Xavier Naidoo Singer Net Worth

Million Euros
Million Euros
birth date October 02, 1971 (51 years old)
Born in Mannheim (Germany)
nationality Germany
Marital status married to an unknown woman (since 2012)
Profession Singer, music producer, actor
Full name Xavier Kurt Naidoo
Children 1 son)

How much money does Xavier Naidoo have?

Born in Mannheim in 1971, Xavier Kurt Naidoo gained his first musical experiences in the church choir, where he was a committed member of a gospel choir, later he joined the regional band “Just for Music”, which was comparatively well-known at the time. For a short time he went to the USA, where he released his first solo album, Seeing Is Believing , under the stage name Kobra . Then, in 1995 and 1998, he appeared on stage as the main actor in Richard Geppert’s musicals Human Pacific and People more than 100 times in Mannheim and Hockenheim, showing off his acting talent at its best. In the meantime, Xavier Naidoo has become an integral part of the German music scene. He owns oneestimated fortune of 15 million euros.

DSDS jury 2019 + 2020

Xavier Naidoo was already on the jury for Deutschland sucht den Superstar in 2019. Alongside Dieter Bohlen , Pietro Lombardi and Oana Nechiti, he judged the candidates in the 16th season of the RTL successful format. The fee for this was over 100,000 euros. Since the jury was well received by the audience, no changes were made in the DSDS 2020 edition. Due to a racism scandal because of a song text from 2018, the RTL singer was thrown out of the DSDS jury in 2020 and replaced by Florian Silbereisen . Naidoo rejected these allegations, but did not comment on a video, as requested by RTL.

Xavier Naidoo: From window cleaner to millionaire

Xavier Naidoo is one of the artists who know how to work their way up, because according to an n tv interview, his career began as a window cleaner. Naidoo attended a secondary school, after high school he started training as a cook, in the following time he worked as a model, bouncer and later as a background singer, among other things, before he finally decided to take the path of the solo artist and so on slowly his solo career got rolling until he was finally discovered in 1994. The first major success was not long in coming and so the single “Freisein” with Sabrina Setlur became a big hit. In 1997 his first album “Not from this world” followed, which sold over 1 million copies and his music reached a wide audience. Other albums reached number 1 in the German album charts, all productions from his hand are comparably successful. Overall, Xavier Naidoo has over in his career4.5 million records sold .

His songs are very popular in German-speaking countries, the lyrics are profound and also religious. With his 10 studio albums and 5 live albums, the musician has already won many awards. For example the Bambi, the Echo Pop, the MTV Europe Music Awards, the German TV Award and many more. Xavier Naidoo has already been a member of the jury twice for  The  Voice of Germany  , and he is the host of the music program for Sing mein Song – Das Tauschkonzert  . After three successful seasons of the television format on VOX, Xavier Naidoo stops as the host, in 2017  sing my song will continue with new artists.

Natürlich kommen mit diesen fortwährenden Geschäften auch fortwährende finanzielle Gewinne mit dem Erfolg. Und Xavier Naidoo ist sehr erfolgreich, und das in vielen verschiedenen Bereichen – ob als Solokünstler, als Mitbegründer und Mitglied der Band “Söhne Mannheims”, mit seinem eigenen Plattenlabel, als Mitbegründer und Leiter der “Mannheimer Popakademie” oder als Jury-Mitglied der TV-Sendung “The Voice of Germany”. Der talentierte Sänger hat sich sein Vermögen von geschätzten 15 Millionen Euro wohl redlich verdient.

Xavier Naidoo has also shown enormous business skills throughout his career, so he is one of the artists who invest wisely in order to increase their wealth. Xavier Naidoo invests in further successes in the form of publications, real estate or other profitable projects. His latest project, for example, is a media park for music and film productions in cooperation with his producer from Mannheim.

Top songs with Christian messages

His music often contains religious influences, so he often sings about the themes of charity, apocalypse, sins and penance and peace through faith. He is privately convinced that he is living in some kind of end times and that there is a Bible code that can predict future events. In interviews in the past he has said that he identifies his hometown of Mannheim as the new Jerusalem and that he sees it as his calling to spread a Christian message through his music.

Naidoo is also politically involved from time to time, so in 2011 he filed criminal charges for high treason against those who, in his opinion, were responsible for the financial crisis from 2007 onwards. Among these people were, for example, the then Federal President Horst Köhler and other members of the government – but his endeavor was unsuccessful. He often said in public that the German people were not free because the two-plus-four treaty was not a valid peace treaty and made Germany an occupied country. As a consequence, in the past he has repeatedly been accused of stirring up conspiracy theories, a certain hostility to democracy, anti-capitalism and all sorts of similar anti-capitalist thoughts.

Ich danke allen Menschen Lyrics

Young Jugglerz (Young Jugglerz, Young Jugglerz, Young Jugglerz)
Es gibt Menschen, die nur vorüberzieh’nEs gibt Menschen, die lange bei dir sindDu brauchst Feingefühl, um sie zu versteh’nManche sind so kühl und wollen niemand seh’nAndre wiederum sind in den Niederung’nVielleicht hilfst du ihn’n, wieder aufzusteh’n
Und ich danke allen MenschenDie mich zu dem machten, der ich binDen Guten wie den SchlechtenVielleicht hatten sie nie Böses im SinnIch danke allen Menschen
Jeder Tiefschlag, jedes HochlobenFührt zu Tiefgang, denn man ist nicht nur obenEs gibt Menschen, die dir helfenUnd solche, die dich bekämpfenAlso bleib stark und respektvollUnd es wird kommen, wie es kommen soll
Und ich danke allen MenschenDie mich zu dem machten, der ich binDen Guten wie den SchlechtenVielleicht hatten sie nie Böses im SinnIch danke allen Menschen
Halt dich fest an den MenschenDie dich führen an die GrenzenDie dich halten und dich liebenEs wird immer welche gebenDie dich hassen und bekriegenLass sie einfach links liegenDu musst nicht alle lieben
Und ich danke allen MenschenDie mich zu dem machten, der ich binDen Guten wie den SchlechtenVielleicht hatten sie nie Böses im SinnIch danke allen MenschenDie mich zu dem machten, der ich binDen Guten wie den SchlechtenVielleicht hatten sie nie Böses im SinnIch danke allen Menschen

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