing Lulu leggings because they fit perfectly, are super comfortable, and don’t wrinkle. But I’ve had some issues over the years with holes developing in them. So when I needed to replace my favorite pair, I went straight to the source — Lululemon.com.

The process was easy. First, I logged into my account and selected “Warranty & Returns.” Then I clicked on “Find Your Size,” chose “Lululemon Legging,” and searched for the size I wanted. After that, it was just a matter of filling out a short form and submitting it. A few days later, I received an email letting me know what my options were.

My original leggings were still under warranty, so I could either exchange them for another pair of the same style and color or receive a refund. If I opted for a refund, I’d receive a $30 credit toward a future purchase. I thought that sounded fair enough, so I filled out the form.

A couple weeks later, I got an email saying that my leggings were ready for pickup. I picked up my new pair and tried them on immediately. They fit well and felt great. And best of all, there wasn’t a single sign of wear anywhere.

That night, I wore them while watching TV and fell asleep in them. When I woke up the next morning, I noticed one tiny rip near the bottom hem. I figured it must have happened during shipping, so I emailed customer support asking how often they ship items.

They responded quickly and told me that most shipments come via FedEx Ground. I asked whether they typically send packages overnight or in the middle of the day. The answer surprised me: “We do not guarantee overnight delivery.”

But that doesn’t mean you’ll never see your package. In fact, they recommended that I check my tracking information. Sure enough, it showed that the package shipped on Tuesday, June 11. By Wednesday, June 12, it arrived at my house.

Now, I’m really impressed that Lululemon offers such a generous warranty. I think it’s important for companies like theirs to make sure customers feel confident in buying products online.

24. Lululemon’s employee discount wins at 40-60% off!

Full-time Lululemons employees are eligible for a 60% employee discount, according to the brand’s website. Workers must be full-time employees and work at least 20 hours a week to qualify. Those who work part-time earn a 40% discount. There’s no maximum number of hours required, though you’ll want to make sure you’re working enough hours to justify the cost.

For markdowns, employees can shop at the store for themselves with the discount, but cannot take it home for family members. If you plan to bring someone else along, you’ll need to purchase multiple gift cards.

Entry-level employees, called “educators,” reportedly start at $12-$13 per hour, although there’s no set salary range. A manager told Business Insider that entry-level positions include cashiers, sales associates, personal trainers, and yoga instructors.

What Is The Lululemon Employee Discount?

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